Stagecoach Southwest Hop12 15308 - YN67YJRStagecoach Southwest Hop22 WA62AOJStagecoach Southwest Hop12Stagecoach Southwest 15327 - YN67YKLStagecoach Southwest Gold 15931 - YN63BWZBroken stepsCorbyn HeadBeach Hut stands, winter batteringBroken stepsBroken stepsFrom stream to the Sealights reflectedTorquay viewed over the rockStagecoach Southwest Gold YN63BWWStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15322 - YN67YKFStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15316 - YN67YJZStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15316 - YN67YJZfour for the price of 1Stagecoach Southwest Hop12 15316 - YN67YJZStagecoach Hop12 15319 - YN67YKCStagecoach Southwest Hop22 15685 - WA62ANX & 35154 - WA56FKPStagecoach Southwest Hop22 15685 - WA62ANXBeach ArtStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15317 - YN67YKA & Hop22 WA62ANXStagecoach Southwest 15323 - YN67YKGStagecoach Southwest 15323 - YN67YKGStagecoach Southwest 35154 - WA56FKP & 34872 - WA06HNFStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15319 - YN67YKCStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15317 - YN67YKAMist Rolling InFountain under RestorationStagecoach Southwest Hop12, FleetWalk & ChurchStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15312 - YN67YJVMist around the ugly sistersStagecoach Southwest Gold YN63BXBStagecoach Southwest 34409 - GX53MVYStagecoach Southwest 35243 - WA56NNGStagecoach Southwest 34870 - WA06HNDStagecoach Hop12's 15314 & 15315Stagecoach Southwest Hop12 15314 - YN67YJXStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15310 - YN67YJTStagecoiach Southwest Hop12 15311 - YN67YJUStagecoach Southwest Hop12's, 15310 - YN67YJT & 15314 - YN67YJXStagecoiach Southwest Hop12 15311 - YN67YJUStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15316 - YN67YJZBluebird SF07DLYStagecoach Southwest 35244 - WA56NNHStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15316 - YN67YJZStagecoach Southwest 35244 - WA56NNHStagecoach Southwest Hop12 YN67YJD?Stagecoach Southwest 34876 - WA04HNKMemories of Chelston PastStagecoach SouthWest 34872 - WA04HNFEnglish Riviera Sightseeing J343BSHDuradiamond mobile health care BD67DRZTorquay Sea FrontStagecoach Southwest Hop12 15306 - YN67YJOTorquay Sea FrontTorquay Sea FrontTorquay Sea FrontSunset, 24/02/18Paignton Harbour Reflection 02Paignton Harbour Reflection 03Paignton Harbour Reflection 4Paignton Harbour Reflection 05Paignton Harbour Reflection 06Lambs tails over the River DartPreston Down DivertsPenny's Hill SoloStationary BlurrPenguinFace in the Water!Paignton Harbour 01Paignton Harbour Reflection 01PuffinsButlins 2018The WheelPool SideAvocetCommon TernJuvenile PenguinPenguin 2The Early RiserWindow HangerMysterious CalmNeil and a Torquay SunsetMary With A Windswept LookMeadfoot Beach in TorquayA Tangled MindOn The English Riviera! A short visit to Torquay. Not quite summer weather yet though.Spring Blooms5197 Waterside Camp5197 Saltern CoveMysterious TimesSteamer QuayRefracted river reflectionsLight vs DarkMeadfoot sunriseSt Mary's silhouetteA Nestle of VesselsClass 43002 at TotnesFree admission,wet feet!King & Castle at Torquay (pjs,0761)5197 GreenwayStop, Look and GlistenMeadfoot Beach sunrise 🌅ShortyOn the LookoutFord Zodiac7Athena and the pontoon5197 KingswearTorbay DawnSunrise in PaigntonA brighter dayHappy Valentines Day!Stagecoach South West Torquay DepotStagecoach South West Torquay DepotStagecoach South West Torquay Depot5197 at Goodrington.MatesRain reminderRain in the riggingThe slightest coatingCold cormorantCanada geeseFeeling Thirsty?Parrot in the RainFrogGrey start to the day at Paignton beach5197 Waterside43017 - TotnesRobinWorth a LookSunny ScaniaA bit cold this morning at the depot. Ice on the roof of Stagecoach South West 34877 and 35245!Sailing through the morning frost into another dayThe Dart and the moonshowing my erect cut cock and spreading my asshole wide openPanthera leo persica - Asiatic LionPenelopides panini p. - Visayan Tarictic HornbllRhea pennata - Darwin's RheaSagittarius serpentarius - SecretarybirdSagittarius serpentarius - SecretarybirdChrysocyon brachyurus - Maned WolfChrysocyon brachyurus - Maned WolfCalumma parsonii - Parson's ChameleonPolytelis alexandrae - Princess ParrotThe Old School House K1__2674.jpgRose Cottage K1__2667.jpginterlocked gardensBaltic Wharf developmentBaltic Wharf boatsSTEM ClubSTEM Club3Ipplepen Beating the Bounds 2015Ipplepen Beating the Bounds 2015Ipplepen Carnival Float 2017Ipplepen Carnival Float 2017Ipplepen GarageIpplepen Beating the Bounds 2008Ipplepen Diamond JubileeIpplepen Poplar CottagesIpplepen Post OfficeIpplepen Playing FieldIpplepen Millennium CentreIpplepen Fore StreetIpplepen Fore StreetIpplepen Village Show winner 2007Ipplepen Village Show winner 2008Ipplepen Playing FieldWet socksPassing PointSummertime SwashyBay Breadvanspaignton pierwalking the dogthe Harbour at PaigntonRoad Workscrazy golfPaignton marina and Berry Head (in the distance)Fish and chips, Torquay 001Fish and chips, Torquay 004Fish and chips, Torquay 006Stagecoach South West Torquay DepotStagecoach South West Torquay DepotStagecoach South West Torquay DepotStagecoach South West Torquay DepotStagecoach South West Torquay DepotStagecoach South West Torquay DepotStagecoach South West Torquay DepotScania On the MoveSlimbusThe Day EndsHidden danger beneath the calmApril SwallowLast night's super blue moon over Paignton PierTonight's super blue moon over Paignton Pier, a passing helicopter kindly provided some light trails!Rail RiverLink 9 (Y808 TGH)Stagecoach 15317 (YN67 YKA)Brixham College M53 PRABrixham College VIL 1532CamouflageCountry Bus 320 (YJ11 EKH)Country Bus 321 (YJ11 EKO)D J Watts L15 PPND J Watts MV07 CYGNational Express BV17 GUDStagecoach 15317, 15311 (YN67 YKA, YN67 YJU)Stagecoach 15325 (YN67 YKJ)Stagecoach 15803 (WA61 KZO)Stagecoach 15925 (YN63 BWV)Stagecoach 34871 (WA06 HNE)Stagecoach 47520 (CN57 FWM)Stagecoach 47692 (WA58 MVP)Torbay QualityFreddie On the MoveBröskamp Setra S500Torquay Marina at SunsetPaignton Pier at sunriseTorquay Marina at SunsetStagecoach South West. YN67 YKB. 15318MV Western Lady @ Torbay 2001 01Sunlight and ironOld and New TotnesIpplepen War MemorialIpplepen Village Show 2008Ipplepen Diamond Jubilee BeaconIpplepen DevonIpplepen Pantomime: Puss in BootsIpplepen War MemorialIpplepen St Andrew's ChurchIpplepen Village Hall openingIpplepen War MemorialYou say merganser, I say goosanderSuper Blue Moon over TorbayDue east just after dawnA Texan in Totnes