uploadArriva Kent & Surrey - KC03 PGEThe North Downs Way near CuxtonThe North Downs Way near Upper BushThe North Downs Way near Upper BushThe North Downs Way near Upper BushUpper BushUpper Bush village signUpper BushNear Upper BushSnowy woodlandArriva Kent & Surrey - GN04 UFKArriva Kent & Surrey - GK52 YVEArriva Kent & Surrey - GN07 AVJNu Venture - SN03 YBRNu Venture - SN51 AXF377505465195fort clarence gardensMono Brick Bunker375811375709465024Chatham WaterfrontArriva Kent & Surrey - GN04 UEVNu Venture - KX53 SDUThe Snow is Back AgainKenworth T800 towing a old RMAKenworth T800 towing a old RMAriceWIN_20180316_21_11_20_ProThameslink - 700043A Good ReedBrick BunkerBunker EntranceTwo Gulls OverheadChimney and JettyPussy Willow (Salix cinerea)Salix cinerea (Pussy Willow)Grey Willow blossom (Salix cinerea)37530346501220180312_F0001: Crescent moon and Rochester castle and cathedral panoramaEarly morning start for the second part of Kent's Pilgrims Way National Long Distance Trail....Gold & Green VR Post Box RochesterHospital for French Protestants RochesterRichard Watts Charity RochesterAbdication House plaque RochesterAbdication House - RochesterRochester College Gate20180311_F0001: Crescent moon setting above the Medway townsVenturing outBlack-winged Stilt in flightYoung stilts on the nestCommonSpider3 Daffodils Tilting in the WindDaffodil TiltPX55 EFKGN09 AXD (4052)GN04 UEZ (6432)20170306_20261420170306_19504120170306_194946Ship & Trades,Lizzie PorterYN67 VDG (505)YX17 NYF (4092)377163The ThawThe BardgeFlickr-0002Satis House, Rochester, KentSix Poor Travellers' House, RochesterSix Poor Travellers' House, RochesterSix Poor Travellers' House, RochesterRochester CastleThe rebuilt south-east turret of the keepCathedral reflectionsTo the windowCathedral crossesLight and TimeMain Street - RochesterTo the Keep from Main Street RochesterCastle and groundsRochester town - across the MedwaySunlight but bitter cold hallwayYX17 NDZ (6517)Uncle Pumblecook's House, RochesterToday's early back garden view. It snowed more. #Snow #thebeastfromtheeast #uk #gardenDelayed SpringEvergreenRow of IciclesSnow Covered DaffodilSnow on Rose Sprouts466013SN17 MXB (4103)SN67 WUC (4115)Snowy Garden #snowEastgate House, Rochester, KentEastgate House, Rochester, KentEastgate House, Rochester, Kent375814Rochester Castle, KentTime - that infernal reminderRochester Cathedral, KentRochester Cathedral, KentThe Sun Sets over The WindmillPower Lines at SunsetChatham Maritime tilt cropped (Explored)Chatham Maritime tiltDusk View over the MedwayLight Through the TreesYX17 NEJ (6519)Four Elms Hill tiltFair Notice, Guildhall Museum, RochesterChurchills.Centre Cafe, Rainham, Gillingham - something of an 80's time warpDistant SailRochester Cathedral, Dickens memorialRochester Cathedral, Dickens memorialRochester CathedralRochester CathedralRiverside RocksOne Rock at RiversideUp River from Copperhouse LaneEastwards from Copperhouse LaneGN04 UDM (6401)GN04 UDL (1617)Chatham, HMS OcelotYX17 NEJ (6519)Nu Venture - V142 MEVArriva Kent & Surrey - SN67 WUKChatham, HMS CavalierChatham, HMS GannetCatkinskent - nu-venture cx54bdu chatham 07-02-18 JLkent - nu-venture ds03sul nearside chatham 07-02-18 JLkent - asd coaches j8asd chatham 07-02-18 JLkent - the thomas waghorn chatham wspoons 07-02-17 JLkent - arriva 6433 chatham 07-02-18 JLkent - arriva 4117 chatham 07-02-18 JLLifeboatLifeboatChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UK, No. 3 Covered SlipHMS GANNETThe HMS CavalierHMS GANNETHMS GANNETChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKkent - gillingham loco shed yard southern rly with no 166234-365GN04 UDBPX55 EDFGN59 FVDSN51 AXFSN15 LNKSN03 YBRSN03 YBRA Slice of HebeHebe TiltSN67 WUP (4125)NA52 AWYSN03 YBRGN09 AXKAD64 ASD (Ex-YJ64 DYP)V190 EAMIMG_0183IMG_0235IMG_0262Photo 2012-11-07 10.59.00 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 10.59.23 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 11.00.54 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 11.00.23 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 11.02.18 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 10.58.49 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 10.59.11 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 10.59.56 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 11.00.34 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 11.01.17 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 11.01.50 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 11.01.27 PMPhoto 2012-11-07 11.02.35 PMThe North Downs Way near CuxtonThe North Downs Way near CuxtonThe North Downs Way near CuxtonNear Upper BushNear Upper BushSnowy woodlandSnowy woodlandSnowy woodlandThe North Downs Way near Cuxton6DJI_0532Picnic TablesWild VioletsThe MeltWinter chillsWinter chillsRochester England 1997Thames and Medway CanalThames and Medway CanalIMG_20180228_081456IMG_20180228_081503IMG_20180228_081555IMG_20180228_081630IMG_20180228_081714IMG_20180228_081137100IMG_20180228_081228266IMG_20180228_081243439IMG_20180228_081345403IMG_20180228_081352883IMG_20180228_081359607The view along the Medway River from the top of the Medway Viaduct....465180Oyster Dredging No More, Guildhall Museum, RochesterWhipping Post, Guildhall Museum, RochesterMauled to Death, Guildhall Museum, RochesterRochester CathedralRochester Cathedral3001kent - arriva 6483 chatham 07-02-18 JLChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKChatham dockyards UKThames GatewaySafeGN07 AVJPN03 UMCBlue castle lightSN17 MXDP251 APMWet Morning.PN03 UMC