Great Grey Owl (Captive)BLACKBIRD  //  TURDUS  MERULA (26CM) (f)Arlington TelecomsNayland Rock FlagsMargate SpringRelaxing on Ramsgate HarbourEast Kent, 0977 - RVB977SEast Kent, WFN513Picnic on the BeachGreat Grey Owl  (Strix nebulosa) (Captive)Block Brexit, Room with a view.Barn Owl (Tyto Alba) (Captive)Art GalleryRING-NECKED PARAKEET // PSITTACULA KRAMEN  (42cm)Jonny Sanders, TelemanMarine Terrace, MargateMargate Brutalist ArchitectureGREENFINCH  //  CARDUELIS  CHLORIS  (15cm)Harbour WavesBeached MargateMeadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis)SONG THRUSH  //  TURDUS  PHILOMELOS  (23cm)Was he there? I didn't see him.physical downloadBluebell 1 20180512Clematis 1 20180512Clematis 2 20180512Clematis 3 20180512<untitled>Boats in Margate Harbour and Breakwater....Early morning on deserted Margate Sands...revisitCalm WaterMargate Harbour ArmMargate beach patternsJAY //  GARRULUS  GLANDARIUS  (35cm)BroadstairsMargate SeascapeBotany Bay CastleRamsgate PanoramaRamsgateAwait the tide's caressBotany Bay, smartphoneAwaken sunriseKingsgate Sea Arch - Sunrise (1 of 1)Kingsgate Sea Arch - Sunrise (B&W) 3RamsgateRED-BREASTED MERGANSER // MERGUS  SERRATOR  (52-58cm)A brand new start  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)Seaweed jungleThe wind beneath my wings  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)Here comes the sunSeaweed and the tide (A curious relationship)  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)Spring in Spain37800 at Ramsgate E.M.U.DRufus*Thatched CottageMargate April 2018Margate April 2018Spring in SpainSpring in SpainSpring in SpainSpring in SpainDevelopmentSpring in SpainSpring in SpainEvening DuskLinnet (Carduelis cannabina)BLACKBIRD // TURDUS  MERULA  (26cm)The Harbour WallTunnel railwayKingsgate Sea Arch - Sunset (1 of 1)Chimneys__II____I__I__River Stour, MinsterMinster, Javelin TrainRiver Stour, Approaching SandwichRiver Stour, Approaching SandwichRichborough Energy Park, Ramsgate Rd, SandwichRichborough Energy Park, Ramsgate Rd, SandwichRichborough Energy Park, Ramsgate Rd, SandwichRichborough Energy Park, Ramsgate Rd, SandwichMillennium MilepostEast Kent (TH) 36876 Broadstairs 20th April 2018East Kent (TH) 27579 Broadstairs 20th April 2018Yacht Washstorm . margateSISKIN // CARDUELIS  SPINUS  (11cm)Beacon: Another Time (ii)GOLDFINCH // CARDUELIS  CARDUELIS  ( 14cm*Bleak House, Viking Bay.ViaductHarbour lightsSTARLING  // STURNUS  VULGARIS. (21cm)*Pub GardenDaffodil 1 20180415Flower 8 20180415Flower 3 20180415Flower 4 20180415Herring Gull 1 20180415#04*Barber BusRED-BREASTED  MERCANSER // MERGUS  SERRATOR  (52-58cm).R.E.F.L.E.C.T.I.O.N.bunny in The Chapel, Broadstairshome of Oliver Postgate, BroadstairsOn the rocksNydia and the bunnyBay Inspectors Office, BroadstairsArlington Rooms with a view.For your Pleasure & LeisureIn Your DreamsDreamland, The Beat goes On.Dreamland Art DecoPegwell Bay Evening LightHarbour LightHarbour FramedMargate ShelterMargate Old TownFields of GoldBroadstairs May Day Bank Holiday FairThe Donut!Oliver Postgate famous for The Clangers, Bagpus, Ivor the Engine and many other children’s favourite tv programmesBroadstairs May Day Bank Holiday FairBroadstairs BeachCREEPPaid to fadeRamsgate HarbourThe Italian GreenhouseSign of the times.37800 at Ramsgate E.M.U.DMargate April 2018DSCF0067Margate April 2018Margate April 2018Margate April 201835028 Clan Line - BroadstairsBroadstairs, KentBroadstairs, Kentdavid chipperfield . margateroad . margatewheel . margaterainbow . margate_DSC5990_DSC5962_DSC6010_DSC6011_DSC6044_DSC5960_DSC5976_DSC5942_DSC5943_DSC5944_DSC5945_DSC5952_DSC5999_DSC5973_DSC5969_DSC5972_DSC5977_DSC5978_DSC5997_DSC6005_DSC6028_DSC6001_DSC6008_DSC6013_DSC6014_DSC6015_DSC6055_DSC6054_DSC6037Flower 2 20180415Flower 1 20180415Flower 6 20180415Flower 5 20180415Flower 7 20180415Squirrell 1 20180415Lido MargateSaturday, 14th, Fresh fish est 1887 IMG_6462Saturday, 14th, Royal Victoria Pavilion IMG_6464104:365, 2018, Reflections in the water IMG_646014/4/2018, 104/365, Museum IMG_6463You are my sunshine.Sun Dog.New day.Viking Ship, Pegwell BayKingsgate (1 of 1)Friday, 13th, Stairs and cliff  IMG_6349Friday, 13th, Bucket & spade IMG_6394103:365, 2018, Moffett's IMG_639313/4/2018, 103/365, White stairs IMG_6376Thursday, 12th, Boats in the harbour IMG_6291Thursday, 12th, Boats in the harbour IMG_6293102:365, 2018, The museum IMG_629212/4/2018, 102/365, Boats in the harbour IMG_6290Wednesday, 11th, Hedgerow flowers IMG_6244Wednesday, 11th, Hedgerow flowers IMG_6243101:365, 2018, Hedgerow flowers IMG_624111/4/2018, 101/365, Hedgerow flowers  IMG_6238The Chapel, BroadstairsNydia, BroadstairsThe Tartar Frigate, BroadstairsBroadstairsNydia at Stone BayNorth Foreland LighthouseKestrel? North Foreland LighthouseNorth Foreland LighthouseStone Bay, Broadstairsfishermen, BroadstairsNydia, BroadstairsNydia, BroadstairsNydia, BroadstairsNydia, BroadstairsNydia, BroadstairsBroadstairsBroadstairshome of Oliver Postgate, BroadstairsNydia at the home of Oliver Postgate, Broadstairs