Callum laying on the cool shade of the lawn, 13th July 2018.Hydrangea, 13th July 2018.Yellow Daliha, one of the new plants for this year, 13th July 2018.Yellow Daliha and Bee, 13th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Rose, 13th July 2018.Red Dalihas, 13th July 2018.Purple Dalihas, 13th July 2018.Military helicopter on the day Trump visited UK, 13th July 2018.A pair of military helicopters on the day Trump visited UK, 13th July 2018.Callum Walkies, 13th July 2018.A Streetlite bus in use on TV show Emmerdale, 12th July 2018.Small Olympic Spirit rose, 12th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Roses, 12th July 2018.Red and black spots Ladybird in an Olympic Spirit rose, 12th July 2018.Arriva Kent Thameside (NF) 4220 Swanley 16th July 2018Brimstone butterfly, 12th July 2018.Everlasting Pea, 12th July 2018.Brimstone butterfly on Everlasting Pea, 12th July 2018.Callum on the kerb, 12th July 2018.Early 90s Toyota MR2 rear, 11th July 2018.Early 90s Toyota MR2, 11th July 2018.Callum Walkies in the woods, 11th July 2018.Callum Walkies, 11th July 2018.Callum, 11th July 2018.Night time Walkies, 10th July 2018.Yellow and black spots Ladybird, 10th July 2018.Callum and look closely behind him is his little cat friend, 10th July 2018.Callum and Cat Selfie, 10th July 2018.Orange and Black Ladybird, 9th July 2018.Stagecoach SN64OHB (12352)Hall Place GardensStagecoach YX16OGG (12368)2018-07-14_09-29-58Stagecoach SN64OHP (12363)Eltham Palace 32018-07-14_08-59-492018-07-14_08-58-112018-07-14_08-57-03Stagecoach SN63NCA (10196)Eltham Palace 2Beautiful Olympic Spirit Rose, 9th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Roses, 9th July 2018.A gathering of Olympic Spirit Roses, 9th July 2018.Black and Orange Ladybird, 9th July 2018.SummertimeSpider's WebBeefsteak FungusRed Dalihas, 9th July 2018.Purple Dalihas, 9th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Roses, 9th July 2018.Orange Rose, 9th July 2018.Miniature Viola, 9th July 2018.Miniature Violas, 9th July 2018.Fuchsia, 9th July 2018.Daisy, 9th July 2018.Purple Hollyhocks, 9th July 2018.Hollyhocks, 9th July 2018.Callum's friendly cat pal having some breakfast, 9th July 2018.Go Coach W454WGH Swanley Depot 13th July 2018Go Ahead London (AL) E74 (LX57CKC) Swanley 13th July 2018Access Travel (Dartford) KE05KXX Swanley Depot 13th July 2018Callum, night Walkies cooler, 8th July 2018.Callum, a lay down on a hot day, 8th July 2018.Miniature Summer colours, 8th July 2018.A selection of Summer flowers from the garden, 7th July 2018.Single Poppy amongst Everlasting Pea, 7th July 2018.LY52 ZFHYX16 OHKCallum, Walkies, 7th July 2018.A very hot day just about 32 degrees, 6th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Roses on a very hot day just about 32 degrees, 6th July 2018.Callum, 6th July 2018.Callum, Walkies, 6th July 2018.Brand new 18 plate Aston Martin convertible, 6th July 2018.Night time, 19746 LX11 BBZ on route 208, 5th July 2018.Callum having a sit down, 5th July 2018.Sunshine through the clouds, 5th July 2018.Hydrangea and Violas, 5th July 2018.Callum and our new little friend on a hot day, 5th July 2018.Dark Admiral Grey colour of the sky reminds me of London Buses grey skirts paint colour 18B25, we didn't get any rain despite the heat, 5th July 2018.White and purple tinted Dalhia, this is a new plant for this season, 5th July 2018.Purple Dalihas, my favourite, 5th July 2018.Red Spider Daliha, 5th July 2018.Purple and Orange tinted Bunny Rabbits aka Antirhinems, 5th July  2018.My favourite Daliha, 5th July 2018.Unsure, wild flower, 5th July 2018.Arriva Kent Thameside (NF) 4267 Swanley 12th July 2018Callum, Walkies, 5th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Roses and Dalihas, 5th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Rose, 5th July 2018.Olympic Spirit Roses, 5th July 2018.Callum, 5th July 2018.Single Poppy in the lane, 5th July 2018.Two Olympic Spirit Rose bushes, 4th July 2018.Red Dalhia, 4th July 2018.Golden Yellow Daliha, 4th July 2018.Petunias on a Suburban wall, 4th July 2018.Red Roses, 4th July 2018.A pretty Suburban wall of Summer colour, 4th July 2018.Callum, Walkies, 4th July 2018.Callum, 4th July 2018.Butterfly, 4th July 2018.A pair of Poppies, 4th July 2018.Chesham Avenue, 4th July 2018.2018-07-11_09-00-482018-07-11_08-55-29Horse Training, ElthamBlue Petals, Well Hall PleasaunceEltham PalaceDucks in Algae, Well Hall PleasaunceFlower Bed, Well Hall Pleasaunce, ElthamHorse from Eltham Palace StablesKent's Green-flowered Helleborine - Epipactis phyllanthes var degeneraGo Ahead London Metrobus WHV54 BP15OME On Route 119 At Bromley SouthTime has no meaning  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)jamtartLambretta’s ready for the ridePit stop on the LambrettaVespa SS90Nearside profile of MMC 36616 YX16 OKU on route R7, 3rd July 2018.Sunshine, 3rd July 2018.Metrobus 709LEO-20180707-3794.jpgLEO-20180707-3789.jpgLEO-20180707-3786.jpgLEO-20180707-3773.jpgLEO-20180707-3770.jpgLEO-20180707-3761.jpgLEO-20180707-01429.jpgLEO-20180707-01413.jpgLEO-20180707-.jpgLEO-20180707-3733.jpgWalkies in the woods, Callum catches the sunshine amongst the shade of the trees, 3rd July 2018.Return of the Purple Emperor Butterfly notice, 3rd July 2018.A Jaguar XK8, 2nd July 2018.Rear of a Jaguar XK8, 2nd July 2018.Callum, Walkies, 2nd July 2018.White Geranium, 2nd July 2018.Having a sit down, good idea, from a hot Walkies, 2nd July 2018.Hot Walkies, 2nd July 2018.Faith finds a way  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)IMG_20180706_235600IMG_20180706_235258Golden Yellow Daliha the 1st of this variety in flower, 1st July 2018.1st of my favourite Dalihas has flowered, 1st July 2018.Callum on a hot sunny day, 1st July 2018.Callum decided to have a sit down bless him, 1st July 2018.On our Walkies, 1st July 2018.Callum, 1st July 2018.The rear of 10152 LX12 DHD on route 208, Oxhawth Crescent, 30th June 2018.Dinner time for our new little friend, 30th June 2018.Callum, 30th June 2018.Callum Walkies, 30th June 2018.Colourful hedgerow, 30th June 2018.YX61 FYZEverlasting Pea, 30th June 2018.Callum, more sniffing trail, 30th June 2018.LK65 EMVBP15 OMLThe rear of 10142 LX12 DFZ on route 208, 30th June 2018.LX12 DFZ42nd Street, 10141 LX12 DFY on route 208, 30th June 2018.KFM 775 as seen in ITV3 Agatha Christie Murder at the vicarage, 29th June 2018.Dalihas, 29th June 2018.African Marigolds and Petunias, 29th June 2018.Cheerful Pinks, 29th June 2018.Colourful Pinks, 29th June 2018.Geranium from a cutting, 29th June 2018.Salmon Pink Geranium, 29th June 2018.Roesel's bush-cricket (10)Roesel's bush-cricket (4)Callum, 29th June 2018.Olympic Spirit Rose, 29th June 2018.Yellow Cream Dalhia first one to flower, 29th June 2018.Dalihas in bud and starting to flower, 29th June 2018.Hypericum, 29th June 2018.Poppies, 29th June 2018.Callum, 29th June 2018.Callum Walkies, 29th June 2018.Discussing the Diversion, Callum and our Cat friend, 28th June 2018.On Diversion Walkies, Callum and our Cat friend, 28th June 2018.Viola, 28th June 2018.Violas, 28th June 2018.Sedum, 28th June 2018.Hello Callum, 28th June 2018.Petunias, 28th June 2018.Summer Flowers, 28th June 2018.Orange Poppy, 28th June 2018.Silhouettes and shadows (and the steeple of St James Church of England Church)Memories of new beginningsMorning breakfast, Callum and our new little friend, 28th June 2018.Callum and our new little friend, 28th June 2018.Our new little friend having some crunchies, 27th June 2018.Our new little friend taking in some shade on a hot day, 27th June 2018.Miniature Viola, 27th June 2018.Hypericum on a hot sunny day, 27th June 2018.Hypericum petals, 27th June 2018.Callum looking sleepy in the garden, 27th June 2018.Hypericum and a bright blue sky, 27th June 2018.Hypericum, 27th June 2018.Hypericum buds, 27th June 2018.Olympic Spirit Rose, 27th June 2018.White Dalhias, 27th June 2018.Callum having a snooze in the shade of the cool grass, 27th June 2018.A proud Callum stands to attention, 27th June 2018.Callum inspects a water leak which has caused a stream in the lane, 27th June 2018.Salmon Pink Geranium from a cutting, 27th June 2018.Callum and our new little friend, 26th June 2018.Dinner time for our new little friend, 26th June 2018.Awaiting more food, our new little friend, 26th June 2018.Callicarpa Bodinieri Profusion, 26th June 2018.Beautiful Maroon Viola, 26th June 2018.Callum and a colourful flower tub of Petunias and African Marigolds, 26th June 2018.Yellow Dalhia, 26th June 2018.A delighted looking Callum enjoying a sunny blue sky morning, 26th June 2018.Morning Rose and looks like a grass hopper in Suburbia, 26th June 2018.Volvo FM370 - North CrayTake OffBirdBirdMorning Roses in Suburbia, 26th June 2018.BirdSmall Orange Rose, 25th June 2018.Evening photo of Olympic Spirit Roses on the hottest day in a while it reached 32 degrees, 25th June 2018.RT1617 KLB 739 appeared quite a lot in an episode of The Professionals on ITV4, 25th June 2018.Callum and our new little friend, 25th June 2018.Rose variety, 25th June 2018.Red Rose, 25th June 2018.BirdVultureBirdEagleEagleCallum smiles as he sits beside Royal Mail van OL6, 25th June 2018.The rear of Royal Mail van OL6, 25th June 2018.Everlasting Pea, 25th June 2018.2018-07-14_09-32-052018-07-14_09-29-002018-07-14_08-51-492018-07-14_08-50-33Stagecoach LX03BYV (17843)Eltham Palace 1Something for James Bond perhaps, rear view, brand new 18 plate Aston Martin convertible, 6th July 2018.