Big collectionEddie Stobart H1709 - ThurrockMercedes Arocs 3363 - ThurrockVolvo FH540 - ThurrockScania R450 - ThurrockSilver Wind (Nassau)MAN TGX - ThurrockIveco Stralis 500 - ThurrockAwaken to a brand new day  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)MD 60 Testing Times.#iris #watercolour #watsrcolor #art #aquarelleWaberers / MAN TGX - ThurrockVolvo FH500 - ThurrockSuccessDaffs and a DAF!Veerle - ThurrockScania R560 - ThurrockMAN TGX18.440 - NorthfleetVolvo FH500 - ThurrockDAF XF430 - ThurrockMAN TGX18.440 - ThurrockGo Coach W493WGH Swanley 18th September 2018Arriva Kent Sapphire 6518 YX17NEF On Route 700 At BluewaterArriva T293 GN61JRZ On Route 428 At BluewaterArriva Kent 1608 GN04UCY At BluewaterStagecoach 12301 SN14TXW On Route 96 At BluewaterJacqueline Karen - ThurrockMercedes Actros 1842 - ThurrockDAF XF116 - ThurrockIn The Eye of the BeholderWPR 5160MKX67 SFFSteward - NU16 TWOBeneath the cascade  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)Enisgnbus 144 LX17DZE On Route X80 At BluewaterSilver Wind (Nassau)Silver Wind (Nassau)Ex Eddie Stobart H7034 Charley Eva - ThurrockNational Express EK10 BX65WCG On Route 22 At BluewaterStagecoach 13006 BN14VZJ On Route 96 At BluewaterArriva Kent 6520 YX17NEN Running Light At BluewaterGo Coach W493WGH Swanley 17th September 2018Mercedes Actros 1845 - ThurrockIn the reedy river  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)RSPB Rainham Marsh-Hawker DragonflyRSPB Rainham Marsh-Collared DoveRSPB Rainham Marsh-Workman up PylonRSPB Rainham Marsh-British Airways AeroplaneRSPB Rainham Marsh-Hawker DragonfliesRSPB Rainham Marsh-Flybe AeroplaneRSPB Rainham Marsh-CormorantRSPB Rainham Marsh-Grass SnakeRSPB Rainham Marsh-TealAn autumn morning at EnsignBusMBA444Former Bournemouth Buses for saleArriva Kent Sapphire 4268 GN64DXJ On Route 423 At BluewaterArriva Kent 1600 KE53KBO On Route 481 At BluewaterStagecoach 13009 BN14VZM On Route 96 At BluewaterScania P450 - ThurrockBack to the earth  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)Renault T - ThurrockScania S580 - ThurrockA.W.Jenkinson / Scania R450 - ThurrockHaxän series;         Paper collage  2018Haxän series;         Paper collage  2018Haxän series;         Paper collage  2018MAN TGX18.480 - ThurrockLittle GrebeMercedes Actros 2548 - ThurrockDAF XF480 - ThurrockAs Springtime awakens  -  (Selected by GETTY IMAGES)Iveco Stralis - Thurrock1978 Ford Transit Luton,1Volvo FH4 - ThurrockRenault T - ThurrockKentish Bus & Coach Leyland Atlantean 674 EPH 231V (Ex-LCBS AN231) working a Route 480 to Erith, seen with Talbot Pullman Tri-Axle Minibus 871 G871 SKE, on a Route 486 West Dartford Circular in Market Street, Dartford in 1990.Scania R480 - NorthfleetLakeside once again 😎Greenhithe for Bluewater Railway StationVolvo FH500 - ThurrockNatalie Rachael - ThurrockLast of the Summer DaysT 445 (KVY 445X)Charlotte Robyn - ThurrockIveco Stralis 460 - ThurrockVolvo FH460 - Thurrock66766 Greenhithe700041 GreenhitheHopsFourGadwall ♀ [Anas strepera]FishingMoments spent within the quietude  -  (Selected for FLICKR EXPLORE)TU1136Peacock in watercolourWoodpeckerMongoliaYellow Shell mothReed Dagger caterpillarMigrant HawkerLakeside with Zarjaz 👍H195 - Beryl RosinaMercedes Actros 1842 - ThurrockScania R420 - ThurrockRenault T - ThurrockVX18 JZR - (Trash Gordon)H5300 - Terri - ShannonSDM - S8 SDMMercedes Actros 1848 - GravesendMercedes Actros - ThurrockDAF CF460 - ThurrockBreezeLeake Street 28/8/18 - lizardLeake Street 28/8/18 - deerLate Instar Hairy Shieldbug Nymph!LX05 EZPVolvo FH16.750 - ThurrockDAF XF460 - ThurrockVolvo FH16.600 - ThurrockDAF XF460 - ThurrockMercedes Actros 1845 - ThurrockDAF XF510 - ThurrockScania R480 - ThurrockErith UDC TramwaysGravestoneDark Bush-cricket (Pholidoptera griseoaptera)Mating Dragons!Arriva London, Dartford, Enviro 200 ENX20 GN09AVV on Route 428 from Erith to Bluewater in Home Gardens, Dartford on Monday 27 August 2018Stagecoach Selkent, Plumstead, Volvo Hybrid, 13025 BG14ONU on Route 96 from Woolwich to Bluewater in Home Gardens, Dartford on Monday 27 August 2018YN03 ZXFMercedes Actros 1845 - ThurrockWaberers / Volvo FH460 - ThurrockKacie Chloe - ThurrockQueen Elizabeth II Bridge cables, Dartford, UKQueen Elizabeth II Bridge, Dartford, UKMercedes Actros 1841 - ThurrockWS Transportation / Scania R450 - ThurrockDAF XF510 - ThurrockVolvo FH500 - ThurrockW454 WGHLondonCentral-NV4-M404RVU-Bexleyheath-190700aLondonCentral-PVL55-W998WGH-BX-140600bKestrelLittle grebeBlack-tailed godwitsCurlew and black-headed gullsLapwings, greenshanks and black-tailed godwits.Ruddy darterLords and ladiesSloes / blackthornDAF XF105.510 - ThurrockRear LiftRear End LiftDAF XF480 -  GravesendPhotographerVolvo FH460 - ThurrockDAF XF460 - Thurrock792An evening image of variety in the EnsignBus depotVolvo FH4 - ThurrockDAF XF430 - ThurrockMargo's of Bexleyheath JGU939VYX17 NEJ (6519)SN15 LNK (6480)LX03 NFZ (17875)GN64 DXM (4271)GN15 CXA (4304)SN58 EOB (6472)BX65 WCG (EK10)_7CB0331-2_7CB0325-5C73LS1807 -29-5Lakeside GoldDartford Bridge View...Dartford Bridge View...A.W.Jenkinson / Scania R450 - ThurockMercedes Actros 1846 - ThurrockLittle grebeLittle grebeVolvo FH500 - ThurrockAndrex Water TowerSlob juiceShirley Ann - ThurrockRSPB Rainham Marsh-Highspeed TrainRSPB Rainham MarshRSPB Rainham Marsh-GeeseRSPB Rainham Marsh-GeeseRSPB Rainham Marsh-HeronRSPB Rainham Marsh-Firing RangeRSPB Rainham Marsh-BullrushRSPB Rainham Marsh-Marsh FrogRSPB Rainham Marsh-Grass SnakeRSPB Rainham Marsh-FactoryRSPB Rainham Marsh-Dartford BridgeRSPB Rainham Marsh-KestrelGreenhithe for Bluewater Railway StationGreenhithe for Bluewater Railway StationGreenhithe for Bluewater Railway StationGreenhithe for Bluewater Railway StationScania R500 - ThurrockBirdsP1130844IMG_20180824_141652IMG_20180824_141636IMG_20180824_141630IMG_20180824_134133IMG_20180824_134107IMG_20180824_113158IMG_20180824_113157IMG_20180824_11315500100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180824144600381_COVER00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180824133513749_COVER00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180824121311162_COVER00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180824121303212_COVER00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180824113924925_COVER00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180824113907764_COVER00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180824113026245_COVER00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180824112900849_COVER00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180824112842521_COVER00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180809154335039_COVERSunday, 26th, Under the Thames IMG_5148Sunday, 26th, Under the Thames IMG_5147238:365, 2018, Under the Thames IMG_5146Sunday, 26th, Under the Thames IMG_5145Sally Ellen - Dartford2018 07 14 017902018 07 14 018302018 07 14 018502018 07 14 018802018 07 14 01900LK03 GJF126A8745126A8628 (2)126A8696 (2)126A8700 (1)126A8701 (2)126A8702 (1)126A8708 (2)126Hall Place Bexleyheath (3)126A8731 (2)_7TC0384_7TC0414-5