Are we there yet?Gorgeous Border Collie Red SettersIMG_2147IMG_2146Walking wounded not deterredInflatable ring more comfortable than a coneIMG_2140Stagecoach 36053 GX58GLJ Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 36054 GX58GLK Worthing 2 July 2018Its too coldStagecoach 36030 GX07HUZ Worthing 2 July 2018 (2)Stagecoach 36030 GX07HUZ Worthing 2 July 2018Fire & Rescue vehicles on paradeKit Car passes Clockhouse BarSummer SunBramber Castle ride - 15th July 2018Bramber Castle ride - 15th July 2018Bramber Castle ride - 15th July 2018Stagecoach 27918 SN63YPU Worthing 2 July 2018Sweetmates - Beach Dreams (168)Beach Dreams (184)IVI - Beach Dreams (152)Beach Dreams (104)Krafty Kuts - Beach Dreams (078)Beach Dreams (097)Roman Scott - Beach Dreams (047)Bounce Brighton - Beach Dreams (034)Roman Scott - Beach Dreams (050)Burning Organ - Beach Dreams (015)Stagecoach 27756 GX11AKZ Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 27679 GX60PDY Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 27755 GX11AKY Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 27678 GX60PDV Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 27672 GX60PCV Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 27674 GX60PCZ Worthing 2 July 2018 (2)Stagecoach 27674 GX60PCZ Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 27676 GX60PDO Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 27670 GX60PBY Worthing 2 July 2018 (2)Stagecoach 27670 GX60PBY Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 27671 GX60PBZ Worthing 2 July 2018Mudlarking FindsStagecoach 27658 GX10KZL Worthing 2 July 2018 (2)Stagecoach 27658 GX10KZL Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 27660 GX10KZN Worthing 2 July 201815588Stagecoach 27657 GX10KZK Worthing 2 July 2018ToastCan you see me?Estuary SunsetShoreham Mudflats10-7-2018 Yacht into Turbines WorthingDSCN5180b Worthing TurbinesDSCN5171b Worthing TurbinesDSCN5169b Worthing TurbinesDSCN5154b Worthing TurbinesDSCN5129b GullDSCN5094b Worthing TurbinesWHAT? I AM ON THE PHONE!Summers DaySuperdry Mini tailender supports....Little Yellow & Big RedYellow Dennis support AustraliaKit Car with winners cupKit celebrates the ......Disability Group England SupportersEP Juniors support FranceStagecoach 10967 SN18KOW Worthing 2 July 2018 (2)Stagecoach 10967 SN18KOW Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 10968 SN18KOX Worthing 2 July 2018Ese @ Glastonwick 2018Stagecoach 10959 SN18KOA Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 10960 SN18KOB Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 10963 SN18KOH Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 10954 SN18KNV Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 10958 SN18KNZ Worthing 2 July 2018Noisy WrenStagecoach 10947 SN18KNL & 10948 SN18KNM Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 10947 SN18KNL Worthing 2 July 2018Stagecoach 10948 SN18KNM Worthing 2 July 2018$RZNNE0G$R4DQLOIExhaustedHeritage MSV617 Worthing 2 July 2018Cinquefoil, Potentilla sp.What's in the bottles ma'am?EP Disability Action GroupEP Village Pre-School GroupScout BandBest Dressed Float Winner (Adult Category).French Onion SellerHitchin' a rideCompass Bus 4113 GX13FSO Worthing 2 July 2018Compass Bus YY66PGE Worthing 2 July 2018Fishy businessCooling OffAmerican 'Muscle' ?Gentille AlouetteSky versus Cable313217 Worthing 2 July 2018What a gas!Marsh OrchidMarsh OrchidEcclesiastical glowGreater KnapweedLazy Hazy Days of SummerEuphoria Steel BandEP Disability Action GroupEP Sports & Social ClubMonster DAF Truck for the .....Angmering Lawn Tennis ClubRAF Austin Radio Car with...Widewater LagoonPer..spiringSummer in Shoreham-by-SeaThe Crabtree ExpectsHazy DolphinNetwork Rail Rail Grinder DR79301 Worthing 3/7/18Out of the BlueBlown Away by BeautySunday rest for fishing boats on Worthing East BeachWorthing before the crowds arriveSummer Days in WorthingProject 365:181LayersBN12 1646 Worthing - Robson Road, Trent RoadBusy BeeExpansion Tank - Alfa20180629_205434Bug  (Rosy Mirid?)New Light - AlfaMayor arrives sporting styleDeputy Princesses?Festival Prince & Princess in....Festival Committee show the flagsTS Sussex Cadet Band lead the Parade.Big Red goes round the bendScarsBrethertons Volvo JB16GLT 21.06.2018Clarkes Irizar i6 YN16NZE 21.06.2018unknown flowerPhacelia tanacetifolia ?Like an EgyptianMammoth? - River AdurEnglish StonecropSea HeathZsi and Nigel finally get together with....I bet you can't do that?Nigel gets in a flapSleepy Owl, I think he's nodding off...Peter looking cool....Yellow Horned Poppies Shoreham West SussexShoreham West SussexUnidentified blue flowerStagecoach South 10941Stagecoach South 10956Scented MayweedIt ain't half hot MumStagecoach new E400 MMC SN18KOB leaving Worthing DomeRomance and seaweed are alive and well on Worthing beachAm I cute?Nigel loves an ear rubZsi with the Little OwlKIller Stare!Hey, I'm over here!Peter The Eagle Owls plumageRobin - Gardener's FriendFire Brigade Training - River Adur (20)Fire Brigade Training - River Adur (22)Crowd gathersLanner Falcon (Falco biarmicus)The PierG-OAGLG-BNJCN790BHG-TAMBG-TAMCG-BTGWCrowds thinning out and ......G-CEZPG-HHOG'So where do you go to my lovely'?G-CDJJG-BCCEIvy TombShoreham SongStagecoach 10966 SN18KOV Worthing 2 July 2018$RABF80XMetrobus 6550 YN05HCF Worthing 2 July 2018FlowersCalifornian PoppyMarsh WoundwortPreserved City of Portsmouth bus, No. 78, registration GTP 995.20180630_191440DaylilyShoreham BeachAdur Estuary in EveningAdur Estuary at Low TideBig Lobster, Malpass Markets20180629_20540920180629_205422Boonk Reisen Neoplan & Setra 21.06.2018Progress - ShorehamChurch Street - ShorehamLow Tide - ShorehamStagecoach South 10969IMG_1635IMG_1636IMG_1637IMG_1638IMG_1639IMG_1640IMG_1641IMG_1642IMG_1643IMG_1644IMG_1645IMG_1647IMG_1649IMG_1648IMG_1650IMG_1651IMG_1652IMG_1653IMG_1654IMG_1655IMG_1657IMG_1658IMG_1659IMG_1660IMG_1661IMG_1662IMG_1663IMG_1664IMG_1665IMG_1666IMG_1667IMG_1668IMG_1656IMG_1669'Trash haulin'Small Heath - Mill Hill (23)Marbled White - Mill Hill (20)Mint Moth - Mill Hill (52)Meadow Brown - Mill Hill (09)Adonis Blue - Mill Hill (24)Worthing Pier (10)