Somewhere over the Rainbow109979 357028 Upminster Station 19.01.2008109980 357028 Upminster Station 19.01.2008YY15 OYVEastbrookend War MemorialStagecoach East London 15002Stagecoach East London 15048Switzerland 2018LX53 JZWLX53 KAK345005 at Shenfield working 2Z05, the 1139 to London Liverpool Street.Wednesday, 7th, Waiting IMG_9054VLA134 Arriva London19000 Stagecoach LondonChesterBelgian ShepherdStagecoach 19827Nice treeIMG_4287 Ghost train.  #Fake #FlickrFridayLX55 EPUMost Holy Redeemer, Harold HillUpminsterCranhamCranhamHarold WoodEMU 321303_2018.10.26_ShenfieldCommon Green Shieldbug!Travelling alone.Autumn Leaf Fly!Branded Bus Off Route - Arriva London T171 LJ60AUW Route 36866083_1809_Shenfield321443_1809_ShenfieldDagnam ParkThe ringDagnam parkDagnam ParkThe famous Dagnam linesAbove the treesTreelineDagnam parkDagnam Park90006_1809_Shenfield360111_1809_Shenfield109972 357020 Upminster Station 19.01.2008109974 357210 Upminster Station 19.01.2008Egyptian Geese315849 Gidea Park 20101866702 Romford 20101866732 Romford 201018At Last!DB993736_1809_Shenfield66569_1809_Shenfield345012_1809_ShenfieldTFL Rail, 315837 - Brentwood (12/04/18)TFL Rail, 345006 - Brentwood (12/04/18)First Essex, 42934 [SN05DZP] - Brentwood (12/04/18)First Essex, 53123 [EO02NFE] - Brentwood (12/04/18)Ensignbus, 718 [YX60EOT] - Brentwood (12/04/18)Rotting and Decaying Wood.Rotting and Decaying Wood.First Essex, 42895 [WX05RUW] - Brentwood (12/04/18)First Essex, 47654 [SN15AEU] - Brentwood (12/04/18)First Essex, 66797 [MX05CBY] - Brentwood (12/04/18)P1130924 37526 YX68 UMA was YX18 UMA at Romford Station South Street Romford EssexP1130930 37531 YX68 UMF was YX18 UMF at Romford Station South Street Romford EssexP1130934 37529 YX68 UMD was YX18 UMD at Romford Station South Street Romford EssexP1130936 37532 YX68 UMG was YX18 UMG at Romford Station South Street Romford EssexP1130939 37533 YX68 UMH was YX18 UMH at Romford Station South Street Romford EssexP1130993 37536 YX68 UML was YX18 UML at Elm Park Station The Broadway Elm Park Hornchurch EssexP1130942 37527 YX68 UMB was YX18 UMB at Romford Station South Street Romford EssexP1130952 37530 YX68 UME was YX18 UME at Romford Station South Street Romford EssexEMU 321410_2018.10.05_ShenfieldHutton MountElm Park libraryElm Park librarySouth Essex CrematoriumRecently Refurbished/Transfer to RM - Stagecoach London 15048 LX09ABO Route 252Brand New - Stagecoach London 37530 YX68UME Route 165Recently Refurbished - Arriva London DW254 LJ59GVC Route 175Grave Mist37515 Stagecoach LondonP1130534 37519 YY18 TKJ at Hornchurch Town Centre Station Lane Hornchurch EssexShining SunlightBluebird in a TreePeek-A-Boo SunBird on Weald Park LakeBKA180801 -133_8BK0430-2Damyns Hall _ DJI Inspire 237524 Stagecoach LondonP1130502 37523 YY18 TKT at Romford Station Atlanta Boulevard Romford EssexPO56 JFG & LT02 ZDRStagecoach London 37517 (YY18TKE) on Route 499LJ59 AAOThe Light PathGo Ahead Blue Triangle ED24 (LX07BYP) on Route 193Stagecoach London 37514 - Route 193Stagecoach London 37522 - Route 193Go Ahead London 232 PO56JFG Route 193Stagecoach London 37524 (YY18TKU) on Route 499SN51 UAD & LJ59 AEGPO56 JFFDandelion (Taraxacum)Harvest Moonessex - lner 8570 brentwood bankStagecoach London 19831 LX11BMO Route 174P1130332 37525 YY18 TKV at Romford Station Eastern Road Romford EssexP1130400 37524 YY18 TKU at Gallows Corner Retail Park Colchester Road Harold Wood EssexP1130410 37518 YY18 TKF at Romford Station South Street Romford EssexNight SwimmingThe Holly and NOT the IvyGo Ahead London LDP191 SN51UAD Route 193Go Ahead London DMN17 LT52WUM Route 193Stagecoach London - 19807 - LX11 BJUArriva London North DW 209Arriva London North DW 328Stagecoach East London 36602Go Ahead London General EH 132315805 at Romford working the shuttle service to Upminster.Wednesday, 7th, Bringing flowers IMG_90412018 10 27 021702018 10 27 022002018 10 27 022402018 10 27 022702018 10 27 022802018 10 27 023102018 10 27 023302018 10 27 023402018 10 27 023502018 10 27 023802018 10 27 024502018 10 27 023902018 10 27 024702018 10 27 02510Thistle Be a Big Plant Then...This is what I want, what I really, really want...DW218 Arriva LondonLJ59 ADVLJ05 BKGStagecoach 86 at RomfordLX13 CZKSouth Weald109975 357009 Upminster Station 19.01.2008Romford Upminster Line Diagram - Upminster (12/04/18)Stagecoach London 10167 SN63JVR Route 365Upgraded TachoUpgraded TachoUpgraded tachoParasol Mushroom (Macrolepiota procera)IMG_20181019_154006724IMG_20181019_153224142IMG_20181019_151538825IMG_20181019_151532743IMG_20181019_151523793IMG_20181019_151515286IMG_20181019_151504661IMG_20181019_145825IMG_20181019_145053499IMG_20181019_141701IMG_20181019_141520IMG_20181019_135327IMG_20181019_132341IMG_20181019_130946921IMG_20181019_130331870Mixed Filipino breakfast at Sunrise Cafe, RomfordIMG_20181019_122852077IMG_20181019_122846905IMG_20181019_122837763IMG_20181019_122825617IMG_20181019_121927389IMG_20181019_121039939IMG_20181019_121028574IMG_20181019_121025987IMG_20181019_121016364IMG_20181019_121020581IMG_20181019_121008925Large SkiesArriva London, DW231 [LJ59AFA] - Upminster (12/04/18)London General, SE219 [YY64GXF] - Upminster (12/04/18)Overground, 315812 - Romford (12/04/18)Overground, 315812 - Upminster (12/04/18)Rotting and Decaying Wood.Inside Upminster libraryUpminster libraryInside Elm Park libraryFallen AngelThe Light at the End37523 Stagecoach LondonTfL Rail 315830 and 315837 2C40 1217 Liverpool St - Gidea Park at Gidea Park on Sunday 7 October 2018Stagecoach East London, North Street, Enviro 400 MMC 10344 SN16OLH on Route 294 from Noak Hill to Havering Park in Squirrels Heath Lane, Gidea Park on Sunday 7 October 2018Stagecoach East London, North Street, Enviro 400 MMC, 10339 SN16OKX on Route 294 from Havering Park to Noak Hill in Squirrels Heath Road, Harold Wood on Sunday 7 October 2018LJ09 SUObathroom in Hornchurchbathroom in Hornchurchbathroom in HornchurchGo Ahead London EH145Leaf it AloneBKA180801 -166-3_8BK0358_8BK0385_8BK0577-2_8BK0807OwlNuthatch, Sitta EuropaeaLX55 HGCLJ59 AECYY15 OYX & LJ55 BTFLJ55 BTESK07 HLOGo Ahead Blue Triangle DMN9 (LT02NUP) on Route 193Go Ahead Blue Triangle DMN11 (LT02NUV) on Route 193P1130486 37521 YY18 TKN at Romford Station South Street Romford EssexMigrant Hawker DragonflyLT02 NUVGo Ahead Blue Triangle LDP191 (SN51UAD) on Route 193Go Ahead Blue Triangle LDP198 (SN51UAL) on Route 193SN51 UALYY15 OYXLX13 CZKGo Ahead Blue Triangle 142 (LT02ZDR) on Route 193New Operator - Stagecoach London 37518 YY18TKF Route 193New Operator - Stagecoach London 37520 YY18TKK Route 193Stagecoach London 37522 - Route 193Go Ahead London EH160 and Stagecoach London 10303 - Routes 5 and 498Stagecoach London 36602 and 37516 - Routes 499 and 193Stagecoach London 37520 - Route 193Arriva London T189 (LJ60ATN) on Route 128Go Ahead London ED24 LX07BYP Route 193Go Ahead Blue Triangle 231 (PO56JFF) on Route 193Stagecoach London 10307 (YY15OYZ) on Route 294Stagecoach London 17979 (LX53KAJ) on Route 247SN51 UALArriva London ENL3 (LJ07ECY) on Route 375Go Ahead London SEN38 SK07HLO Route 193109965 315824 Chadwell Heath Station 19.01.2008Brand New - Stagecoach London 37524 YY18TKU Route 499Stagecoach London 36578 LX13CZW Route 165Hover Fly315812 Emerson Park 190818315801 Emerson Park 040718315801 Emerson Park 100718315803 Emerson Park 01081810345 | Route 86 | SN16 OLJ | Stagecoach LondonStagecoach London - 19000 - LX55 HGCStagecoach London - 36569 - LX13 CZMRev counter after restoring facia