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Slice of sky'Twas a dark and stormy nightVSH69924 First SloughWindsor CastleWindsor CastleWindsor CastleWindsor CastleWindsor CastleWindsor CastleWindsor CastleWindsor CastleWindsor CastleWindsor CastleHigh KeyPinkHP Envy 2 Windows on (Qualcomm) Snapdragon 2-in-1HP Envy 2 Windows on (Qualcomm) Snapdragon 2-in-1HP Envy 2 Windows on (Qualcomm) Snapdragon 2-in-1Upton Court Park RunUpton Court Park RunUpton Court Park RunSpecial doggy cuddlesMaidenhead BridgeTaplow RiversideImperial Majesty1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce chasis AR299088 (4)1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce chasis AR299088 (1)1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce chasis AR2990881967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce chasis AR299088 (2)1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce chasis AR299088 (3)Ellington ParkWraysbury WindmillReplica of GWR Walls and TowerWindsor Castle TowerGuards InspectionSt George's Chapel StatuesCrown and PortculisWindsor Castle CreekSlough-Windsor Shuttle approaching Windsor and Eton Central.HST First Berkshire 64030 LK07CCA on Slough area branded services.First Berkshire 64034 LK07CCJ on Slough area branded services.First Berkshire 64031 LK07CCD on Slough area branded services.SupermoonRed/Blue Supermoon in WindsorRed/Blue Supermoon in EtonCourtney Buses, Finchampstead YJ13HMY in SloughSt Peter and St AndrewSt Thomas' ChurchSt Michael the ArchangelSuper Red/Blue MoonSuper Red/Blue MoonTunnel VisionSometimes it's lonely being a cupSometimes it's lonely being a cupSkyline at the end of my morning runAny Takers?The rear is more interestingWindow DressingWindsor & Eton CentralAurora: Thames Valley Buses 195Eton College ChapelWindsorWatch The BirdieI guess we're having vegetables for dinner...43094Thames Street WindsorRiver Street WindsorHouse on the LeanWindsor CastleNorthern Ireland plaqueCommonwealth plaqueAfghanistan plaqueQueen Elizabeth II bandstandMemorial to Sydney CammHawker HurricaneWindsor and Eton Central from belowFred's GateLet Them Eat CakeThames Street WindsorThames Street WindsorReading Buses evaluates 904 SK66HRX Wright StreetDeck on 702 duties seen departing Slough with a working from London.Thames Street WindsorScania demonstrator YN16CFU on loan with Reading Buses as 778 calls at Slough with a London bound 702 'Greenline Express' service.First Berkshire 37987 BJ11ECX in Slough.Windsor CastleWindsor Town BridgeTudors milkshake bar, opened 1799Unfortunate name for a teacherOn Windsor bridgeDiamond Jubilee Fountain 2Windsor mazeDiamond Jubilee fountainAlexandra Gardens banstand plaqueFalkland Islands plaqueA House at DatchetBaptist Chapel in Colnbrook VillageSwans form monogamous pair bonds that last for many years, and in some cases these bonds can last for life. Their loyalty to their mates is so storied that the image of two swans swimming with their necks entwined in the shape of a heart has become a nearSwans of WindsorWindsor Bridge from afarWindsor BridgeAlleyway reliefsHugh Macnaghten plaqueEton College ChapelEton College LibraryEton Upper School entranceEton College New SchoolEton College ChapelWindsor GuildhallDiamond Jubilee MemorialWindsor Royal Shopping entranceWindsor and Eton CentralThe Queen in WindsorThe Queen steam engineKing Edward VII gatewayMap of windsor in blue tilesEdward VII memorialDancing LightIMG_4120IMG_4121IMG_4122IMG_4123IMG_4124IMG_4125IMG_4127IMG_4128IMG_4129IMG_4131IMG_4132IMG_4133IMG_4134IMG_4135IMG_4136A0A85A09-FCA7-4C2D-A89D-749DB8F61EE3D4E9C155-BD21-4508-8145-50235B57D385The Bear, Maidenhead, EnglandKing Edward VII AvenueSouthlea RoadSouthlea RoadHM The QueenBatchelor's Acresp40023 yn08dhjsp40136 yp59odssp40165 yt10uwasp40168 yt10uwfsp40178 yt10xcbade40045 yx62bzssp40006 yn56fcgsp40021 yn08dhfFirst GWR - 387152 - SloughSt George's Chapel StatuesView through the oculusQueen and corgiGolden Jubilee Ox RoastThe Long WalkWindsor Castle tradesman's entrance1423 houseGuildhall columns that don't meet ceilingBritain's shortest streetNell Gwynn's of Windsor