beautiful on the insideSlide 126-48Slide 126-49Slide 126-50Notti misteriose / Mysterious nights (Syon Park, London, United Kingdom)(Buon Natale!!! Merry Christmas!!!)Airbus Industrie A.320-214 (EI-DEI)none more red 3soft bladesBlack Headed Gull D85_6026.jpgQuality Line DXE30289 SK68LXW route 293 at Morden StationBench with a View5869+5708+6001 at a gloomy Hampton Court with 2J44, the 1454 to London Waterloo.Bushy Park 7Bushy Park 8Bushy Park 2Bushy Park 3Bushy Park 4Bushy Park 5fallenmono leavesPANA3222pPANA3228pPANA3260pPANA3269pPANA3275pPANA3286pPANA3306pPANA3320pPANA3361pPANA3388pPANA3412pPANA3462pPANA3542pPANA3590pPANA3633pPANA3643pPANA3647pPANA3654pPANA3713pPANA3731pPANA3758pPANA3874pPANA3905pPANA3661pPANA3693p72 Year Old Prunus Avium...'Adriana'BirchThe Temperate HouseThe Temperate HouseThe Temperate HouseThe Shepherdess by John CheereInside The Temperate HouseThe Temperate HousePinus ponderosa (Western yellow pine)By the lakeThe Shepherdess by John Cheerefallen Ginkgo leaves - monoYT59 SFFHeronlate to the autumn partyRed Deer llIPalm House aglowJuvenile grey heron (Ardea cinerea)Common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)dewdrops on cloverPB190020 Chiswick HousePB190026 Springtail spot in Chiswick House gardens2L2A2593 Collembola2L2A2598 Collembola2L2A2616 Collembola2L2A2636 CollembolaSeven Slate TowersHello sailor!Red Deer IIfallen Ginkgo leavesAutumn at KewEpsom Road A24Epsom Road A24Epsom Road A24 junction Green LaneEpsom Road A24, junction Green LaneLondon Road A24Green Lane, junction Central RoadCannon Hill LaneWhatley Avenue / Cannon Hill LaneMostyn RoadMostyn Road & South Merton stationMostyn GardensMostyn GardensMostyn RoadLinks AvenueJust off Links AvenueFootpath Links Avenue to London RoadLondon Road, A24London Road, A24London Road, A24European stonechat (Saxicola rubicola)Great cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo)Hide & Seek Champion 2018!IMG_20181118_142545IMG_20181118_152146IMG_20181118_145913IMG_20181118_161335IMG_20181118_161102The Japanese PagodaCallicarpa JaponicaThe Japanese GardenClimbing an umbrella pineThe River Thames floods the road in PutneyReeds - Pen Ponds - 3Twickenham yatch clubDuckGinkgo 2Kew Gardens from The HiveHive fisheyeGo Ahead London General, Sutton, Optare Olympus DOE39 LX09BXH on Route 164 from Wimbledon to Sutton Station in Kingston Road, Merton Park on Sunday 18 November 2018Go Ahead London General, Merton, Enviro 400 E83 LX57CKO on Route 163 from Morden to Wimbledon in Kingston Road, Merton Park on Sunday 18 November 2018none more redGo Ahead London General, Merton, Enviro 200 SOE4 LX09AYJ on Route 200 from Raynes Park to Mitcham in Wimbledon Broadway on Sunday 18 November 2018Palm House reflectionGinkgoGo-Ahead London BV18YAD (VHP1)Go-Ahead London SN11BUU (E160)Go-Ahead London SN06BNA (E1)Glen Valley Tours (G2 Travel) BU18YNMGo-Ahead London SN06BNA (E1)GinkgoGo-Ahead London LX58CXP (DOE24)Go-Ahead London LX09AXV (DOE46)Go-Ahead London LX58CWW (DOE8)Go-Ahead London LX58CXO (DOE23)Go-Ahead London SN18XZG (WSD13)Go-Ahead London SN18XZG (WSD13)Go-Ahead London LX09FBO (E120)Go-Ahead London SN18XZC (WSD9)Go-Ahead London YX65RTO (SE287)Go-Ahead London BG59FXH (WVN30)Go-Ahead London LX58CWN (DOE1)Go-Ahead London LX58CWN (DOE1)Go-Ahead London LX58CWN (DOE1)Go-Ahead London YX65RRU (SE278)Go-Ahead London LX58CXD (DOE14)Go-Ahead London LX09AYT (SOE12)Abellio LJ09OLC (9492)Go-Ahead London LX09EZW (E102)Go-Ahead London LJ61NVE (WHV19)London United DLE30020 (SN60ECD) on route H98 at Hanworth Road, HounslowGo-Ahead London LX07BXR (SE9)Go-Ahead London BG59FXF (WVN29)2018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_142018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_152018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_162018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_172018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_182018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_192018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_202018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_212018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_222018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_232018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_242018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_252018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_262018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_272018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_282018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_292018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_302018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_072018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_012018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_022018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_032018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_042018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_052018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_062018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_082018_11_16 Quins v Newcastle_09Bushy Park 1Bushy Park 6PANA3722pPANA3785pPANA3856pPANA3899pIMG_20181118_143120IMG_20181118_143103IMG_20181118_143056IMG_20181118_125844IMG_20181118_143036IMG_20181118_142914IMG_20181118_142842IMG_20181118_140330IMG_20181118_125833IMG_20181118_122338IMG_20181118_152134IMG_20181118_152118IMG_20181118_151725IMG_20181118_151719IMG_20181118_151435IMG_20181118_150613IMG_20181118_144228IMG_20181118_161345IMG_20181118_161139IMG_20181118_161119IMG_20181118_161053IMG_20181118_153218IMG_20181118_153159IMG_20181118_152209IMG_20181118_144220IMG_20181118_122300IMG_20181118_121220Reeds - Pen Ponds - 2Go-Ahead London LX09AYT (SOE12) & LX58CXD (DOE14)Abellio LJ09OLC (9492)Abellio LJ09CDK (9453)Abellio LJ09CDK (9453) & LJ09OLC (9492)Go-Ahead London LX09AYU (SOE13)Go-Ahead London LX09AYA (DOE50)Go-Ahead London LX09AYA (DOE50) & LX09AYU (SOE13)Go-Ahead London LX09AYU (SOE13)Go-Ahead London LJ61NVE (WHV19)Go-Ahead London LX57CLY (E93)Go-Ahead London LJ13GJV (WS11)Go-Ahead London LX09AYL (SOE6)Go-Ahead London YX65RSO (SE282)Go-Ahead London BV10WVL (WVN38)Go-Ahead London LX07BXR (SE9)Go-Ahead London LX09FBB (E111)Go-Ahead London BD65EWT (WHV110)Abellio LJ09OLP (9500)Go-Ahead London LX09AZR (SOE29)Go-Ahead London BV10WVF (WVN33)Go-Ahead London LX09AZR (SOE29)Go-Ahead London LX09AZT (SOE30)