70812The Old Order70814 Cardiff CentralParcTime for teaLookig after the grassI have always wanted to sit hereThat was a foul!!Ready for the half time whistleRather Wet_MG_8869.jpgTemples to our own worshipCardiff Central 20th February 2018Capturing the shooters!Kingfisher waitingChurchill WayBBCU15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4484U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4485U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4486U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4487U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4428U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4430U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4431U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4437U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4439U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4440U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4442U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4443U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4445U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4447U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4448U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4454U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4453U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4456U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4463U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4465U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4467U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4466U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4469U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4471U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4472U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4473U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4475U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4476U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4477U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4478U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4479U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4480U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4455U15s Bridgers v Timbers IMG_4432Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5218Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5221Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5226Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5228Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5230Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5232Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5238Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5239Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5090Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5095Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5094Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5133Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5097Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5104Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5105Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5112Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5113Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5117Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5125Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5129Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5131Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5134Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5136Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5146Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5154Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5155Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5156Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5161Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5168Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5170Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5175Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5174Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5176Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5177Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5182Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5186Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5187Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5188Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5193Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5194Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5195Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5203Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5217Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5092Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5123Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5096Capitals v Red Kites U13s IMG_5144Bridgers-Capitals v Miners U13s IMG_5192U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4311U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4318U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4275U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4277U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4282U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4288U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4291U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4298U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4299U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4300U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4301U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4306U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4315U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4295U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3737U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3738U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3744U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3687U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3690U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3693U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3697U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3702U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3704U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3706U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3707U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3711U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3713U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3714U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3716U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3718U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3729U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3732U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3733U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3739U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3734U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4791U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4792U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4698U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4700U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4703U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4704U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4705U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4706U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4708U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4711U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4721U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4724U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4726U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4736U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4737U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4741U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4742U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4743U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4743xU11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4746U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4751U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4752U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4767U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4771U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4778U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4702U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4785U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4720U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4739U11s Chargers v Mariners IMG_4786Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3932Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3933Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3827Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3832Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3830Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3837Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3882Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3883Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3888Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3894Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3896Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3905Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3907Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3918Capitals v Timbers U11s IMG_3828Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4922Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4609kitesCapitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4615Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4618Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4627Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4625Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4634Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4640Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4644Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4648Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4650Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4654Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4655Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4657Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4659Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4660Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4662Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4665Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4672Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4673Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4808Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4824Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4825Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4827Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4832Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4835Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4848Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4849Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4850Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4854Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4855Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4856Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4622Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4631Capitals v Red Kites U11s IMG_4873Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4390Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4391Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4395Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4400Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4402Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4334Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4335Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4342Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4347Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4348Capitals v Miners U11s IMG_4385Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4501Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4502Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4526Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4521Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4528Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4537Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4567Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4568Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4571Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4578Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4581Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4584Capitals v Mariners U11s IMG_4586Capitals v Chargers U11s IMG_4054Capitals v Chargers U11s IMG_4055Capitals v Chargers U11s IMG_4056Capitals v Chargers U11s IMG_4070Capitals v Chargers U11s IMG_4072Capitals v Chargers U11s IMG_4073U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4320U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4289U11s Red KItes v Mariners IMG_4304U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3691U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3712U11s Chargers v Miners IMG_3725