Change of OwnershipCloud ConnectionS Essex big skyAt the gatesWindy estuaryContainerisation 4PigContainerisation 3Your jobs are ours!Estuary cranesPost modernist landscapeAbandoned bokehEstuary berriesBetter find shelter!Stormy South EssexContainerisation 2Containerisation 1House on the haunted hillIn the shadow of the pylonCrossoverSLH infraNight SwimmingWaxing over HaveringNude EssexNude EssexBARN OWL (TYTO ALBA)Northlands FarmMarigold (Tagetes)Roses are Pink (Rosa)Fields of GreyDandelion (Taraxacum) BWBristly Oxtongue (Helminthotheca echioides)Pollinating BeePurple Aster (Novi-Belgii)Water Droplets on CobwebDay 184 / Y7.Ockendon 2018-09-06 16.20.58Leaf litter2018-09-06 16.20.58Field in North OckendonMarcin GrobelnyBuddha by CandlelightThames Chase, EssexRed MoonFirst Essex 33192First Essex 33558First Essex 41524First Essex 47650First Essex 69918Arthur, day 247, 365 days.Day 166 / Y7.Bus station: waitingBerriesLangdon skylineUnderpass 1Underpass 2In the redFirebobbiesAsda townBasildon patriotSouthgate bokehChoicesNew town skylineSaint Giles & All SaintsDay 162, Year 10.Marcin GrobelnyMarcin GrobelnyCoombe Wood (1)London through the hazeFords at DuntonKESTREL (FALCO TINNUNCULUS)First Essex 66823Marcin GrobelnyMarcin Grobelny_7BK0293-5BKA1807 -4American KestrelWasp / Exiting The Nest☺ Another year, another list of stats! ☺Common Field GrasshopperSpeckled WoodHeatherBeestons 18-regIngraveMy son, Kai SwimmingOdd One OutGolfRainbowQuad RF'sNude EssexNude EssexThe WandererSB66 SULA & A Travel X636LLXFirst Essex 32477 (AU53HJN)Maidstone & District 3238 (P238MKN)Maidstone & District 5385 (LKP385P)WDA 3TSEV 777H132 GVMF601 XMSBeestons YX18KOHSouthend Transport 122 (VLT44)CT Plus YT1 (YG18CVS)Stagecoach London 10301 (YY15OYS)Abellio London 2610 (SN18KKZ)CT Plus 2510 (SN16OHZ)Abellio London 2610 (SN18KKZ) and CT Plus 2510 (SN16OHZ)Arriva 3822 GN07AVK Ex-FastrackMercedes Sprinter 316 XLWBRF281 Essex Bus RallyLondon Sightseeing Old and NewP238 MKNWVL1 (LG02KGP)YG18CVSE15 BTS- Lodges Coaches.Wood manNude EssexNude EssexCan you balance on two sticks?Female Ruddy Darter DragonflyFemale Ruddy Darter (Sympetrum sanguineum)Hello Down There!Purple HairstreakDay 111, Year 10.Ernesto _5BK0811-3_5BK0614-517210 STOBART EUROPECloud lifting near Basildon 2018-09-11 15.16.19Hardy Fuchsia (Fuchsia)ThurrockNorth Ockendon SunrisePortrait of girlfriendP1130844CatastropheNew, new town livingYellow postUnderpass 3A tale of two trolliesM&S in reflectionBig lipsGreat Oaks bokehThe statueLost betsBrooke faceDown at the hard endKingswood estatesPower LinesHarvest LinesCoombe Wood (2)Pride of Essex_7BK0113-2_7BK0247_7BK0337BKA1807 -8Eye of the Orsett VillageSaint Giles & All Saints ChurchEssex Bus Rally 2018Because I just can't stop starting new kits... agra by night by dmc... this one shouldn't take long to stitch already bored of my current WIPsHarvest Time (1)Harvest Time (2)Misty MonoIn Coming StormStorm CloudStagecoach London - 15035150 Ensignbus2610 Abellio LondonHoverfly on Common Fleabane!Arum Maculatum. Cuckoo PintSN16 OHZSN18 KKZLX11 BHFKGU 4 & LLU 957M394 (GYE394W)Tower Transit RML2735 (SMK735F)34221 (W221DNO) and 253 (SN54GPY)Lodge's E15BTSLodge's E14BTSNDL 652RMXB 733AU53 HJNWNZ 1480 (ex W491 SCU)LG02 KGPW221 DNO & SN54 GPYS223 JUALX55 EPVArriva Herts & Essex 6516 (SN66CJO)First Essex 69919 (BV13ZCF)Panther Travel VB08PANMagic Bus 15032 (H132GVW)Ensignbus 150 (LX17GKL)Essex Bus Rally and The Londoner in the CountryChicoryTower Transit DH38502 (SN65ZGP)Arriva 3822 GN07AVK Ex-FastrackM1 Essex Bus RallySullivan Buses AE21 (SB66SUL) and TPL927 (EY03FNL)Stagecoach London 19790 (LX11BHF)M394 (GYE394W)M1014 (A714THV) and M394 (GYE394W)Arriva London LT1 (LTZ1001)M41 EPV217 MHKLX17 GKLST812, LT1 and LT1000Metroline VMH2465 (LK18AMO): InteriorMetroline VMH2465 (LK18AMO): InteriorK481EUXKYV447X69919-BV13 ZCE. First Essex.67164-YY66 PBF. First Essex.LX17 GKL-Ensignbus.YG18 CVS- CT Plus.Essex Bus Rally / Londoner in the CountryA112KFXF292NHJTHX101SStagecoach East London 25303Stagecoach East London 10301Ensignbus 372Female Ruddy Darter!Record Shot - White-letter Hairstreak Satyrium w-albumProgress 19.07.2018... confetti confetti confetti ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️Split personalityAlmost adultOut for a runPunched cardEast along the A13Looking EastLooking to BasildonOne Tree HillOne Tree HillEstuary from One Tree HillCinnabar Moth Caterpillar!Bumblebee Mimic Hover -Eristalis intricariusFalling stars as per the original pattern and then in grey and navy for my son. Hoping to have mg son's ready in time for his 1st birthdayFalling stars as per the original pattern and then in grey and navy for my son. Hoping to have mg son's ready in time for his 1st birthdayFalling stars as per the original pattern and then in grey and navy for my son. Hoping to have mg son's ready in time for his 1st birthdayDay 111 / Y7.Arthur, day 192, 365 days.Across the Tracks_5BK1038-4_5BK0747-5_5BK0744-3_5BK0586_5BK0550-5