Power worker on the moveLook what £2 buys in OxfamChips with everythingBLACKBIRD 4LONG-TAILED TIT 6ROBIN 24CWGC Squadron Leader R R W Allen Formerly Major R.A. Royal Air ForceThe grave of Charles David WalkerThe grave of Betty JellicoeGrave of Sir William S Gilbert (of Gilbert and Sullivan fame)Memorial board to the family of Mr Joseph Snoxell against the wall of the Brick Church_IAW4957_IAW4956Coat of arms on chest tomb_IAW4948Family grave of Hilda HyomsCWGC Private L J Gurney The Gloucestershire Regt.Graves south of the churchThe parish 1914-18 War MemorialJ O N Q U I L SE N D . O F . W I N T E RLJ60AXT DW334 Arriva London VDL DB300 Wright Gemini 2 221 to Turnpike Lane StationLK57AXM TE892 Metroline Enviro 400 107 to New BarnetA Walk In The SnowChinook HC.2Chinook HC.2Chinook HC.2Twin Squirrel HCC.1Twin Squirrel HCC.1Twin Squirrel HCC.1Twin Squirrel HCC.1Hart TrainerPhantom FGR.2Cierva C.30Chinook and Twin SquirrelFlowers growing on the top of the wallThe grave of David RennieSlopping crossesFamily grave of William BradberryGrave of Charles and William Blackwell_IAW4843Tomb of Thomas BlackwellThe tomb of Edmund CrosseMemorial tablet to Aubrey Blackwell M.C.Iron grave markers resting against the churchThe grave of William Alfred WaterlowThe extension churchyardFamily grave of Ernest and Lillian ButlandThe grave of Dorris TannFlooding falls a crossThe grave of William Leefe Robinson VCThe grave of Percy and Jessie ParkerAngel beneath the pine treesThe grave of Philip SahlerFamily grave of James FultonThe grave of Elizabeth and Richard GoddardFallen cross on a Blackwell graveIcy bodywork.Gazelle HCC.4HelilinerWhirlwind HAR.10Sycamore HAR.1266027 at Wembley67021 at Wembley92015 at Wembley90047 at Wembley66779 at Wembley37601 at WembleyOnly one returnedThe Brandi family graveThe Salvadorians plotThe Pelling family graveThe Loftus family graveThe Berni family graveThe Civilian War MemorialDaffodils bloom on the grave of David BakerCWGC Private F J Quinnell The Middlesex Regiment_IAW4917Grave of Ethel ColinsWearing flowersCWGC Wing Commander M W Coombes Royal Air ForceCWGC Sergeant A J Vigor Royal Air ForceThe Bull family graveCWGC Aircraftman 2nd Cl V D Thorp Wireless Operator/Air Gunner Royal Air ForceAt restAn angel prays for Anne DentCWGC Corporal F W Bushell Royal Air Force Auxiliary Air ForceCWGC Captain Ralph Berthon Gossage RN. H.M.S. CWGC Sergeant J C Mays Flight Engineer Royal Air ForceCWGC Corporal W H Lawrence Royal Air Force Auxiliary Air ForceCWGC Ldg Aircraftman W Stafford Royal Air Force Auxiliary Air ForceCWGC W O II H G T Burton The Worcestershire RegtCWGC Private James Christopher Bainger Royal Army Medical CorpsCWGC Aircraftman 2nd Cl A E Blake Royal Air ForceCWGC Fusilier T E Fanting The Royal Welsh Fusiliers_IAW4884CWGC T E Carpenter Able Seaman RN H.M.S. CWGC Ldg Aircraftman E L Markham Royal Air ForceCWGC Pilot Officer J S Hill Royal Air ForceCWGC Marine J L Farnan Royal MarinesCWGC Sergeant T A Bindley Royal Air ForceCWGC Private J Calvert The Middlesex RegimentCWGC Sergeant E C J Wilson Pilot Royal Air ForceCWGC Ldg. Aircraftman J R M Sands Royal Air ForceThe grave of Lisa PeakeCWGC Sergeant H Robinson Wireless Operator/Observer Royal Air ForceFresh flowers on the Larkin family graveCWGC Aircraftman 1st Cl B E Homes Royal Air ForceCWGC Squadron Leader W F M B Buchan Royal Air ForceCWGC Flight Lieutenant K C Saw D.F.M. Royal Air ForceGirls will be girlsTablet wall memorial to William Schwenck GilbertReading the classicsHarrow-on-the-HIllAndre Rieu tour coach outside Hilton Hotel, WembleyWeekend CamelliaAndre Rieu, Wembley Arena, December 2017Teun Ramaekers, Andre Rieu, & Manoe KoningsManoe Konings, Wembley ArenaAndre Rieu, Wembley ArenaNathalie Bolle, Wembley ArenaThe girls from the Johann Strauss Orchestra in Dutch costumeAndre Rieu & the girls from the orchestra dressed in traditional Dutch costumeTeun Ramaekers, Wembley ArenaFreya Cremers, Wembley ArenaNathalie Bolle, Wembley ArenaAndre Rieu, Wembley Arena, December  2017Teun Ramaekers, Wembley ArenaFranco Vulcano, Wembley ArenaThe Platin Tenors & Andre Rieu, Wembley ArenaThe Platin Tenors at Wembley ArenaSanne Mestrom, Wembley Arena, December 2017Bf109G-2Bristol BulldogKawasaki Ki-100Hawker TempestROBIN 23COLLARED DOVE 3The East Window of St John the EvangelistThe Church Lodge Great StanmoreHolland family mausoleum within the Brick ChurchNorth Chapel stained glass window church of St John the Evangelist Great StanmoreHarrow Weald Cemetery panoramaAll Saints Church, Harrow WealdPanorama of Harrow Weald CemeteryThe grave of William Leefe Robinson V.C.Steam Vehicle Contraption...Victoria Rd. North Acton. London UK.Fokker D.VIISikorsky HoverflyA05013 P-51D MustangSopwith CamelGipsy MothBleriot XITempest VDUNNOCK 2*RARE* LJ13FCN HV92 Arriva London Volvo B5LH Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 Hybrid 221 to Turnpike Lane StationLK61BKL TEH1229 Metroline Enviro 400H Hybrid 186 to Northwick Park HospitalLTZ1548 LT548 Metroline New Routemaster NBfL 32 to Kilburn ParkRATP London United VH45240London United. LJ16 EWH  VH45186LONG-TAILED TIT 5London United. LJ66 TSO.  VH45201LK16BYB SW2 Arriva London Wright Streetdeck 340 to EdgwareIn loving memory...Family grave of George and Mary Cooper will soon be under waterStanding tallIvy climbs the crossFresh flowers on the grave of Patricia and Walter LaneA military headstoneA CWGC Headstone yet to be replacedFamily grave of Harry William and Rebecca SmithPeter a beloved sonA family plotOnce in loving memory, now fadedEmily Jane and William Hunter re-unitedIn loving memory of Mum and Dad at restSigns that the North London CWGC team have been renovating headstone in the cemetery_IAW4755The grave of Arthur and Alice Fitch still awaits a headstoneLooking up towards the Pinner Road with the mortuary chapel visibleSafe in the arms of JesusThe grave of Joseph and Lucy Bowden is still visitedThe grave of Emily Grace PaganIn Loving MemoryIMG_4451Reading glasses50007 Hercules, 50017 Royal Oak, 50026 Indomitable & 50044 Exeter, Old Oak Common 2.9.17Seen on my trainCrawler: 700034 2V76 Mill Hill Broadway 10/03/18LONG-TAILED TIT 4Tube Station (1 of 1)LX11AWR ENL103 Arriva London (Ex Stagecoach) Enviro 200 H18 to Harrow*RARE* YE06HNT DWL96 Arriva London DAF SB120 Wright Cadet H18 to Harrow90037 at WembleyBlock of flatsROBIN 21Sopwith Snipe_RAF Hendon Museum_London_May172018-03-09_08-52-362018-03-09_08-49-382018-03-09_08-49-25*RARE* LK04CVL VP549 Metroline Volvo B7TL Plaxton President 460 to North FinchleyThursday`s FlowerFinchley abodeHarrow on the Hill Underground Sign, LondonShine A LightADH45259 London SovereignThe Pennington tombCrosses between the two churches_IAW4842Inscription on the tomb of Edmond CrosseThree crosses on the edge of the churchyardCWGC Lieutenant P A Durham Royal ArtilleryThe grave of Rev J T Pattison_IAW4818CWGC Private R M Mortlock Royal FusiliersFading with timeThe kerbstone of the grave of William Leefe Robinson VC records his success as the first to attack and down a Zeppelin at nightWreaths on the grave of William Leefe Robinson VCHolding the crossA cross downedCWGC Private A Knights Hants Carabiniers YeomanryCWGC Private A L La Riviera Royal Army Service CorpsCWGC Rifleman R V Woolley The Queen's WestminstersThe Grave of George ArlissCemetery Board on Uxbridge RoadThe Aberdeen EffigyMemorial to Matty Constance Lea-SmithThe soloists and Platin Tenors, Wembley ArenaBela Mavrak, Wembley ArenaMemorial to Charles TolmanMe 262London United. BF67 GNX. VH45248HappyOne of the few remaining mature trees left upright in the cemeteryFamily grave of Harry and Nellie WalshWalking and talkingEurasian Blackcap ---- Sylvia atricapillaWembley, London, EnglandWembley, London, EnglandWembley, London, EnglandWembley, London, EnglandWembley, London, EnglandWembley, London, EnglandWembley, London, England