Hard Head3837 Swindon Works 10-03=634677 Swindon Works 10-03-63Thamesdown Ommidekka YN55 NHD 371, Swindon Bus Station 17.11.17Thamesdown Optare Versa WX60 EEB 401, Swindon Bus Station 17.11.17Thamesdown Ommidekka YN55 NHM 378, Fleming Way 17.11.17Thamesdown Wright Eclipse WX06 JYA 509, Fleming Way 17.11.17Cantharis rustica - a soldier beetleAerial manoeuvresCanal sunsetSwindon Steam 1964Thamesdown Enviro 200 MMC HF67 ATZ 2778, Fleming Way 17.11.17Thamesdown Wright Eclipse WX57 TLY 511, Fleming Way 17.11.17Thamesdown Optare Versa WX60 EDR 405, Fleming Way 17.11.17WP_20170126_17_50_17_Pro20171119_162118429_iOSStagecoach West ALX400 VU06 JDZ 18448, Swindon Bus Station 17.11.17Stagecoach West Dennis Dart SF04 VSX 34597, Fleming Way 17.11.17Stagecoach West Gold Enviro 400 VX61 FKN 15763, Fleming Way 17.11.1766120. Purton. 19-11-2017Thamesdown Wright Eclipse WX08 SXF 519, Fleming Way 17.11.17Thamesdown Wright Eclipse WX06 JXZ 510, Swindon Bus Station 17.11.17Thamesdown Enviro 200 MMC HF67 ATX 2776, Fleming Way 17.11.1720171119_072301244_iOSThamesdown Optare Versa WX60 EDV 403, Fleming Way 17.11.17Thamesdown Ommidekka YN55 NHK 376, Fleming Way 17.11.17Thamesdown Enviro 200 OY16 JVZ 219, Fleming Way 17.11.17Thamesdown Wright Eclipse WX59 GJK 526, Fleming Way 17.11.17Broad Gauge wheelsLlanelly Railway & Dock Co.The Drunkard's DreamSpectre at the feast0-4-0DH No.SBL4 (JF 4220017/1961) at Swindon Body Plant, Austin-Rover Group Ltd. 23/09/89.Footbridge over the river colnSatellite (Eupsilia transversa).Class 22 D6343 and D6341PredawnPyronia tithonus - the Gatekeeper (male)Pewsey Vale Coaches (Pewsey) | PE63 OSO | SwindonBarnes Coaches (Swindon) | WA15 BVR | SwindonClass 22 D6300Class D20/2 (Class 41) D600 'Active'British Railways Class 9F 92220 'Evening Star'Two otters having a little peek at usSome Swindon heroesGhosts of the Wilts & Berks CanalGhosts of the Wilts & Berks CanalThe Wilts & Berks CanalStanton Park 12/11/17Stanton Park 12/11/17LeafMottled Umber (Erannis defolaria) ♂ open wing.Mottled Umber (Erannis defolaria) ♂ closed  wing.Peugeot 405 SRi in UKCoate BranchGreen Sandpiper03/1971 - Swindon Works, Wiltshire.Grey WagtailDSC_1731DSC_1752DSC_1730DSC_1774DSC_1761DSC_1843DSC_1868DSC_1884DSC_1892DSC_1893DSC_1900Morning at CoateThe Old Diving Board at CoateFireworksThamesdown Transport - HF67 AUCThamesdown Transport - HF67 AUJSwindon Pattern ShopSwindon Pattern ShopSwindon Pattern ShopCoate water diving boardCoate water diving board, SwindonCoate water diving board, SwindonParks, Hamilton - LSK 814 (YY63 WCM)Cat and MouseThe 5th of the monthIMG_022720171105_094905812_iOSSwan20171104_145638095_iOS20171104_112536139_iOS20171104_145851632_iOS20171104_145129383_iOS20171104_144559682_iOS1440-38L1440-40L1440-41L1440-45L1440-44LIMG_9965Do not DisturbMr Orange Fishy1440-26L1440-27L1440-28L1440-29L1440-31L1440-34L1440-35L1440-36L1440-37L1440-33LSwindon20171101_182831786_iOS1440-01L1440-02L1440-07L1440-09L1440-10L1440-12L1440-13AL1440-13L1440-14L1440-15L1440-18L1440-20L1440-22L1440-23L1440-24L1440-16LSwindon Railway Station20171031_181357642_iOS20171031_181154620_iOS20171031_181408200_iOSHalloween Rocks295772772 hf67atnG-AEVZ BA Swallow IIWater Dogc.1969 - Swindon (Carriage Works), Wiltshire.c.1969 - Swindon, Wiltshire.Autumn SunsetBerry, Norton Fitzwarren - WA09 AYYBarnes, Swindon - WA13 DWY20171028_163514494_iOSAutumn at Lydiard ParkEWS 66087, SwindonGWR IET 800005, SwindonGWR IET 800005, SwindonBristolOC-291-M291FAE-Swindon-280196aThamesdown Wright Eclipse WX55 ZZR 501, Fleming Way 17.11.17December Moth (Poeciocampa populi).East Yorkshire (Hull) | 787 EYC | 73 'Humber Star' | SwindonStanton Park  12/11/17Autumn grassPeugeot 306 Turbo in UK66020, Highworth Junction 25.7.1766562, Highworth Junction 25.7.1743079, Highworth Junction 25.7.1743129, Highworth Junction 25.7.17800002 & 800001, Highworth Junction 25.7.1743028 & 43024 Great Western Society 1961-2011 Didcot Railway Centre, Highworth Junction 25.7.17DSC_1908DSC_1909DSC_1915DSC_1916DSC_1919DSC_1921DSC_1922DSC_1933DSC_1940DSC_1942DSC_1733DSC_1934DSC_1867DSC_1952Autumn in Town GardensWest WichelAutumn in Old Town GardensDorsetDorsetDorsetDorsetDorsetWilts & Dorset - HF09 BJJThamesdown Transport - HF67 ATXThamesdown Transport - HF67 ATUThamesdown Transport - HF67 ATNThamesdown Transport - HF67 AUEThamesdown Transport - HF67 AUHThamesdown Transport - HF67 AUKCaerphilly CastleSwindon Outlet CentreSwindon Outlet CentreVista terminationShop backsBlue TitGreat Crested GrebeNuthatch1440-39L1440-03L1440-06Lthe rears of thamesdown busesthamesdown lineupfj12fyl8000098000081533181501216611443195430202783 hf67auj2782 hf67auh2780 hf67auc2778 hf67atz2777 hf67aty2776 hf67atx2773 hf67ato2700 yy17grx1136 hf09bju379 yn55nho376 yn55nhk373 yn55nhg363 sn51axw107 mx13bbzSwindon old town gardensCoate WaterAutumn PondDSC_0106Barnes, Swindon - WJ17 EZEThamesdown Transport - WX06 JXRThamesdown Transport - WX08 SXFThamesdown Transport - WX08 SXEThamesdown Transport - WX59 GJUBarnes, Swindon - YJ13 GWWThamesdown Transport - YN55 NHLThamesdown Transport - YY17 GRXLydiard AutumnBirds on a AerialSwindon StationSwindon StationSwindon StationGWR HST 43023, SwindonGWR HST 43150, SwindonGWR HST 43031, SwindonGWR HST 43005, SwindonGWR HST 43139, SwindonThat's still entertainmentReeds - or waterside plants?Door