View from a train - 12Sunrise in suburdiaOctan ModularGhost bird defies gravity, floats over garden, doesn’t flap wingsphoto of TV screenbird printSigns of a dry English summer: Low water reservoir at Bletchingley Golf courseBrimstoneMerlin helicopter.Wren.New quarry.New quarry.Sparrowhawk and Magpie.Waiting for TaxiG-XARAG-CBXWG-KUPPG-DAZOSomeone loves me!Plenty of berries for the birdsSweet memories.Stonehenge Trek26, Alzheimer's SocietyStraight Through The MiddleAccording to Hoyle ....that moment when Reigate Priory parkrun finish involves all the fun of the fairthat moment when you see a poppy and all is well with the worldThat moment you reach for the sky and nearly make itThat moment when you realise that wood is not hard for everRescued woodpecker.Rescued woodpecker.Rescued woodpecker.Rescued woodpecker.stopping timeSt John's Church, CoulsdonBradmore Green Pond, CoulsdonCommon Darter dragonflyHappy CansAquaticLifePipesBBMF.Morning at Priory ParkCloudy morning skyWork finished. Road closed. Material curing!LK04 CSUcone-placingblue gate2blue doorcool venueNoooooooo!Running Out Of JuiceSunset/Stormy.Just chilling!73120 RedhillDeer at dusk.G-AFPNG-RFDSL A V E N D E R . F A R MMetrobus No. 6629, registration No. YN08 DFU.Mayfield Lavender.  Blended Panorama EXPLOREDT H E . P A T HWe’re Here! are enjoying old signsMealworms for dinner.IMG_6827ALavender Field-1_AIMG_6804ABee in the LavenderLovely LavenderHeron.Heron.eyeseyeYP09 HWSY839 TGHWren.Wren.Wren.Wren.Sparrowhawk and Magpie.Sparrowhawk and Magpie.Sparrowhawk and Magpie.Sparrowhawk and Magpie.Sparrowhawk and Magpie.G-KSSAG-CDJFN2445VWilliam IV,closed.Someone loves me!Someone loves me!Chat with black cat.Low in the skyMorning raysTree shadowsStreaming through the horizon.PondCrossing fields near Hamsey GreenEdita on the London Loop near KenleyMe in the Happy ValleyLavender field near Carshalton BeechesPalm tree in Oaks ParkEntering the Happy Valleythe moment you realise you exist in 5 dimensionsdriving the carlooking up the stairsdetermined stridefound a new favourite nutter?Walk Of Tears, Walk Of Love1808201818082018The Stations RoundaboutStone 9Closed. Nooooo!2018-07-14 17.57.132018-07-14 17.59.442018-07-14 18.00.152018-07-14 18.02.222018-07-14 18.11.332018-07-14 18.36.05DSC01008DSC01015DSC01018DSC01021G29 TGWGN07 AVTRideRideRideRideRideRideRideCyclo Cross 500Cyclo Cross 500Cyclo Cross 500Cyclo Cross 50013457DSC_1873DSC_1876DSC_1878DSC_1929DSC_1885DSC_1894DSC_1898DSC_1909DSC_1911Rose & YoungM Y F I E L D . L A V E N D E RG-BHPZG-BLJOG-BLWVG-BOSOG-BPWSG-BPZBG-BXPCG-BXWOG-BYPAG-CBFAG-CBHAG-CBWZG-CCGEG-ELTEG-IICIG-LHCAG-LUVYG-ODNHG-OZZYG-PDHJG-SOLHEI-CWPG-BZTAG-LHELG-OFILG-SIVWG-TGGRL A V E N D E R . F I E L DM U MB E EReactoReactoReactoReactoReactoReactoReactoStopSummer 2018view from my bedview from my bed (detail)R E D . B O XM Y F I E L D . V I S I T O R SM Y F I E L D . L A V E N D E R20180728_15051120180728_15264020180728_15561120180728_163012plantcorner mouse ...Buzzard.Nettle-leaved bellflowerOn the North Downs Way across Colley HillOn the North Downs Way approaching MersthamLavender FieldsLavender FieldsLavender FieldsLavender FieldsLavender FieldsLavender FieldsLavender FieldsLavender FieldsLavender FieldsLavender FieldsLavender FieldsLavender Fields