Feb 21st. It could have been summer today...Feb 20. Breaking down barriers leads to progression.Lymington RiverLymington RiverLymington RiverLymington RiverLymington RiverFeb 19th. Sometimes, nothing beats home-made.A3 Helen -2613. USEKeyhaven-15Keyhaven-13Goin' homeThe NeedlesTo the turretKeyhaven-9Keyhaven-7The NeedlesKeyhaven, Hampshire, UKKeyhavenAs Evening FallsFeb 17th. Just another one of those glory days.New ForestPipingLooking forward to SummerWe fly as ghosts  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)Feb 13th. Putting syrup on shit doesn’t make it a pancake.Hurst Spit SunriseTotland pier - Isle of Wight aerialYarmouth, Isle of WhiteFeb 8th. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures.Feb 7th. Let sun shine, let the sun shine baby.WalkwayHurst Castle - first built by Henry VIII on HUrst Spit in Hampshire - aerial UKFeb 6th. Ice, ice, baby...Feb 5th. A ride always begins with a single pedal stroke.Feb 4th. I don't know where I'm running now, I'm just running on.Feb 3rd. Eldridge.4H1A97404H1A97374H1A98764H1A98784H1A98814H1A9885Feb 2nd. To keep moving, you must keep your balance.Isle of Wight Beer and Buses 2017Jan 31st. Once in a blue moon...New Forest - with the BMXNew Forest - with the BMXNew Forest - with the BMXwater table and chairLulu.Lulu.Lulu.Lulu.Lulu.Jan 28th. Perspectives matter.YolandaJan 26th. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks.Jan 24th. A direction is more important than a destination.Jan 25th. I got sunshine, on a cloudy day.Jan 23rd. Hills. Muddy hills.20150605-DSC_4104-EditSaltmarshes, Pennington, Hampshire, EnglandJan 22nd. Activate the core...IMG_1665IMG_1667Jan 21st. It never gets easier, you just go faster.Red-breasted Merganser (female)Jan 18th. P is for Patience.Jan 17th. Oh no, I'm a rocket manJan 15th. Rain, rain, go away...StonechatReed BuntingJan 14th. Tidy house, tidy mind.Stonechat MaleStonechat FemaleRed Breasted Merganser MaleSaltmarsh ErosionDartford warblerJewson M.A.N lorryJan 12th. Heads up, sucker!Beginning to drizzleJan 11th. Make sure you choose the right gear.Jan 10. Winter blossoms.Jan 8th. Black, one sugar.Little Egretfreshwater creekJan 5th. When life gives you lemons, just make lemonade.Isle Of Wight 2017Isle Of Wight 2017Isle Of Wight 2017Jan 4th. One of those days...Art Deco Waiting Room - BrockenhurstRiver Yar, Isle of Wigth ferryRiver Yar, LapwingRiver Yar, WigeonRiver Yar, WigeonThe BossJan 2nd. Back to the grind.Jan 1st. Make an entrance.Pennington MarshesLymington RiverPennington MarshesEurasian Reed WarblerFire in the Sky - New Forest - Hampshire, U.KAnd then came the rain.New Forest MareNew Forest PonyFreshwaterEgret flying over Golden PondGreenshankGreen LichenI wasn't planning on stopping!Keyhaven morning 091217-01Keyhaven morning 091217-02Keyhaven morning 091217-03Keyhaven morning 091217-04Keyhaven morning 091217-06Keyhaven morning 091217-07Keyhaven morning 091217-08Keyhaven morning 091217-09Keyhaven morning 091217-10Keyhaven morning 091217-11Keyhaven morning 091217-12Reflections of Canada (Goose)SCP: Nr Barton on sea - low level route at low tideSCP: Barton on Sea1497. 'Freshwater'. Formally numbered 1883.DSC02169Old TractorDSC_1360Bearded TitMilford on sea break water20171030-2070Mill Copse Yarmouth  Nature Fund isle of wightUntitled photoUntitled photoSlavonian grebes recordHaving a flap.Isle of Wight from Keyhaven4H1A96104H1A96124H1A96134H1A96434H1A96444H1A96464H1A96484H1A96494H1A96554H1A96654H1A96694H1A97144H1A97154H1A95924H1A95944H1A96074H1A96094H1A99354H1A99394H1A99214H1A9727imageimageimageimageAustin MaxiAustin MaxiAustin MaxiNew Forest - with the BMXNew Forest - with the BMXNew Forest - with the BMXNew Forest - with the BMXYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolandaYolanda20150817-_DSC8110-220150817-_DSC8110Lymington Flyer -1IMG_1418Passing byMarsh harriersEgret crossingMale Red-breasted merganserKingfisher'Begorse' the sun was shining!Enbarking at LymingtonEmbarking 16:05 at YarmouthHurst Castle as storm comes indreamscapeDSC_0272DSC_0276DSC_0287DSC_0291DSC_0292DSC_0294DSC_0309DSC_0310DSC_0312DSC_0343Common Ringed PloverEurasian CurlewEuropean StonechatEurasian SpoonbillLong-Tailed TitBoldre Deer New ForestBoldre Moor DeerBoldre MoorBoldre StagSCP: Milford on Sea new huts & defencesSCP: Nr Milford on Sea - mobile cliffsSCP: Nr Milford on Sea newly exposed  sand & gravelsSCP: Becton Bunny - slippageSCP: Becton Bunny - going, going ...SCP: Nr Barton on Sea - newly exposed clays/sandsSCP: Nr Barton on Sea - newly exposed clays/sandfallsSCP: Nr Barton on Sea - newly exposed claysSCP: Nr Barton on Sea - ony at low tide this routeSCP: Barton in Sea - low level route [only on the ebb tide]2017-07-08 12-44-22New Forest Ponies20170716_1305_PENTAX K-1_2185_58 mm20170716_1145_PENTAX K-1_2163_300 mm20170716_1145_PENTAX K-1_2164_29 mm20170716_1151_PENTAX K-1_2165_300 mm20170716_1247_PENTAX K-1_2179_300 mm20170716_1304_PENTAX K-1_2184_170 mm20170716_1135_PENTAX K-1_2144_170 mm20170716_1136_PENTAX K-1_2151_140 mm20170716_1133_PENTAX K-1_2137_18 mm20170716_1134_PENTAX K-1_2138_29 mm20170716_1134_PENTAX K-1_2143_140 mmBrockenhurst20170715_1735_PENTAX K-01_9002_12 mm20170715_1725_PENTAX K-1_2104_29 mm