Margo's of Bexleyheath CJR563Margo's of Bexleyheath TMK72S17Iced RoseLate Afternoon in the Top FieldCrooked Telegraph PoleYX17 NEJ (6519)Saapuminen leirilleLeirilläAvajaisetBear Grylls saapuuBear Grylls saapuuBear Gryllsia odottamassaEmma & Bear GryllsBear Grylls kättelemässäBear Grylls kättelemässäRyhmäkuvaBear GryllsBear GryllsBear GryllsJirka & jousipyssyJirka & jousipyssyEmmaRuokailua odottamassaEmma & AnniVesilaaksoMelontaaSalla tavaravahtinaOkko melomassaOkko, Tuukka, Antti, MiroSalla hyppäämässäSuvi kiipeämässäSuviSallaSalla vaijeriliu'ussaKati hyppäämässäLuisteluaJirka luistelemassaOkko kaivertamassaLeirimerkkiä tekemässäSallan leirimerkkiLasia kaivertamassaJirkaMatkalaisetSalla & KatiLotta, Mea, Emma, AnniEmmaMia, Karoliina, SuviLotta & TimoPäälavaLippurivistöDad and Mum, Photo taken by me in 1972, taking beside the sea wall adjacent to the lifeboat ramp I believe. Taken at Dawlish.Mum , Robert (Hall). Mum said this photograph was taken on the way back from Jersey.Rochester High Street 8th December 2017Arriva Kent & Surrey (GL) 4109 Rochester 8th December 2017ASD Coaches Y15ASD (LK51XGW) Rochester 8th December 2017Public House The Tudor Rose at UpnorView of Chatham Maritime from UpnorWinter over WaterDimplesChatham Unitarian ChurchNu-Venture, 615 - YN56OSVNu-Venture, 615 - YN56OSVArriva Southern Counties, 6436 - GN04UFDNu-Venture, 525 - KN52NFTArriva Southern Counties, 4090 - YX17NYCArriva Southern Counties, 6517 - YX17NDZArriva Southern Counties, 4102 - YX17NYTArriva Southern Counties, 8001 - V304KGWChalkwell, YJ05WCXGosh What  a night ..need to find a tree and sleep it off Elephant Kruger Park  7GentlemanChimney SweepChristmas Bonnet1994_23.july_chatham_ann.wade_001Ummm.......Yes!He Made Miss Havisham Laugh!On DutyWail in the CloudsGee Up Neddy!Miss HavishamScroogePipers PipingPeeler WheelerGive us A KissSL16 YPH (6801)Portrait 2Past TimesPortrait 1Mr William TompkinsRemembering the fallen...Busy times4EPB 5020GN59 FVHLF52 UOK (1625)GN04 UEK (6420)YX17 NEN (6520)ASD Coaches - J8 ASDRiver Medway from Victoria GardensToday's adventure.YN06 TFZTwo-VentureArriva Southern Counties, 4113 - SN67WUAMedieval RochesterWhich way?Quiet poolGolden hour Medway estuaryEvening glowDown River from Copperhouse LaneIndustrial ReflectionsArriva Kent & Surrey - SL16 YPHArriva Southern Counties 4119 SN67WUHArriva Southern Counties 6517 YX17NDZRochester OpsKENTKENTKENTVIC 96VIC 96VIC 96Arriva Kent & Surrey (GL) 6520 Chatham 18th November 2017Arriva Kent & Surrey (GL) 6518 Chatham 18th November 2017Arriva Kent & Surrey (GL) 6518 Chatham 18th November 2017Nu-venture SN53LWM Chatham 18th November 2017Arriva Kent & Surrey (GL) 6801 Chatham 18th November 2017Arriva Kent & Surrey (GL) 3820 Chatham 18th November 2017395029 'David Weir'377164395017 'Passchendaele Javelin'GN04 UDLSN17 MXESN67 WUH (4119)46590637116395028 'Laura Trott'T744 JPOBestest MatesCatch me If You CanLet's Play Bitey FaceThe ChaseZuma and MillyChatham, 14.11.17Chatham, 14.11.17Chatham, 14.11.17Chatham, 14.11.17Chatham, 14.11.17Chatham Waterfront, 14.11.17Chatham Waterfront, 14.11.17Chatham Waterfront, 14.11.17Vintage RochesterCherry Leaves and Apple BokehRemembrance101 plus 599 equals?SV53 DDLOn board Arriva Kent & Surrey (SH) 3906 on the A249 towards Maidstone 11th November 2017DSC_0156KX61 LCW66721 ‘Harry Beck’465913Bird Scarer?GN04 UEEMedway Rail ReplacementAll Photos-485All Photos-484Murder on the Orient ExpressYN16 WVOLJ04 LFBGN04 UDTGN60 FDAYou've gotta love a good rail replacement!T653KPUFFN399RFN953GPFN87434541 GX04EYXEast KentIMG_3542GN07 DLX (3989)37751567024Chatham Historic DockyardsChatham Historic DockyardsAUSTIN SIX , Chatham Historic DockyardsChatham Historic DockyardsT66 WYV66T5 RV6358GN07 AVLSN58 EOAChatham: Chatham Naval Memorial (Kent)377164MEDWAY QUEENNu Venture - PN03 UMCNu Venture - MP04 BLUGK52 YVJYX17 NYRSF04 RHUPN03 UMCExplore MedwaySalute to the '40s, Chatham Historic DockyardsSalute to the '40s, Chatham Historic DockyardsOrkesteri esiintyySirkusEntrance to Rougemont Park, Exeter, Devon taken in 1992 taken from Queen Street entrance.Picture of Michael Saunders playing at Dawlish Warren in 1992.Every Day Is A New ExperienceG29TGW.Golden hour on the Medway estuaryHistoric Dackyard. Chatham.Chatham sunset.Rochester BridgeBucculatrix frangutella minesCapstoneArriva Southern Counties 4123 SN67WUMRainham to SwaleRainham to SwaleRainham to SwaleRainham to SwaleRainham to SwaleRainham to SwaleRainham to SwaleRainham to SwaleRainham to SwaleRainham to SwaleRainham to SwaleArriva Southern Counties 4114 SN67WUBFreightliner Tractor UnitThe darkly historical Rochester castle...Remembrance monoRemembrance Day 2017New Enterprise - YN53 VBX