Charlotte Victoria - ThurrockWaberers DAF XF460 - ThurrockSTARMAN ASIASTARMAN ASIAHUSA IIHEINRICH HEINEHEINRICH HEINEFREIGHTLINE ONENaomi Gale - ThurrockVolvo FH4 - ThurrockBusy BluewaterIMG_9798EPHESTOSBANGLAR MAMATABANGLAR MAMATABANGLAR MAMATACANDOURITYEPHESTOSEPHESTOSDAF CF75.360 - ThurrockChuff PuffBrooke Isabelle - ThurrockMercedes Actros 1845 - ThurrockDAF XF440 - ThurrockMercedes Actros 2545 - ThurrockPauline Elliot - ThurrockAC07 EKZChristmas lobotomyH2045 - AmalieD294 / Y6.Day 293, Year 10.Day 294, Year 10.Ensignbus, Purfleet - PUF 140MEmma Caroline - ThurrockThe Dartford BridgeD293 / Y6.Ensignbus, 118 - PO58NPXEnsignbus, 144 - LX17DZEEnsignbus, 5280NWSeaford & District, 2447 - HAP985Arriva Southern Counties, 6452 - GN58BSVStagecoach South East, 19946 - MFN946FEnsignbus, DM2646 - THX646SArriva London, DW235 - LJ59AEEArriva London, DW241 - LJ59AENEnsignbus, MD60 - KJD260PEnsignbus, RT8 - FXT183Ensignbus, RT3232 - KYY961Seaford & District, SSG268 - 241SFMArriva London, VLA115 - LJ05BKFArriva Southern Counties, 4106 - SN17MXEArriva Southern Counties, 4124 - SN67WUOArriva Southern Counties, 4309 - GN15CXFRedroute Bus & Coach, VX51RCFVisitor CentreScania R730 - ThurrockHaughey - PA04 FWVET061Volvo FH16.700 - ThurrockVolvo FH4 - Thurrock00000IMG_00000_BURST20171116172712_COVERIMG_20171213_143908IMG_20171213_143851IMG_20171116_152757IMG_20171116_152745IMG_20171116_152733Daisy Grace - PurfleetVolvo FH500 - ThurrockLX64 BHFPO11KXKEasy access Underlift !Queens Assist S341 SKK.DAF XF440 - ThurrockGreatVolvo FH500 - ThurrockQueen Elizabeth II Bridge over the Thames, Dartford, EnglandGolden first of 20182017-12-30 20.03.482017-12-30 20.23.57FloodingWavy ReflectionsCory Environmental Centre (2)Cory Environmental Centre (1)Frozen puddle at sunset, Mucking EssexGravesend: Down Stream 02Awaiting the Scrap manP238 MKNP238 MKNDoing what she does best!P238 MKNGravesend Railway StationQueen Elizabeth II Bridge, Dartford, EnglandGravesend: Up StreamDartford: Bank to Bank Down StreamInternal heat exchangerBurnt rubber on top of exchangeTop of exchangeOil cooling detailOil coolingTop rear bolt heat exchange 2cm clearance to pipe 8cm to bulkheadHeat exchange intake from impellerHeat exchange returnImpeller oxidationExchange spacePacking heldBluewater shopping centre reliefsBluewater shopping centre reliefsBluewater shopping centre reliefsVolvo FH420 - ThurrockGo Coach YJ11EKB Bluewater 28th December 2017Arriva Kent Thameside (NF) 6451 Bluewater 28th December 2017On board Arriva Kent & Surrey (GL) 6519 between Bluewater and Chatham on Sapphire service 700 - 28th December 2017Arriva Kent Thameside (NF) 4303 & 6472 Bluewater 28th December 2017Arriva Kent Thameside (NF) 6472 Bluewater 28th December 2017Bluewater Christmas decorations 2017Bluewater Christmas decorations 2017John Lewis food hall from Waitrose, BluewaterJohn Lewis food hall from Waitrose, BluewaterHolly Louise - ThurrockVolvo FH460 - ThurrockHolborn, LondonScania P420 - ThurrockScania R450 - ThurrockMercedes Arocs - ThurrockMerry FizzmasMerry Christmas!Harris Bus, West Thurrock: D304PEV races a Transit van in Crown Road, Grays on Route 375Harris Bus, West Thurrock: D302PEV turning out of George Street, Grays on Route 372SYBILLESUN THAMESSUMBURGH HEADSUN THAMESSUN XXVIISUN XXVII (19850817)-4SYBILLEMaritime - 2281N.S Clarke - DX16 LXUBRIDGEWATERHOVERINGHAM IV(19850817)-1Mercedes Actros 1848 - ThurrockDAF XF510 - ThurrockDCT06Stagecoach London 15114 (LX09FZL) on Route 96Golden LightJetstream Tours. Thames Swift.CMA CGM. M/V Africa Three. IMO: 9451939.Borough Market, Gravesend, Kent.H5093 - Katie Hannah1415 - Emilia Jodie JessicaGo Coach 3903 (YJ11EKD)PAN REEFERSHELL MARKETERSHELL MARKETERSESTRORETSKSESTRORETSKSESTRORETSKBlueTriangle-LDP68-R468LGH-Lakeside-011207aWincaton - AY67 TCVEnsignbus T499Arriva DW 226 & Ensignbus 403DP 195First Essex Buses, 69912 - BV13ZBTTropical SunsetKitsches @ASDAFew from 2017...Last of 2017... see you in 2018Tilbury to GravesendGravesend: Down Stream 01Heat exchange with burn on rubberHeat exchange capCommon WaspIMG_20171213_175211DSC_8310DSC_8306DSC_8305IMG_20171213_174628IMG_20171213_174624DSC_8302DSC_8301DSC_8299DSC_8297DSC_8293DSC_8292IMG_20171213_165955IMG_20171213_165951DSC_8289DSC_8288DSC_8287DSC_8286IMG_20171213_165021IMG_20171213_163715IMG_20171213_163701DSC_8281IMG_20171213_154443IMG_20171213_154429IMG_20171213_154401DSC_8278DSC_8277DSC_8273DSC_8269DSC_8268DSC_8266DSC_8263DSC_8261DSC_8260IMG_20171213_143904DSC_8259IMG_20171213_143639IMG_20171213_143606IMG_20171213_143408IMG_20171213_143357IMG_20171213_143306IMG_20171213_143203IMG_20171213_143143DSC_8257Lakeside ‘where else’ 🤔2017-12-21_07-33-352017-09_Wales-640Arriva FastrackEnsignbus 712 (SN11FFR) on Route X80Stagecoach London 15054 (LX09ACO) on Route 96Arriva London T325 (LK65ELO) on Route 492Stagecoach London 12350 (SN64OGZ) and 15123 (LX09FZV) on Route 96Arriva Kent & Surrey 4037 (GN09AWH)Stagecoach London 15054 (LX09ACO) on Route 96Arriva London DLA26 (S226JUA)Stagecoach London 15063 (LX09AEJ) on Route 96Arriva London T329 (LK65ELX) on Route 492Arriva Kent & Surrey 4303 (GN15CWZ) on Route BArriva Kent & Surrey 1623 (GN05AOC) on Route 481Stagecoach London 15055 (LX09ADZ) on Route 96Arriva Kent & Surrey 4319 (GN15CXS) on Route BArriva Kent & Surrey 4311 (GN15CXH) on Route BArriva London T307 (LK65ENV) on Route 492EUKOR. M/V Morning Calypso. IMO: 9638640.Stagecoach London 13032 (BG14OOC) on Route 96Stagecoach London 15114 (LX09FZL) on Route 96Arriva Kent & Surrey 6450 (GN58BSO)1217Arriva Kent & Surrey 4102 (YX17NYT) on Route 700Arriva Kent & Surrey 1618 (GN05ANU) on Route 481BlueTriangle-TPL925-V8AEC(00D88846)-Lakeside-081207aBlueTriangle-LondonBusCo-TPL924-VLT110(PO51WNH)-Lakeside-081207aEnsignbus RLH61