DSC_1528Hollow Lane in West Milton, Dorset.Sheep and lambsThe Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae, WidefieldWood mouseOrangery at Mapperton HousePainted Lady (Vanessa cardui)Bridge, RampishamBridge, Rampisham-2Cross, Rampisham ChurchBallerina topiary, RampishamCrewkerneCoombe Bottomred admiral butterfly on leafthe scenic routeMarbled whiteVelvet FragranceGreen Woodpecker (Picus viridis)Grass Snake (Natrix natrix)Nuthatch (Sitta europaea)Nuthatch (Sitta europaea)-2Marsh Fritillary (Euphydryas aurinia)Southern Marsh Orchid (Dactylorhiza praetermissa)Common blueWonderful Dorset Countryside.Bluebell PathwayMating water striderslichenFamilyEagle...P1000340SatisfactionVillage Pond at HookeAutumn at Lewesdon HillInosculation on Lewesdon HillInosculation on Lewesdon Hill-2Autumn colours on Sliding HillPilsdon Pen trigpointSliding HillSliding Hill-2Unicorn at Pilsdon BarnMarbled whiteMuddy -brown- doggy (not a princess anymore)Hooke Park FallBrowny Treasure!Magic MushroomBench at West Milton churchLewesdon HillArchitectural model photoshootForest School HousesDSC_1524DSC_1523DSC_1514DSC_1511Pentatoma rufipes aka Red-legged ShieldbugPainted Lady, Kingcombe MeadowsPorsche 944 S22017-07-25 11.30.222017-07-25 11.31.492017-07-25 12.10.452017-07-25 12.16.332017-07-25 12.19.422017-07-25 12.19.432017-07-25 12.21.222017-07-25 12.24.562017-07-25 12.25.002017-07-25 12.29.132017-07-25 12.29.172017-07-25 12.29.182017-07-25 12.33.372017-07-25 12.33.392017-07-25 12.37.352017-07-25 12.51.442017-07-25 12.51.452017-07-25 12.56.502017-07-25 13.00.172017-07-25 13.00.192017-07-25 13.00.222017-07-25 13.00.262017-07-25 13.00.282017-07-25 13.00.312017-07-25 13.09.332017-07-25 13.13.412017-07-25 13.14.092017-07-25 13.14.432017-07-25 14.17.402017-07-25 14.18.332017-07-25 14.18.352017-07-25 14.18.592017-07-25 14.19.002017-07-25 14.19.202017-07-25 14.19.212017-07-25 14.21.042017-07-25 14.21.052017-07-25 12.21.232017-07-25 14.21.06RedundantSign at MistertonBench, St Leonards' Church, MistertonFootpath at Crewkerne MillKithill Lane view of CrewkerneLesser CelandineProvidence CottageRiver near Mill, Kithill LaneRoad sign at MistertonSouth St benchmark, CrewkerneSt Leonard's Church, MistertonStile near MistertonSt Martin's churchRampisham ChurchBig house, RampishamBridge near RampishamHouses, RampishamRiver at RampishamSchool, RampishamSignpost, RampishamPerrott hill schoolTree skeletonDevil's ChairDevil's Chair-2Coombe Bottom-3Coombe Bottom-4CorscombeHorse near Whatley PondTowards CorscombeMarles FarmA Greenfinch between two Sparrowscountryside and coastSeen better days!Teddy StarPoppyCandy Lane RoseMarsh Fritillary (Euphydryas aurinia)-2ShadeBootsWorkshop in the MillWorks doneBluebellsCamellia with sunlight glinting on petalssheep and lamb sucklingMagnoliaHams Plot, Prout Bridge, Beaminster DT8 3AY, UK110926 Beaminster 001Spawning frogsWessex Ridgeway near Mary's WellWessex Ridgeway near KingcombeApproaching Rampisham DownBeaminster from the EastUpper Brit ValleySheep at the North End of BeaminsterStoke Knapp FarmWessex Way on Lewesdon HillAutumn canopy on Lewesdon HillAutumn leaf litter on Lewesdon Hill-2Autumn leaves on Lewesdon HillAutumn leaves on Lewesdon Hill-2Autumn leaves on Lewesdon Hill-3Autumn on Lewesdon HillFungi at Lewesdon HillLewesdon HillNational Trust sign at Lewesdon HillPorcelain fungusShadow and sheepSheep on Gerrard's HillSummit of Lewesdon HillSummit of Lewesdon Hill-2through the root window2View from Lewesdon HillAutumn on Lewesdon Hill-2Autumn on Lewesdon Hill-3Autumn on Lewesdon Hill-4Beaminster from Gerrard's HillGerrard's Hill from the northGerrard's HillRuined barn at  Stoke Knapp FarmRuined barn at  Stoke Knapp Farm-2Sheep at  Chart Knolle-2Sheep at Chart KnolleStoke Abbottthrough the root windowTree on tiptoesTree on tiptoes-2Tree on tiptoes-3Tree on tiptoes-4Tree rootTrees in Common Wood near BeaminsterTreesi n Common Wood near BeaminsterTrigpoint on Gerrard's HillWaddon Hill fortWaddon Hill fort-2Weather vane on Stoke Knapp FarmWest Dorset-20160531-01290Near Specket CottageTractor at Lowdown FarmLowdown FarmLewesdon Hill20161216_15422020161216_15093120161216_15090820161216_150844Dorset WoodsBeaminsterBeaminsterNovember morning Chedington20161130-_DSC7600.jpgLaura, by the original River CottageThe porch on the original River CottageWest Chelborough - St Andrew's church, Kymer monumentNetherhay Methodist ChurchNetherhay Methodist ChurchSt Mary of the Annunciation, BeaminsterChrist Church, MelplashChrist Church, MelplashNetherhay Methodist ChurchBroadwindsorStoke AbbottStoke AbbottStoke AbbottSt. Mary's, Stoke AbbottSt. Mary's, Stoke AbbottSt. Mary's, Stoke AbbottSt. Mary's, Stoke AbbottSt. Mary's, Stoke AbbottSt. Mary's, Stoke AbbottSt. Mary's,  DrimptonSt. Mary's, Stoke AbbottSt. Mary's, Stoke AbbottSt. Mary's, Stoke AbbottThe field across the river from the original River Cottage, where Hugh kept some of his livestockBeaminsterDry Ford at RampishamThymelicus sylvestrisMangerton MillNear Stoke Abbott(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)(Dorset Holiday)