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The NurseryCranbrooke house. Arthur Street12365 Stagecoach LondonE231 Go-Ahead LondonArriva ChangesLDP193 Go-Ahead LondonStagecoach London 17857 (LX03NFA) on Route 269Go Ahead London Central WVL301 (LX59CZU) on Route 401GN15 CXBVP18 Go-Ahead LondonGo Ahead London Central WVL304 (LX59CYC) on Route 401Go Ahead London Central E131 (SN60BZC) on Route 401Go Ahead London Central E48 (LX56ETT) on Route 422Charlotte Victoria - ThurrockBexleyheath ChangesStagecoach London 12385 (YX16OHA) on Route 99Go Ahead London Central E233 (YX61DSY) on Route 401 and WVL194 (LX05EZL) on Route 132Sew Together BagsJapanese Style BagCrafters Carry All BagsCrafters Carry All .Sew together Bags and more Carryy All BagsGo Ahead London Central E46 (LX56ETO) on Route 422Arriva London T307 LK65ENV Route 229HEINRICH HEINEHEINRICH HEINENaomi Gale - ThurrockBusy BluewaterT274 JKMNew Operator - Arriva London DW446 LJ61CFA Route 269New Operator - Arriva London DW446 LJ61CFA Route 269New Operator - Arriva London DW452 LJ61CEV Route 269New Operator - Arriva London DW440 LJ11ABZ Route 269New Operator - Arriva London DW428 LJ11ADO Route 401IMG_9798Arriva London DW439 - Route 401Arriva London DW435 - Route 99imageimageimageimageimageimageCANDOURITYDAF CF75.360 - ThurrockLast day of Stagecoach London on the 269 - 17844/LX03BYW | BexleyheathLX03 ECYLX55 BFALX05 EZKYX61 DPZChuff Puff126A8784126A8781126A8780SN51 UAFLX55 BEJimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageGo Ahead London Central 228 (PO56JEU) on Route B14Stagecoach London 19799 (LX11BHW) on Route 269Mercedes Actros 1845 - ThurrockDAF XF440 - ThurrockLX05 EZZ'The Diver' (John Kaufman.)Go Ahead London Central E237 (YX61DTN) on Route 401Go Ahead London Central E245 (YX61DPZ) on Route 401Pauline Elliot - ThurrockInto the morning  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)IMG_9154BridgeDP 195Iveco Stralis 500 - ThurrockMercedes Actros - ThurrockMercedes Actros - ThurrockH2715 - Sayla ReaMercedes Actros 2545 - ThurrockSayla Rae - Thurrock