The Cathedrals Express North Kent - Sailsbury West Coast Railways 47804 At Lee StationThe Cathedrals Express North Kent - Sailsbury West Coast Railways 47804 At Lee StationBrand New Stagecoach 36694 SN67XBX  On Route 181 First Day in Service At Lower SydenhamArriva DW261 361 CLT On Route 194 At Lower SydenhamBrand New Stagecoach 36691 SN67XBU  On Route 181 First Day in Service At Lower SydenhamLondon Overground 378153Ensignbus 110 (LJ54BDV)Ensignbus WVL23 (LG02KHY)Spring @ SE21..Nunhead CemeteryDulwich Picture GalleryPost box @ the GardensThe Gardens @ SE22Sydenham 1978The Picture GalleryObjet TrouvéIMG_20180109_164525London Country Leyland National LNB41, West Croydon, 21st April 1979Brand New Stagecoach 36678 YY67UTX  On Route 181 First Day in Service At Lower SydenhamStagecoach 36587 YY64GRZ On Route 356 At Lower SydenhamBrand New Stagecoach 36699 SN67XCB  On Route 181 First Day in Service At Lower SydenhamBrand New Stagecoach 36686 SN67XBO  On Route 181 First Day in Service At Lower SydenhamSouthern 455842Southern 455830Thameslink 700020Southern 377621WW2 mortar shell finsThameslink 700052London Overground 378149London Overground 378149Skylit.Local Robin @ Nunhead...Dulwich Picture GalleryRooftops Snow @ SE22Snowy SE22IMG_2666D6b2tJ9gRK6hb5x3rjmRag7YAA%aIJTOOsuP3cSyxgagjkuKImQ7RGaLhiNzUDS2nwiXr2DepfQNuc9y+o6u4kfw91-139  Class 73/0s Nos. 73-006 and 73-005 'Mid-Hants Watercress Line '91-140  The name plate of Class 73/0 No. 73-005 'Mid-Hants Watercress Line'London Overground 378136Southern 455829Southern 45582991-138  Class 73/0 No. 73-006 sandwiched between a snowplough and classmate 73-005 'Mid-Hants Watercress Line 'The Cutting Edge91-137  Class 47/4 No. 47-584 'County of Suffolk' just north of East Croydon with the evening postal workingMarch 2091-136 A Class 73/2 Electro-Diesel heads a Gatwick Express towards East CroydonSelkent-SLD218-W218DNO-BeckenhamJn-170601bSelkent-TA335-X335NNO-Lewisham-070401aSelkent-MB13-R513YWC-Lewisham-070401iia91-135  A Class 73/2 Electro-Diesel heads a Gatwick Express towards East Croydon91-134  A Class 73/2 Electro-Diesel heads a Gatwick Express through East CroydonGo Ahead Metrobus SE214 (YY64GXA) on Route 181Abellio London 9022 (BX55XLT) on Route 172171805 Seen at East Croydon Railway StationStagecoach London - 19138 - LX56EAWStagecoach London - 10163 - SN63JVMGo Ahead London Metrobus - E213 - SN61DDKGo Ahead London Metrobus - WHV57 - BP15OMJThe almshouses, Greenwich,  from the Isle of Dogs.GreenwichIt’s still snowing!!Go Ahead London Metrobus - 267 - PN06UYXStagecoach London 36612 - YX16OKPAll Of A FlurryMarch 19Croydon Tramlink, 25611 OFF UPArriva London, T58 (LJ08CYO)Arriva London, ENS10 (LJ12BYN)It’s still snowing!!It’s still snowing!!It’s still snowing!!Metrobus, WVL339 (LX59DDY)It’s snowing again!It’s snowing again!Arriva London, DW113 (LJ05BHV)Thameslink, 700103It’s still snowing!!Go Ahead London Metrobus - 154 - YX60FTZSpring Crocus @ SE15Stagecoach London - 10149 - LX12DGZGo Ahead London Metrobus - SE267 - YX65RKJAbellio - 8216 - YX16OBEArriva - 4218 - KX61LFSGo Ahead London Metrobus - 184 - YX62DZULondon Spring Colourslots of spotsGo Ahead London Metrobus - 899 - PO59KGESplash of Crocus..Spring Crocus...Sydenham 1978Sydenham 1978March 18UID 465, Clock HouseArriva London, DW44 (LJ53NHM)Arriva London, DW234 (LJ59GVC)18.03.2017 LondonIt's Freezing, No Bull!Always Look On The Bright Sidediced pork shoulder steaksGet Away CarGet Away CarOn the way to Honor Oaksnow and ice on a velux windowchecking that my salopettes still fit.Sydenham Ducking StoolThe Anerley Armsthe heart of CroydonChilling OutCroydon Street ArtStagecoach London - 18492 - LX06AGVStagecoach London 36609 - YX16OHYElectric AvenueimageGo Ahead London Metrobus - 276 - SN03YBKSelkent-TA274-X274NNO-Lewisham-070401aSelkent-SLD206-W229DNO-Lewisham-070401aSelkent-MB13-R513YWC-Lewisham-070401iaWhat A Difference A Day Makesdouble pepperoni with anchovies on a BBQ base with no cheese36689 - SN67 XBS.March 17JB Shakespeare Funeral Directors, CroydonLFB, Croydonbus stop snow, Crystal Palacebus stop snow, Upper NorwoodNew Operator - Stagecoach London 36673 YY67UTS Route 284700042, Anerley455825, Anerleychips with curry sauce and vegan cheese from poptata at the Croydon boxparkReflectionsBack alleyB&W PatternGeorge StreetShoes danglingSpring Blossom 2018Croydon Tramlink, 2552Metrobus, 708 (YX58DXD)Bexleybus Leyland NationalDennis Lance Plaxton VerdeDennis Lance Plaxton VerdeDennis Lance Plaxton VerdeNature @ Work..March 16Peckham YellowsSPRING 2018...Local Wildlife LondonThe Feral London ParrotsStagecoach, 36553 (LX12DKF)Metrobus, WHV43 (BP15OLM)Arriva Southern Counties, 4215 (KX61KGN)466006, HayesIMG_20180314_214912150IMG_20180314_214844552IMG_20180314_214842444IMG_20180314_214731976portion of steamed riceIMG_20180314_214726569Jungle Currypapaya salad at Anna's ThaiDuck Curry and Coconut Rice at Anna's ThaiWeeping Tiger Steak at Anna's ThaiIMG_20180314_210120820_LLIMG_20180314_210123602_LLIMG_20180314_210114702_LLTom Hed at Anna's Thaichicken wings at Anna's Thaiprawn crackersIMG_20180314_204401284_LLIMG_20180314_204404844_LLIMG_20180314_204355629_LLIMG_20180314_204124282IMG_20180314_204121121IMG_20180314_204119206IMG_20180314_204110186IMG_20180314_204103514IMG_20180314_204054401IMG_20180314_204038020IMG_20180314_204021423IMG_20180314_204008958IMG_20180314_204003511_LLIMG_20180314_204000494_LLIMG_20180314_203957706_LLIMG_20180314_203900289aluminium and tungsten cubes in the pubMarch 15ShedShedShedShedStagecoach, 10186 (SN63NBF)Stagecoach, 10151 (LX12DHC)Ellie376026, HayesCyrstal Palace 1978Crystal Palace 1978Gloomy dayCrystal PalaceThe boating lakeRadhika PatelRadhika PatelMetrobus, MEC59 (BF65HVA)Selkent-TAS229-X229NNO-ECroydon-030201ibSelkent-SLD199-W199DNO-CrystalPalace-111200iicSelkent-SLD200-W233DNO-CrystalPalace-111200bSelkent-SLD199-W199DNO-CrystalPalace-111200ic#FeedYourCreativity - Apple Piechips in hoxton squarespice draw - march 2018Metrobus, 976 (YR10BCK)Go Ahead London Central - EH189 - YY67URTStagecoach London - 36682 - YY67UUCGo Ahead London Metrobus - 612 - YM55SXFMetrobus, 744 (YX13AFO)Crystal Palace Main StationMetrobus, 881 (PN09ELX)IMG_20180312_191846672IMG_20180312_191839338IMG_20180312_191831171376034, HayesIMG_20180312_190931787IMG_20180312_190917196376022, HayesIMG_20180312_190811257_LLIMG_20180312_190725941_LLIMG_20180312_190705784Stagecoach, 36618 (YX16OKW)Abellio, 8219 (YX16OBH)Snow @ Peckham Rye Park...Crystal Palace StationMetrobus, SE262 (YX65RJY)Stagecoach London - 36681 - YY67UUBPath to the Dead (Adventures in Infrared)