Indian DancersRATP Quality Line WS20270Go Ahead London SE170Go Ahead London SOE32Stearns MausoleumLost in the weeds the London Borough of Southwark Blue PlaqueFriends are going to have to do some work if the only Mausoleum is not once again going to fall into disrepairLost in the woodland the family grave of William SmithFamily Grave of William SmithLost in the undergrowth the family grave of Frederick Alfred BullA zombie monumentThe sunny side of the Anglican ChapelThe main gates into Nunhead CemeteryWalkers this way if you are on the Green LoopAlternative Street DetailsJuly 15London (Croydon) Tramlink No. 2548London (Croydon) Tramlink No. 2534.London (Croydon) Tramlink No. 2543.London (Croydon) Tramlink No. 2561.London (Croydon) Tramlink No. 2531.London (Croydon) Tramlink No. 2541.London (Croydon) Tramlink No. 2541London (Croydon) Tramlink No. 2540London (Croydon) Tramlink No. 2544London (Croydon) Tramlink Notice.2018-07-14 16.40.47 HDR.jpg2018-07-14 16.39.24.jpg2018-07-14 16.38.42.jpg2018-07-14 16.37.31 HDR.jpg2018-07-14 16.36.35.jpgJuly 142018-07-14_08-54-072018-07-14_08-53-542018-07-14_08-53-212018-07-14_08-53-102018-07-14_08-52-44Beautiful Olympic Spirit Rose, 9th July 2018.A gathering of Olympic Spirit Roses, 9th July 2018.Black and Orange Ladybird, 9th July 2018.HELLO20180709_110646How Much The PairRed Dalihas, 9th July 2018.Orange Rose, 9th July 2018.Miniature Viola, 9th July 2018.Miniature Violas, 9th July 2018.Daisy, 9th July 2018.IMG_20180713_185904506IMG_20180713_185901306IMG_20180713_185847597IMG_20180713_185834317Purple Hollyhocks, 9th July 2018.Hollyhocks, 9th July 2018.Callum's friendly cat pal having some breakfast, 9th July 2018.Callum, a lay down on a hot day, 8th July 2018.Miniature Summer colours, 8th July 2018.Single Poppy amongst Everlasting Pea, 7th July 2018.Callum, Walkies, 7th July 2018.A very hot day just about 32 degrees, 6th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Roses on a very hot day just about 32 degrees, 6th July 2018.Callum, 6th July 2018.Callum, Walkies, 6th July 2018.Something for James Bond perhaps, rear view, brand new 18 plate Aston Martin convertible, 6th July 2018.Brand new 18 plate Aston Martin convertible, 6th July 2018.Hydrangea and Violas, 5th July 2018.Callum and our new little friend on a hot day, 5th July 2018.Dark Admiral Grey colour of the sky reminds me of London Buses grey skirts paint colour 18B25, we didn't get any rain despite the heat, 5th July 2018.White and purple tinted Dalhia, this is a new plant for this season, 5th July 2018.Red Spider Daliha, 5th July 2018.Purple and Orange tinted Bunny Rabbits aka Antirhinems, 5th July  2018.My favourite Daliha, 5th July 2018.Unsure, wild flower, 5th July 2018.Callum, Walkies, 5th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Rose, 5th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Roses, 5th July 2018.Togetherness, Before The Show!Callum, 5th July 2018.Two Olympic Spirit Rose bushes, 4th July 2018.Red Dalhia, 4th July 2018.Petunias on a Suburban wall, 4th July 2018.Red Roses, 4th July 2018.A pretty Suburban wall of Summer colour, 4th July 2018.Callum, Walkies, 4th July 2018.Callum, 4th July 2018.Butterfly, 4th July 2018.Chesham Avenue, 4th July 2018.Croydon to GuildfordStreet ArtIMG_20180711_134046265IMG_20180711_134027987IMG_20180711_133941225IMG_20180711_133900919IMG_20180711_133853740IMG_20180711_133851179IMG_20180711_132339970IMG_20180711_132325778IMG_20180711_132320111N3 Stinking DrunkIMG_1804Surrey Street Pumping StationJuly 10Go Ahead London Metrobus WHV54 BP15OME On Route 119 At Bromley SouthRotel Tours - Das Rollende HotelReflectionsPBWA BrockleyPBWA BrockleyPBWA BrockleyThe grave of Charles RollinsThe lodge of Brockley CemeteryThe gravestone of William Rowntree Master MarinerThe family vault of Charles and Amy Thomas is off the beaten trackThe family grave of Bugler Henry William StarFamily grave of William Waugh BlockHeadless AngelThe family grave of Philadelphia SampsonThe family grave of Jane and Henry DobsonDepford Civil War Memorial in Brockley CemeteryIAW_6327_IAW8481IAW_6320IAW_6314IAW_6310IAW_6309Grave of Edmund and Amelia TurnerIAW_6307IAW_6303The Family Vault of Thomas and Eliza PayIAW_6302Family tomb of Alexander Louis DussekThe family vault of William and Frances GiddingsPeace Perfect Peace_IAW8443Graves within the Catholic section of Brockley CemeteryIAW_6285The family grave of Emilio NellaThe vault of Jaques VangailliesGravestones in the Catholic plot of Brockley CemeteryLittle remains of Emilia Pelucci headstoneThe grave of Mary Elizabeth MacRaeOld graves in Ladywell Cemetery lost in the long grassThe family Vault of H A Baxter of Forest HillCWGC Second Lieutenant T A Challis MC. Tank CorpsSweat peas below the crossCWGC Lieutenant J F K Bell Border RegimentCaterpillar food factoryCWGC Lieutenant D W Lancaster S. Staffordshire Regt.Their Name Liveth For EvermoreThe Edward and Caroline Matthews family graveIAW_6243The grave of the last Waterloo Veteran Elizabeth WatkinsFamily graves in the shade in Brockley CemeteryIAW_6240_IAW8388IAW_6236Shade provided by an avenue of London Plane Trees in Brockley CemeteryLocals on the Monument TrailA lone monument in the Paupers graves records the murder of Jane Maria ClousonThe monument to Jane ClousonAnother stop on the Tour for the guide to tell the Penny dreadful story of Jane Clouson's murderThe family vault of Captain J McKenzieVita Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare LongamButterfly bush behind the headstonesThe start of the first Tour of the Open DayFamily Graves_IAW8366IAW_6211IAW_6208CWGC Private W Greenfield 15th Bn Canadian Inf.Dog Show 5Dog Show 4Dog Show 10507201805072018Saffron SquareJuly 8PBWA BrockleyPBWA BrockleyPBWA BrockleyBrockley and Ladywell Cemeteries Open Day 2018Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries Open Day 2018Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries Open Day 2018Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries Open Day 2018Vespa SS90BHot & ColdHither GreenYX12 DLV.EdClarkes of London (2542.July 7Surrey Street Marketpork marinading in sauerkraut, black vinegar, soy sauce and chilli bean paste.Croydon Street ArtOlympic Spirit Roses, 9th July 2018.Purple Dalihas, 9th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Roses, 9th July 2018.Fuchsia, 9th July 2018.Callum, night Walkies cooler, 8th July 2018.A selection of Summer flowers from the garden, 7th July 2018.Night time, 19746 LX11 BBZ on route 208, 5th July 2018.Callum having a sit down, 5th July 2018.Sunshine through the clouds, 5th July 2018.Purple Dalihas, my favourite, 5th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Roses and Dalihas, 5th July 2018.Single Poppy in the lane, 5th July 2018.Golden Yellow Daliha, 4th July 2018.A pair of Poppies, 4th July 2018.IMG_20180711_133847419IMG_20180711_133834286_HDRIMG_20180711_133828866_HDRIMG_20180711_133119580_HDRIMG_20180711_133115562_HDRIMG_20180711_131337328IMG_20180711_131341132IMG_20180711_124600525IMG_20180711_124558451IMG_20180711_124556136IMG_20180711_124313014IMG_20180711_124451770IMG_20180711_124213857IMG_20180711_124211121IMG_20180711_124206719IMG_20180711_124147155IMG_20180711_124144181IMG_20180711_123037861IMG_20180711_121621651IMG_20180711_121628425Family Vaults in Ladywell CemeteryFamily grave of Thomas and Mary ForresterThe grave of Sir William Hardy Kt.Dog Show 3Dog Show 2jamtartPBWA BrockleyNearside profile of MMC 36616 YX16 OKU on route R7, 3rd July 2018.Sunshine, 3rd July 2018.Walkies in the woods, Callum catches the sunshine amongst the shade of the trees, 3rd July 2018.Return of the Purple Emperor Butterfly notice, 3rd July 2018.A Jaguar XK8, 2nd July 2018.Rear of a Jaguar XK8, 2nd July 2018.Korean influenced pork with sauerkraut served with garlic and ginger mushrooms and spinachCallum, Walkies, 2nd July 2018.White Geranium, 2nd July 2018.Having a sit down, good idea, from a hot Walkies, 2nd July 2018.Hot Walkies, 2nd July 2018.a spider having a tasty snack in our garden