Bullfinch ~ Pyrrhula pyrrhulaRain clouds over Tealham MoorFrogberts last stand...Peacock  Ham Wall F00141 D210bob DSC_7276Kingfisher Greylake RSPB F00140 D210bob DSC_7395Blending in...Small Tortishell  Greylake RSPB  F00138 D210bob DSC_7430Lunch Time...Snow on HollyChristmas Card?Outgoing TideSt Mary's ChurchQuietBus StationThe DocksEuropean stonechat ~ Saxicola rubicolaEuropean stonechat ~ Saxicola rubicola {explored}AGFA Isolette 2- Lomo 400 flimSnow at Kings DownSnowfallfemale Merlin with StonechatSnow DepthSnow BanksMeteorological SpringNew Falling Snow War Memorial (2013)Great spotted woodpecker f & mSnipeWigeon fWigeon mAGFA Isolette2- Lomo400 FilmPassing Snow ShowerYoung male marsh harrier (Greylake)Incoming Surge During High Tide River ParrettIncoming Surge & High Tide River ParrettGWR 150249/153370 in BridgwaterGWR 150249/153370 in BridgwaterMIG9615 Buses of Somerset 32954MIG5685 Buses of Somerset 43811JNZ4395 Bakers Dolphin , Weston 5YJ15AOF Hatch Green CoachesFE51RGO Rendalls , BridgwaterYA66JHD Somerset Passenger SolutionsYY67HBF Somerset Passenger Solutions 673OIG1797 Buses of Somerset 48272YY66PDU Somerset Passenger Solutions 662Bridgwater Railway StationTreecreeper ~ Certhia familiarisDaffodilMale Bullfinch ~ Pyrrhula pyrrhulaChurch of the Holy Trinityrecord shot: White buzzard looking more like a GyrfalconCrested GrebesRiver Parrett, Bridgwater. c.1960Tachybaptus ruficollis with a mouth full of Gasterosteus aculeatusBewick's on the LevelsStarlings (Greylake)BullfinchRecord shot: Bewick's swan ~ Cygnus columbianus bewickiiAvon & Somerset Police | BMW 530d | Armed Response Vehicle | **10 ***RSPB Ham Wall Nature ReserveRSPB Ham Wall Nature ReserveRSPB Ham Wall Nature ReserveRSPB Ham Wall Nature ReserveRSPB Ham Wall Nature ReserveRSPB Ham Wall Nature ReserveWater Pump.Peacock  Ham Wall F00104 D210bob   DSC_7235Record shot: ChiloƩ wigeon ~ Mareca sibilatrixFemale SparrowhawkDucksPick 'n' mix ducks...Record shot: Ferruginous duck ~ Aythya nyrocaRecord shot: Ring-necked Duck ~ Aythya collarisLong Tailed TitWhooper swans ~ Cygnus cygnusNot a lot going on here... or is there?Web SiteSomerset Levels Jan 18-10Somerset Levels Jan 18-11Somerset Levels Jan 18-12Parrett MistFrosty PansyFrost6201 Crossing The Huntspill River. 19.10.2002Bridgwater SomersetFrostParrett MistBack-lit ReedsDocks MistRusty rivetsUnder bridge 12228 of Year 4 - Going for the shotKleptoparasitism of Coots by Gadwall...Starling - Sturnus VulgarisMarsh Harrier - Circus AeruginosusReed Bunting - Emberiza SchoeniclusSitting and waiting for the StarlingsGreen-winged Teal ~ Anas carolinensisEurasian teal ~ Anas creccaDJI_0017DJI_0024Halina 110 (auto flip) (Feb 1991)Halina 110 (auto flip)(feb 1991)Kingfisher Greylake RSPB F00077 D210bob DSC_7388Fox (RSPB Greylake) #2 of 4Fox (RSPB Greylake) #3 of 4Canon 3000V- Helios 135 2.8Canon 3000V- Helios 135 2.8Frosty morning at riversideHigh tide and a lost wharfFrosted bridgeCrowpill RoadBridgewater River Parrett WessexPeace On EarthSmall RoseEurasian teal ~ Anas creccaThe master of disguise... Gallinago gallinagoCommon Snipe sneaking about...getting some shadeBy the CanalOrange pondPink and blue sunsetCanon 3000V -Industar 61LZMr and Mrs StonechatCanon 3000V -Industar 61LZCanon 3000V -Industar 61LZRoostCanon 3000V -Industar 61LZCanon 3000V -Industar 61LZCanon 3000V -Industar 61LZCanon 3000V Ilford 3200 DeltaCanon 3000V Ilford 3200 DeltaCanon 3000V Ilford 3200 DeltsHo ho feckin' ho... {explored}206 of Year 4 - Bittern @ Noah'sHappy ponyRhyne reflectionPatchwork wallOnto the old airbaseRust and lichenStill standing on the old airbaseRusted in placePaneless metal windowAirbase buildingTumbling down into the undergrowthControl towerBeyond Dimpsey DocksCornhill Christmas LightsHeron Ham Wall F00048 D210bob DSC_7264199 of year 4 - Young pheasantLift-offSweet TrackFeeding time...G-CBVOG-CCWZG-MYXPG-TUSAChristmas SquibbingChristmas SquibbingBlue tit ~ Cyanistes caeruleusfemale Chaffinch ~  Fringilla coelebsStarling ~ Sturnus vulgarisGreat tit ~ parus majorCock Sparrow ~ passer domesticusChristmas SquibbingChristmas SquibbingChristmas Squibbingwinter on the Somerset LevelsAvon & Somerset Police | Vauxhall Astra | Incident Response Vehicle | WX15 CVMAvon & Somerset Police | Vauxhall Corsa | PCSO Vehicle | WX14 EPZAvon & Somerset Police | Mercedes Vito | Cell Van | WX58 HCLPawlett: Church of St John the Baptist (Somerset)Pawlett: Church of St John the Baptist (Somerset)Firecrest ~ Regulus ignicapillaGreen-veined White Butterfly - Pieris napiDiscarded PoppyAutumn LeavesRemembranceRemembranceRemembranceAutumn at St John's ChurchHeron Greylake RSPB F00006 D210bob DSC_7357Autumn at St John's ChurchAutumn at St John's ChurchBlack-tailed Godwit ~ Limosa limosaCetti's warbler (Greylake)Cock sparrow (Greylake)Peregrine (Greylake)Marsh harrier (Greylake)Dawn-November-Ham Wall-Great Egret Ham Wall D210bob DSC_7307Great Crested Grebe, Taken at RSPB Ham WallShapwick Heath, SomersetBittern Ham Wall D210bob DSC_7504Small Tortishell Greylake RSPB D210bob DSC_7433Where are you going...??IMG_6964Golden lightSundownEvening wanderDisappearing lightSomerset Levels Jan 18-01Somerset Levels Jan 18-02Somerset Levels Jan 18-03Somerset Levels Jan 18-04Somerset Levels Jan 18-05Somerset Levels Jan 18-06Somerset Levels Jan 18-07Somerset Levels Jan 18-09Somerset Levels Jan 18-13Somerset Levels Jan 18-15Somerset Levels Jan 18-16Somerset Levels Jan 18-18Early Morning at Ham WallThe BirdsShapwick Heathsilhouette - Crow at Shapwick Heath-8994silhouette - Swan at Shapwick Heath-8981Reflections at Shapwick-8974Shapwick Heath silhouettesShapwick Heath sunset-9086Shapwick Heath sunset-9146Shapwick Heath sunset-9186Dawn in the Somerset LevelsTwo fungi'Whose a pretty boy then!'Cygnet with attitudeBlue Tit - RSPB Ham Wall 19-11-2017 12-47-18Brown Rat - RSPB Ham Wall 19-11-2017 15-07-58Cormorant - RSPB Ham Wall 19-11-2017 12-31-11Grey Heron - RSPB Ham Wall 19-11-2017 12-35-47Little Grebe - RSPB Ham Wall 19-11-2017 12-35-32Redwing - RSPB Ham Wall 19-11-2017 16-33-13Wren - RSPB Ham Wall 19-11-2017 12-04-57Great White Egret - RSPB Ham Wall 19-11-2017 12-44-40Record shot for comparison: Goldcrest ~ Regulus regulusFirecrest ~ Regulus ignicapillaWibbly Wobbly WayMorning MurmurationEarly morning at RSPB Ham WallGrey Heron at RSPB Ham WallGrey Heron at RSPB Ham WallGrey Heron at RSPB Ham WallReed Bunting at RSPB Ham WallReed Bunting at RSPB Ham WallGrey Heron at RSPB Ham WallSpeckled Wood ButterflyGrey Heron taking Lunch at Ham WallRed Admiral Butterfly