We keep what we catchRed Devon sunriseA broad view to the eastRed sunriseDull morning on The DartSunlit ArchesUnder Golden Skies (Explore 11/12/2018)Tiggles.Mind the step!RAF C-17 Transport PlaneThe next shower is on its wayDart in full flowMeteorological phenomenonSun dogParhelionHow many shades?Mists in the valleyAutumn reeds and willowsTrain of Lights at WatersideOut of the darkness into the lightTotnes Christmas lights 2018A few bright lights on a dull morning.Stag doorknocker60009 TotnesThe Train of LightsKingswearSunstruck cloudtopSun peeping throughA calmer cooler morningIt's wetChoppy flow37695NTT135M and FFJ14D Venner , MineheadT.S. Royalist, DartmouthDawn FireTorquay Harbour from LivermeadStagecoach Southwest 15317 - YN67YKAStagecoach Southwest Gold YN14OWOSunset at Goodrington Beach...High tide ripples and a morning moonMist above The DartDetachedFrosty morning moonGreat Western Railway 43163 SunsetGrey days can be so much fun!Wide Eyed Freddie.Paignton Pier. Slippery When Wet.The Entrance. Paignton Pier.Paignton Pier. Amusements.Apple Day TransitStagecoach 18308 - WA05MGZStagecoach 15320 - YN67YKDDarting PairStagecoach 34873 - WA06HNGStagecoach YN63BWW & 15320 - YN67YKDStagecoach 15320 - YN67YKD & 15326Sunrise at Paignton Pier in NovemberThe wet side of the seasonDJ Watts (Torquay) | MV07 CYG | PaigntonArchesBecoming bronzeEarly morning lightPaignton, Isaac Merritt5D3_9625-EditApproaching the BridgeThe Old, The New And The Very NewHST-fest 3P701BTA; Preserved Stagecoach Volvo B6 seen here having a taste of First Bus. Only reason for this is a change in destination box.P701BTA; Preserved Stagecoach Volvo B6 seen here having a taste of First Bus. Only reason for this is a change in destination box.Bayard’s Cove Fort in Black and White20181118_12404220181118_12403220181118_12402120181118_12401120181118_12395920181118_12395020181118_12394120181118_12393120181118_12382520181118_12381620181118_12374120181118_12375520181118_12430420181118_12424420181117_13022320181118_11174420181118_12352320181118_12335820181118_12330920181118_12312320181118_122854Autumn morning sky over Totnes BridgeFresh stumpSomething's missing36Canoeing1Cold and cloudySeymour CourtShadows and LightFishermans sunsetLeaves on the WaterMustardEast Gate Arch from the west66149 TotnesAutumn ColoursBowed barrierThe last splash of colour2018 Abscission (no sound)D6975 GalmptonD6975 Waterside CampCheetahAn unidentified Warship Class enters Totnes Station with a down train in the early 1960's.Stagecoach Devon 15795Stagecoach Devon 157865D3_6002_AuroraHDR2019-edit5D3_6024_AuroraHDR2019-edit-EditGold growth, goose gaggle and an interloperLow level leavesThec End of the BreakwaterKingswear StationKingswear StationMile Stone KingswearIMG_4050_AuroraHDR2019-editGWR 6000 'King' Class 4-6-0 6023 King Edward II  -  Goodrington Sands, Devon.Mind The EdgeHip drip7612 (25262) and 7535 (25185) @ Totnes Riverside 04.11.187535 (25185) & 7612 (25262) @ Totnes Riverside 04.11.18Sky lightMid autumn medley 3Cloudy but colourful0G6A4194_DxO0G6A4195_DxO75014 Goodrington Bank (1)75014 Broadsands Viaduct (1)75014 Hookhills Viaduct75014 Goodrington Sands75014 Saltern Cove (2)75014 Goodrington Bank (2)75014 Saltern Cove (1)75014 Waterside (1)75014 Broadsands Viaduct (2)75014 Waterside (2)75014 KingswearBorder between light and shadeNot as bucolic as it seems158763 153325 Manor Road PaigntonNeal's Yard Remedies, TotnesThe days start is dull on The DartAn Autumnal Clennon LakesIMG_3839_NO48HzELaura Iphone6 Imported Sept 2017 3144Cupola from the churchyardSt John's from St Mary's churchyardNational Express BF68LBLCountryBus 307Beams over BridgetownHST-fest 1Stagecoach South West 18301 WA05MGUex GWR 7827 - Lydham Manorex GWR 7827 - Lydham Manorex GWR 7827 - Lydham Manorex GWR 7827 - Lydham Manorex GWR 7827 - Lydham Manorex GWR 7827 - Lydham ManorGWR 150239Goodrington at Night20181118_185536Paignton Beach 171118143611 Paignton 171118Paignton Ducks 171118Scoffs Paignton 171118IMG_20181119_104402_54543Canoeing342Canoeing241DartExplorer38Plant37TeachingAtSharpham739HavingFunSmellingPlants29CrabApples31StudentEatingNettles28StudentsInTheGarden27StudentsInTheGarden26SmellingPlants24SharphamsWhatsHerName25StdentGroupInGarden22TeachingAtSharpham621TeachingAtSharpham518TeachingAtSharpham317TeachingAtSharpham216TeachingAtSharpham53TeachingAtSharpham1048Canoeing630TeachingAtSharpham754TheDartIMG_20181006_124902_984IMG_20181116_222122_108Seasonal Steamer QuayPaignton harbourCheetahCheetahCheetahBeech and birch will soon be bareTrees are getting bareEye catching colourApproaching starknessLess well dressedKingswear Castle Paddle SteamerKingswear Steam TrainWatergate in TotnesSouth Western Ambulance ServiceSouth Western Ambulance ServiceShrouded Inn FogDart on a dull dayHidden pathCan't be long nowFrom Totnes station footbridgeWet sky beneath my feetSeasonal splash of colourDefinitively autumnSatisfying sinuous symmetryMid autumn medley 6Mid autumn medley 5Mid autumn medley 4Mid autumn medley 2Mid autumn medley 1IMG_20181027_140600IMG_20181027_140604Mild Monday morningBright autumn morningCleamatis cascadeMossy trunkAn orderly queueJogger on the beachDescent to the beachPools in the sandSeaweed on a ledge