Turning the light on in photoshopRed Shank - Widewater (75)Red Shank - Widewater (83)Little Egret - Widewater (30)Sunset in B&W_DSC1592RosalieGoring BeachGoring Beachwsussex - southern rly 4-4-0 passing hambridge near worthingRed Shank - Widewater (089)Little Egret - Widewater (020)Red Shank - Widewater (068)Little Egret - Widewater (121)Little Egret - Widewater (010)Worthing pier wet sunsetWorthing Pier at SunriseBW_DSC6464Worthing Seaside ShelterThe garden centres have got their Christmas Decs out!Look out80154 and 70036 at AngmeringWorthing pier fireworks 2017Lest we ForgetWhat happens when .....November 10, 2017 at 05:47PMHazel's Hazel EyesHazel and why I hate SLR's/DSLR'sHazel in profileSimon & HazelHazel & SimonGuy Fawkes nightFiat X1/9 Abarth PrototipoX1/9 Bucket seat framesX1/9 Roll cageFiat X1/9 Abarth PrototipoFiat X1/9 Abarth PrototipoX1/9 engine bay. Lancia 2Litre twin camFiat X1/9 Abarth PrototipoA few more from WorthingA few more from WorthingA few more from WorthingA few more from WorthingA few more from WorthingA few more from WorthingA few more from WorthingA few more from WorthingA few more from WorthingA few more from WorthingBritannia 70036 BoadiceaSpreewaldWorthing Lions Firework DisplayWorthing Lions Firework DisplayWorthing Lions Firework DisplayWorthing Lions Firework DisplayWorthing Lions Firework DisplayFireworks - Worthing (142)Tide of Light - Worthing (048)Fireworks - Worthing (104)Fireworks - Worthing (122)Fireworks - Worthing (155)Tide of Light - Worthing (029)Tide of Light - Worthing (039)The Orbiter - Worthing (004)Worthing Lions Firework DisplayGreat Central Railway B9 number 1114Spreewald arrives at Hampton Halt80154 at Angmering Model Railway ExhibitionWorthing Pier FireworksVelox beer barrel fuel tankVelox modified interiorBrowned off Velox has Lexus power.Velox Rat Rod with patinaFerring beach walkFerring beach walkFerring beach walkFerring beach walkFerring beach walkFerring beach walkIMG_20171102_152942IMG_20171031_164108FireworksMoonlit walkVegetable Art 12 Dragon 火 龍Vegetable Art 13 Dragon 火 龍Vegetable Art 11 Footballing DolphinsVegetable Art 10 Footballing DolphinsVegetable Art 9 Footballing DolphinsLancingA clear horizon? Not quite!Last minutes of the Sun.PAC-MAN chases the StarlingAnother Day Dawns377460, Worthing 29.6.1715990'Only the Lonely' or what happens when.....Worthing Pierfiona's iphone 176fiona's iphone 160fiona's iphone 152Group 7 - Sam 1Family OutingWP_20170823_026WP_20170823_024WP_20170823_004WP_20170815_036WP_20170815_027WP_20170815_014WP_20170815_010WP_20170815_003TurnstoneLancing beach hutsbeach hutView East, Storm BrianStorm Brian over SussexHigh Tide/Spring TideVegetable Art 8 愛鳥 (Love Birds)Carrot Art 7. 愛鳥 (Love Birds)Vegetable Art 6. 愛鳥 (Love Birds)WP_20170815_014IMG_0297IMG_0300WP_20170821_006WP_20170822_016WP_20170815_011WP_20170815_037IMG_0292IMG_0323IMG_0289WP_20170720_002WP_20170718_005Group 6 - Jamal 1Group 5 - JamesCC Team 5 - Activity 2WP_20170728_007WP_20170726_008Group 4 - Lucas 1emmanuel oluwarounke - WP_20170727_008emmanuel oluwarounke - WP_20170727_004emmanuel oluwarounke - WP_20170725_001Worthing 2Group 2 - Pauliina 3Activity 5Activity 2WP_20170824_006WP_20170817_001IMG_0320IMG_0303WP_20170718_023IMG_0198Group 1 - Miguel 2Long railway exposure.Village Hall Fig tree got no clothesExtreme PollardingOld BoatStorm Gathering over Worthing-EA160357Storm Gathering over Worthing-EA160363Storm Gathering over Worthing-EA160339Storm Gathering over Worthing-EA160354Storm Gathering over Worthing-EA160340Storm Gathering over Worthing-EA160336Storm Gathering over Worthing-EA160337-EditVegetable Art 4. Dragon (龍) and Bird of Paradise (極樂鳥)Vegetable Art 3. Dragon (龍) and Bird of Paradise (極樂鳥)Vegetable Art 2. Dragon (龍) and Bird of Paradise (極樂鳥)Waterwise Gardens at Worthing-EA160335Stormy Skies at Worthing-EA160321Stormy Skies at Worthing-EA160323Worthing Pier-EA160318Worthing Pier-EA160315Surf and Groynes at Worthing-EA160286Surf and Groynes at Worthing-EA160283Surf and Groynes at Worthing-EA160281Seagulls on Worthing Beach-EA160276Surf and Groynes at Worthing-EA160273Surf and Groynes at Worthing-EA160269Surf and Groynes at Worthing-EA160271Worthing Pier-EA160312Worthing Fishing Boats-EA160301Worthing Pier-EA160308Surf and Groynes at Worthing-EA160293Worthing Fishing Boats-EA160299Worthing Fishing Boats-EA160298Ophelia ColourFleeting SunriseOctober 16, 2017 at 07:32PMYellow skyWorthing Pier, West SussexWorthing Pier, West SussexWorthing - Garden Centre in Autumn sunshineAngmering beach, OystercatcherAngmering, Sussex, Sparrowhawk with preyHighdown Vineyard, WorthingHighdown Vineyard, WorthingHighdown Vineyard, WorthingHighdown Vineyard, WorthingHighdown Vineyard, WorthingSquirrel Raiding The Bird FeederThe Roof. 11 complete.The Roof. 10The Roof. 8The Roof. 7The Roof. 6The Roof. 5The Roof. 4The Roof. 3The Roof. 2The Roof. 1A shock for the locals.....The locals aren't sorry.....Highdown sunset 2016High down sunsetFilm PropWar MemorialWorthing Coat of ArmsEX TERRA COPIAM E.MARI SALVTEM........................... (From the land fullness and from the sea health)I really like the compact font20170928_07521320170928_08181220170928_090115Lights OnTa-da!The Green Man celebrates the birthday of the Green ManSerena Thirkell's display boardFlower DressEagle in takeoffStretch PoodleFloral Gown constructed by contributions19681128 UK Sussex Secret sunny Worthing for Homes or Holidays on the warm Sussex coast 5933 M  Album PostmarksSealane GoringHigh TidePB190008.jpgGoring BeachHammerpot                  171116 035Hammerpot                 171116 02627844Lancing College UKDark, dank, dreary, drizzly, dawn....Sun, sea and......pebblesNear SomptingSaharan SunsetStorm Gathering over Worthing-EA160361Bonny The Diva19640420 Sussex Sunny Worthing at Food of Sussex Down19690127 Select Sunny Worthing for Homes or Holidays  5933 M  Album19690127 Select Sunny Worthing Sussex  5933 M  AlbumLow tideSealane GoringSealane GoringSealane Goring