2017-10-16 07.15.52Reading Buses 530 X100 RDG in Central Reading.Reading Buses 1209 SN11BTF in Central Reading.38716438716537800Carousel Buses, High Wycombe 403 SM65LNE arrives in Reading with an X80 service.Carousel Buses, High Wycombe 878 BT09GOJ having made its call at Reading Railway Station North Interchange with an X80 service back to its home town.Smoking It Up800009 at Reading stn800005 at Reading59005 at Reading43016 at Reading800006 at Reading800009 at Reading800005 at Reading stnReading Jewellers Top Pick: A Love With Chrysoberyl Engagement RingReading Buses 1212Reading Buses 704Mike WallRaphaMartyn KimberleyMartyn KimberleyMartyn KimberleyWarm UpPre Race ChatIan SheldrakeMike WallIan SheldrakeAnna McLeodAnna McLeodCam PDr MozDr MozGrizzlyGrizzlySolent Coaches, Ringwood LFX 725 on Rail Replacement duties in Reading.Weavaway, Newbury WA64CWY on Rail Replacement duties in Reading.Ophelia SunThames Travel, Wallingford 229 UF10OXF in Reading with an X40 service.Berkshire Jewellers Share these Mesmerising Wedding Bands this WinterHenley-on-ThamesRichfield Avenue ReadingAutumn garden in OxfordshireOxfordshire landscapeIMG_9869PtateaPtateaBear Buses, Feltham LT52XAH on Rail Replacement duties at Reading Railway Station.Meritrule Ltd, Hire Your Transport UWR 498 on Rail Replacement duties at Reading Railway Station.Friar Street ReadingReading Buses 131 YX63LGU in Central Reading.Reading Buses 381 BG63VVA working 'BUZZ' service 42.c.1969 - Reading, Berkshire.Red Kite 500_2034.jpgFirst West of England 36812 YM17FKG at Reading Railway Station on Rail Replacement duties to Maidenhead.First West of England 36809 YM17FKB at Reading Railway Station on Rail Replacement duties to Maidenhead.Reading under the Harvest Moonc.05/1971 - Reading, Berkshire.St Martin's Precinct CavershamWoodcote sunset afterglowCaversham CourtTrain to BristolOxfordshire 2017: PlateOxfordshire 2017: BudOxfordshire 2017: Blue glassesOxfordshire 2017: SparkleReading Jewellery Shops Offer Dazzling and Fine Jewellery PiecesDSC_0525DSC_0550DSC_0553DSC_0556DSC_0558DSC_0580DSC_0613The Last Cry at Sacrosanct 2017.Oxfordshire 2017: Sunflower profileOxfordshire 2017: Sunflower from the backMariëlle, Oxfordshire 2017: Backlight brunetteBR-51358-L420-Reading-131087aBR-47468-D1594-Reading-131087aDSC_0526DSC_0530DSC_0532DSC_0593DSC_0599DSC_0603DSC_0601DSC_0517DSC_0520DSC_0527DSC_0533DSC_0534DSC_0535DSC_0537DSC_0538DSC_0544DSC_0546DSC_0545DSC_0567DSC_0570DSC_0571DSC_0576DSC_0577DSC_0581DSC_0582DSC_0583DSC_0592DSC_0590DSC_0597DSC_0598707 003707 003707 005450 083Reading Buses | YY15 OYB | 760 | ReadingGreat Western Railway | 57602 | ReadingVirgin Trains West Coast | 221108 | Reading2017-09-23 | smoking alternatives at TescoSeptember 29th, 2017 Apples!Challenge Friday, week 40, theme bump (3) - Speed bumpsMorning light near Rotherfield GreysSunrise at Henley-on-ThamesI Spy707 009707 010ReadingOpal Diamond Ring Aftercare Tips from Reading JewellersWatching the world go by 750_0761.jpgRusty BoltSmall White Butterfly 500_2071.jpgSeptember 30th, 2017 Busy, busy, busy - preparing apples for pressing at the Reading Town MealTesting the apple press before the start of the Reading Town MealApples and pears for eating, Reading Town MealSetting up the apple press at the Reading Town Meal, 2017Reading Food Growing Network seed swap boxes and just a few apples!old english house43032Mapledurham mill4VEP (Class 423) 3508 (SWT), Reading, 2002 (1)4VEP (Class 423) 3508 (SWT), Reading, 2002166217 in platform 2 at Reading43138 departing ReadingReading, EnglandBeautiful Reading, EnglandGuard dogRush hourOut of OrderWelcome to the weekendEinsteinThe Hexagon, ReadingGWR 180 at ReadingAutumn garden in OxfordshireOxfordshire 2017: Towering reflectionOxfordshire 2017: House viewDSC_0554DSC_0565DSC_0566DSC_0600DSC_0604DSC_0605DSC_0606DSC_0607DSC_0608DSC_0611DSC_0623DSC_0646DSC_0698DSC_0699DSC_0700Reading Buses | YR13 PLX | 405 | ReadingReading Buses | YY15 OYD | 762 | Reading2017-09-28 | please go to Dr Dr Treatment Room in Treatment RoomWalking on the ThamesIMG_2793IMG_2795IMG_2796IMG_2797IMG_2798IMG_2799IMG_2800IMG_2802IMG_2803IMG_2804IMG_2806IMG_2808IMG_2809IMG_2810IMG_2811IMG_2812IMG_2813IMG_2814IMG_2816IMG_2817IMG_2818IMG_2819IMG_2820IMG_2821IMG_2822IMG_2823IMG_2825IMG_2824IMG_2826IMG_2827IMG_2828IMG_2830IMG_2831IMG_2832IMG_2833IMG_2834IMG_2835IMG_2836IMG_2837IMG_2838IMG_2839IMG_2840IMG_2841IMG_2842IMG_2844IMG_2845IMG_2846IMG_2801IMG_2815IMG_2829IMG_2843Autumn’s hereThe ForestersThe Butler, ReadingThe Greyfriar, Reading180 10320170929_18175243 00243010165126 (TT), Reading, 2002165XXX (Or 166) (TT), Reading West, 2002166219 & 165126 (TT), Reading, 2002166219 (TT), Reading, 200243XXX & 43XXX(FGW HST), Reading, 200247371 (FL), Intermodal Freight, Reading, 1997BR MK3 Buffet (GWT), Reading, 1997Containers, Intermodal Freight, Reading, 199743093 'Legends of the Great Western' Livery 12/09/1743194 Reading 12/09/1743023 TOPS Number 12/09/17