Max WaxFire bird2767120937Ferring Sunrise - SussexDSC_4468DSC_4464DSC_4458DSC_4454DSC_4447DSC_4428DSC_4389DSC_4337DSC_433327678Ferring Rife OutfallLancingburied pulley with many layers of paintWorthing beach huts from behind with added benchWorthing beach, West Sussex.Type 26 Pillbox on Ferring Beach, West SussexStagecoach 1990927675 GX60PDKMIB771715990 YN64XSUSouthdown Bustealsparrowsparrowsparrowshipredshankredshankmute swanmute swanmute swanmute swanmute swanmute swanherring gulllittle egretFT391G-CEVCG-CEZR27674Beach Birdsred foxred foxred foxWatching the sun meltingBrightonSunrise on a Stony BeachThe Rebel Romeo of Worthing speaks...MerganserStonechatStonechatStonechatStagecoach South 15603 GX10HBN working on local PULSE services in Worthing.StonechatStonechatStonechatEast Preston, West Sussex159933602827680Antonio'sThe Connaught27677Worthing Pier SunsetGoring-By-Sea Blues2767927679Godwitwsussex - west worthing just electrified with emu 1212Nos #1A204MELEngagingGood Morning Seagull - Worthing PierWorthing SunriseBoats on the BeachKnot - Calidris canutusWorthing Pier 2017 on 4th January 2018Storm Eleanor3.365 - high tide and storm EleanorWar Menorial.The Pavilion Theatre.HEG --2017-10-30 at 17-36-11-EditHighdown Hill Worthing Triangulation Point - Looking North towards PulboroughHighdown Hill WorthingAngularJaguar Gate GuardianJaguar Gate GuardianJaguar Gate GuardianWorthing Pier.The Dome Cinema.Wild Worthing31288978573_b514157fd3_oHeading off in to the sunsetRedshank - Widewater (33)Redshank - Widewater (38)Cormorant - Widewater (18)The morning after the night beforeHighdown Gardens - Worthing, Sussex15588Highdown Garden - WorthingHighdown Garden - WorthingHighdown Garden - WorthingChristmas World1559327680OP1A6006OP1A5989OP1A5929OP1A5868OP1A5866OP1A5859OP1A5780OP1A5759Return of the StarlingsReturn of the Starlings. Note the Pigeon that..........    .......thinks it's a Starling.OP1A571415984Vegetable Art 22. Shere Khan has Rudolph for dinnerVegetable Art 20. Family Dog S for SeagullShades of ColourColourful WindowsWorthing PierTwo Gulls on a Beach...Rampion WindfarmBT invasionMoon appears brieflyMoon through the MistLonely Tree on Cissbury RingClockhouse  decorationsSea Road(lower) decorationsVillage Green Xmas Tree (max exposure)Clockhouse Blues NightSanta arrives earlySanderling - Calidris albaSanderling - Calidris albaIntroduction to Crime for Kids......It's happening right under the......Violent crime in the village and....Ready to go but there's leaves on the line..Carriages assembledSanderling - Calidris albaSanderling - Calidris albaSanderling - Calidris albaGrey Plover - Pluvialis squatarolaSouthern Rail's short monorail serviceKung Fu PanFoot long Hot Dog with cheese anyone?IMG_4176ringed plover 3 09 EJC #View NE from Cissbury RingWorthingVegetable Art 17. Squirrels in Durian TreeVegetable Art 15 Squirrels in Durian Treestarling 1 01 EJC #wheatear widewaterIMG_0641IMG_0640IMG_0639IMG_0638IMG_0637IMG_0635IMG_0634IMG_0633IMG_0632IMG_0631IMG_0630IMG_0623IMG_0622IMG_0618IMG_0616IMG_0615IMG_0613IMG_0610IMG_0603IMG_0596IMG_0593IMG_0590IMG_0588Graduates group photoglaucous gull 1 02 EJC #highlandAutumn's HereWorthing Pier, SussexSunset in WorthingIMG_0578IMG_0572IMG_0570Worthing by air!IMG_0561IMG_0556IMG_0546IMG_0545IMG_0518IMG_0517Turning the light on in photoshopRed Shank - Widewater (75)Red Shank - Widewater (83)Little Egret - Widewater (30)PB190008.jpgRosalieGoring BeachGoring BeachGoring Beachwsussex - southern rly 4-4-0 passing hambridge near worthingRed Shank - Widewater (089)Little Egret - Widewater (121)Red Shank - Widewater (068)Little Egret - Widewater (010)Stars in her Hair #1Stars in her Hair #5Stars in her Hair #4Stars in her Hair #3Stars in her Hair #2Stars in her Hair #5KNOT WIDEWATERKnot (Calidris canutus) & Redshank (Tringa totanus)Knot (Calidris canutus)No fishing today!Winter in WorthingHEG --2017-12-30 at 13-22-29-2 copyHighdown Hill Worthing UK - Looking East along coast to Brighton and NewhavenDancing in the new yearDurrington StationBoxing Day sail?15604Findon GhostsignFindon GhostsignFindon GhostsignFindon GhostsignFindon GhostsignHorizon? #Worthing #BlackAndWhiteWorthing sunset1808455020171209_105634pied flycatcher 17 08 EJC #goosander 1 09 EJC #little egret 14 09 EJC #little egret 14 09 EJC #