2017 GUIMBAL, LYZA AVIATION LTD 2018 UK1939 DE HAVILLAND Tiger Moth-DH82Deep blue.Squirrel Skull.A Sadly Neglected Austin A35A Sadly Neglected Austin A35SquirrelsJackdaws.Jackdaws.G-EZEZ2007 MD HELICOPTER MCDONNELL DOUGLAS-MD900 KENT/SUSSEX/SURREY AIR AMBALANCERacing pigeon.Bell, Reigate.13701 RCAF Boeing CC-137 on short finals to runway 26 at London Gatwickjump aroundMeeting place.Sing.Landing at Gatwick Airportready to partyA quick drink.N736DY - London Gatwick (LGW) 25.07.1993Pillar Of The CommunityGatwick ExpressReady too run!A Family of Starlings.SP-LSF LOT Poland Ilyushin Il-18D taxies in to the stand at London GatwickSP-GEA Polish Government Yakovlev Yak-40 on finals to runway 26 at London GatwickReigate CavesReigate CavesReigate CavesReigate CavesCrow.Breakfast.A quick drink.The 999 call!The 999 call!The 999 call!Gatwick Night Shot G-APMG Dh 106 Comet 4 BEA Airtours nearestBBMF Dakota Flies Over Colley Hill, Surrey En Route To Torbay Air ShowGoldfinch.Morning,starlings!Morning,starlings!View From Colley Hill, Reigate, SurreyView From The Inglis On Colley Hill, Reigate, SurreyView From Colley Hill, Reigate, SurreyView From Colley Hill, Reigate, SurreyView From Colley Hill, Reigate, SurreyIMGP2884IMGP2887IMGP2897IMGP2898View From Colley Hill, Reigate, SurreyWalton Heath Golf Course, SurreyDeer On Walton Heath, SurreyI can see you!Former Burton store, ReigateLeaving Gatwick for InvernessEasyjet plane at Gatwick G-EZAIGatwick G-EZUNAirport GatwickAirport GatwickGatwick ExpressA quick drink.Peppa loves country living. Here she is out for a walk through the lawn.Small spider.Outwood Windmill, Surrey - 250518 (1)Outwood Windmill, Surrey - 250518 (2)Outwood Windmill, Surrey - 250518 (3)Domed or Doomed?Slowly does it!Slowly does it!Slowly does it!Slowly does it!BD47BA2B-9ECE-45E6-B514-8467BB465FBCDay trip to Brighton Beach - 99London Country AEC Reliance RB81, Gatwick airport, 1st April 1981Hunting Crow.Hunting Crow.BR-319018-62908-Redhill-180695aSunlight.G-JMAB EGKK 26/05/2018Pair of Doves.Pair of Doves.1 Pierre at airport securityThe Chaldon Doom MuralLong flight: OFJ Connections BN17JPJMozzarellaMozzarellaPannacottaDr Toni The Turtle is ready to set off home after a tiring day in the operating theatreUp is down or down is up or something similar, maybe.Parking at Gatwick Airport, Englandtea garden at Chelsea flower showButtercups and nettles.Glass blue birds in loveMouthful.Blue tit.First bath!Ready to fly.First bath!First bath!First bath!First bath!My patch!Bird Box Bees.Metrobus/Go-Ahead ReigateThe Chalet Open Garden - SurreyThe Chalet Open Garden - SurreyThe Chalet Open Garden - SurreyThe Chalet Open Garden - SurreyThe Chalet Open Garden - Caterham, SurreySouthern White Faced OwlThe Chalet Open Garden - Caterham, SurreyThe Chalet Open Garden - Caterham, SurreyThe Chalet Open Garden - Caterham, SurreyF-BVGM Air Seychelles Airbus A300B4-20306-05-18 Gatwick Terminal nord, Londres1946 STAMPE STAMPE-SV41982 BELL BELL-206  Redhill Aerodrome UK1946 STAMPE STAMPE-SV4 Redhill Aerodrome UKG-CEAP-L1011 Tristar 50 Gatwick June 1996HK-1410 Avianca Columbia Boeing 707-359B arrived at London Gatwick on the weekly flight from Bogota in heavy rainG-JEAI - London Gatwick (LGW) 25.07.1993Outwood Windmill, SurreyOutwood Windmill, SurreyGatwick terminal..The Forgotten Package (I'll pick that up on my way back)Mercedes Tourismo BX14OMP    Uk Travel ServicesBlue tit.Look out.Blue tit.Feeding time.Whats out there?Refreshed!Doggie fun.Metrobus 6015 (BU14EFS) on route 10 at Gatwick Airport North Terminal - 30th May 2018IMG_1625Rain drops.Outwood Beacon, Surrey - 250518Outwood Village Sign, Surrey - 250518387220 387211 Earlswood 270518Slowly does it!Buzzard.Look out.Hunting Crow.Sunlight.Sunlight.Cute rabbit.LN-DYU EGKK 26/05/2018EI-GJT EGKK 26/05/2018B-LRX EGKK 26/05/2018C-GCTS EGKK 26/05/2018CN-NMK EGKK 26/05/2018UR-PSI EGKK 26/05/2018TF-GPA EGGK 26/05/2018G-VMNK EGGK 26/05/2018TC-JTP EGGK 26/05/2018G-TUIM EGKK 26/05/2018Lucky shot.EI-FYG EGKK 26/08/2018C-FRYV EGKK 26/05/2018Blank canvas: OFJ Airlinks 864620180523_19210720180523_19212820180523_19215020180523_19215720180523_19233220180523_19235920180523_19253520180523_19264420180523_19365020180523_193804WinePorkSteakSteakBrownieG&T20180523_22330320180523_22330820180523_223318BrownieRump SteakThe White HartSteakEight from EightGreat Tit.Great tit on my hand.Holiday Timethe back of your neck does look particularly appetisingHeron.Buzzard.Earlswood Lakes, SurreyWe only let them out two at a timeIMG_0929Flight to where?Blue tit.BR (SR) 4-VEP 7774BR (SR) 4-CIG 7372Great Western Railway 165118Aeroflot Tu-134YN66 WUCOne Man & His Dogby the light of the silvery moonGatwick RampTui DreamlinerTui DreamlinerDreamliner at Gatwick AirportDreamliner at Gatwick AirportPremier Inn, Gatwick North TerminalPremier Inn, Gatwick North TerminalPremier Inn, Gatwick North TerminalPremier Inn, Gatwick North TerminalPremier Inn, Gatwick North TerminalYoung grey squirrel.Old LT bus stop still in use.YX63 ZXDP238 MKNStrong and StableFood please!Mother and young.Mother and young.Its a long way down!Mother and young.Have you farted? :-)parkrun finish AKA why did I post this photo of the lady with 5 feet?our back gardenTake five at Reigatereasons to be cheerful ...20180507_12180620180507_12185220180507_12183920180507_121848Banstead WoodsBluebell woodCrossing at Reigate.Harrods at Gatwick AirportLondon Gatwick Airport