Gentle waves. Wispy cloudDown by the oceanDSC02647 TREVOSE HEADA Beach So BrightSt. Merryn Church, Cornwall, England.Wadebridge SunsetWadebridge SunsetWadebridge SunsetWadebridge SunsetWadebridge SunsetChurch of St. Petroc, Padstow, Cornwall, England1964 Morris J4 Van #31964 Morris J4 Van #21964 Morris J4 Van #1IMG_20180527_131955IMG_20180527_150644IMG_20180527_150653IMG_20180527_150818IMG_20180527_154244IMG_20180527_155148IMG_20180527_155242IMG_20180527_155257IMG_20180530_181237IMG_20180530_185748IMG_20180531_170632IMG_20180531_170859IMG_20180531_171236IMG_20180601_171607IMG_20180601_173206IMG_20180601_173734IMG_20180603_103256IMG_20180527_153828IMG_20180531_170031IMG_20180531_170616Crater ScaleHouse MartinFather and Son - A Moment SharedStepper Point Blues1966 Bedford HA Van #21966 Bedford HA Van #11978 - 1981 International Harvester 35881969 Ford Transit Breakdown Recovery Vehicle1952 Land Rover #21952 Land RoverPadstow1967 Velocette LE 200 #1007_RCS - SPITFIRE by Philip Gott007_RCS - SPITFIRE COCKPIT by Philip Gott1961 Austin A55 Pickup #31961 Austin A55 Pickup #21961 Austin A55 Pickup #1Nestled in the hillGrey Towerinto the lightSouth sideCeltic CrossThe Shipwrights Inn, North Quay, Padstow, CornwallInner harbour, Padstow, North CornwallThe outer harbour, Padstow, CornwallMedieval bridge, Wadebridge, CornwallPlymouth Citybus 100Back Roads Touring Co. GT03 BRTBack Roads Touring Co. GT03 BRTCaledonian Travel LSK 507Group Travel M729 UWJPadstow 5Padstow 4 - Towards RockPadstow 3The beach at Harlyn Bay, CornwallCornwall SunsetThe inner harbour at Padstow, Cornwall2018 MAY - VAN LIFEFirst South West 33111 PJ02PZPImken WST WI 25Parrys YD14GFOThe Strand, Padstow, CornwallPadstow outer harbour and the Camel EstuaryCoachstyle BX12CVCAmbassador Travel YN16UAGShearings 304 BK11GJJBy the harbour in Padstow, CornwallConstantine BayPadstow's inner harbour, CornwallThe beach at Harlyn Bay, CornwallMouth of the CamelRiver widePadstow Harbour2018-05-29-0005-2-2.jpg2018-05-29-0001-2-1.jpgSUN UP AT THE RUMPSThe beach at Harlyn Bay, CornwallThe village of Rock, CornwallSilverdale PK13GCX1987 Mercedes 300SL1976 VW Type 2 Camper2018 MAY - CORNWALLDSC02365 BOOBY'S BAYDSC02217 THRIFT AT TREVOSE HEADDSC02200 TREVOSE HEADDSC02081 TREVOSE HEADInner harbour, Padstow, CornwallTrevose Head LighthouseThe harbour at Padstow, CornwallA Long Way from HomeMore 205s1991 Peugeot 205 1.6 GTi #21991 Peugeot 205 1.6 GTi #1Bench with a view!Ocean MotionConstantine Bay, CornwallTreyarnon Bay, Cornwall1965 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 FHC #21965 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 FHC #1taking a dipCaroline WalkerPadstowPadstowHarlynRedRockRockRockRock89 Padstow91 Padstow92 PadstowCamel estuary moods......Camel Trail lookout.......Towards Trebetherick.......85 Padstow86 Padstow87 Padstow88 Padstow81 Padstow82 Padstow83 Padstow84 Padstow77 Padstow80 Padstow75 Padstow73 Padstow74 Padstow76 Padstow72 Padstow71 Padstow70 Padstow69 PadstowPadstow 1Padstow 3Classic Depressed DX stemRock CornwallPadstowPadstowPadstowPadstowPadstow61 Padstow62 Padstow63 Padstow64 Padstow57 Padstow58 Padstow59 Padstow60 Padstow54 Padstow56 Padstow49 Padstow50 Padstow51 Padstow52 Padstow45 Padstow46 Padstow48 Padstow41 Padstow42 Padstow43 PadstowA Long Way From Home #2FAT GIT39 Padstow40 Padstow33 Padstow34 Padstow35 Padstow36 Padstow29 Padstow30 Padstow31 Padstow32 PadstowIMG_20180531_174831IMG_20180531_174959IMG_20180531_175335IMG_20180531_175450IMG_20180531_175511IMG_20180531_175751IMG_20180531_175925IMG_20180531_175939IMG_20180531_175945IMG_20180531_180156IMG_20180531_180219IMG_20180531_180704IMG_20180531_181122IMG_20180531_181219IMG_20180531_181515IMG_20180531_181625IMG_20180531_181933IMG_20180531_182122IMG_20180531_182453IMG_20180531_182459IMG_20180531_181541The fleet's inSouth West Coast Path6174596576_IMG_14346174596576_IMG_14516174596576_IMG_1455First Kernow 33176First Kernow 33176First Kernow 33147First Kernow 33240First Kernow 33240First Kernow 33111Sunsets,Sea and Gulls. 10Brae Hill and Padstow BayBrae Hill and Padstow BayStewa AB ST 1472018-05-29-0010-3.jpgSun on wet sandBeach streamEarly lightMorning breaks1992 Toyota Carina 11 XLSouth West Coast PathSouth West Coast PathAirbus A400M Atlas C1 ZM410 from Porthcothan 14-5-18SurfBy the cliffs of CornwallHarlynWalking the dogHarlynHarlynHarlynnear & farCornish CoastsittingTrevoseTreyarnon Bay - CornwallTreyarnon Bay - CornwallTreyarnon Bay - CornwallTreyarnon Bay - Cornwall