BarnaclesMoving the big birdVulcan SunsetNikiAvro Vulcan B.2 G-VJETVickers Viscount 800 G-AOYPVickers Viscount 800 G-BAPGVickers Viscount 800 G-BLNBVickers Viscount 800 G-AZNAVickers Viscount 800 G-BAPFVickers Viscount 800 G-OHOTBAC One-Eleven 200 EI-BWIBAC One-Eleven 300 G-BPNXEmbraer 110 Bandeirante TF-ABZHawker-Siddeley 748 6V-AFXCanadair CL44 EI-BRPHandley-Page HPR7 Dart Herald G-APWAAvro Vulcan B2 XL426Avro Vulcan XL426LET L-200 Morava G-BNBZScottish Aviation Bulldog G-BULLBeech King Air 90 N80WAArthur, day 48, 365 days.D331 / Y6.Day 331, Year 10.D329 / Y6.Day 330, Year 10.Day 329, Year 10.D330 / Y6.Day 328, Year 10.D328 / Y6.Under the VulcanVulcan XL426Vulcan XL426D327 / Y6.Day 327, Year 10.D326 / Y6.D325 / Y6.Day 324, Year 10.Dennis Mugford & Terry StoneXL426Sitting in the SunGetting readyG-EZAS Airbus A319-111 easyJetAvro Vulcan B2 XL426Avro Vulcan B2 XL426Avro Vulcan B2 XL426Avro Vulcan B2 XL426G-EZOO Airbus A320-214SL easyJetSunlit VulcanV ForcePreparationsFuelling upOutside the HangerOE-LQY Airbus A319-111 easyJet EuropeVulcan Sunsetessex - the bridge at battlesbridge with hedingham l103 on 06-6-82Avro Vulcan B2 XL426AVRO 698 VULCAN B2essex -  Hooks of Great Oakley in DFDS livery pod813h psv circle tour battlesbridge 06-6-82Meadowbrook Farm entranceElizabeth GardensBridlewayWoodcutters Arms, Eastwood.IMG_20180217_082814IMG_20180217_082918IMG_20180217_083122IMG_20180217_083446IMG_20180217_084112IMG_20180217_085741IMG_20180217_085817D320 / Y6.G-APSA (Instone Air Line)2018-02-12 (05) PrittlewellFebruary Crazy.G-OODE SNCAN SV4C Stampe (c/n 500) Stow MariesG-AELO DH87B Hornet Moth (c/n 8105) Stow MariesPeek a Boo!TurnstoneTurnstoneIn a Bottle!PRITTLEWELL VIC AVEHeart Shaped ...D-IPPYHoney FungusDay 318, Year 10.D318 / Y6.9H-YOU Bombardier Challenger 850 Air X CharterVictoria AvenueVictoria AvenueVictoria Avenue9H-YOUDay 315, Year 10.Day 316, Year 10.Made By Me!Winter SunriseI'm ReservedOE-IZQ A.320 at London Southend Airport.D314 / Y6.D313 / Y6.Day 313, Year 10.WPG 12 Month Challenge 2018.Day 311, Year 10.Sedum albumlittle egretlittle egretherring gullblack headed gullblack headed gullD308 / Y6.Post Office, ThundersleyKeys Stores, ThundersleyLockheed L188 Electra G-CEXSLockheed L188 Electra N343HAHawker-Siddeley 748 G-BOHZBAC One-Eleven 200 G-OCNWMolo LoungeG-SUUK SU-29 at London Southend Airport.Day 305, Year 10.D306 / Y6.Pilatus PC12 at London Southend.essex - enoc 4001 hullbridge 24-7-82N539CA@ Rochford.@ Rochford.Chatterbox Starling ....Long Way OffLeigh-on-SeaBest MedicineCinnabar Moth CaterpillarT7-AMSHadleigh Ruins ....D305 / Y6.Day 304, Year 10.D304 / Y6.Bellhouse, Eastwood.Bellhouse, Eastwood.Day 301, Year 10.HoveringD300 / Y6.Day 300, Year 10.Speckled!Day 299, Year 10.D299 / Y6.The Waggon and Horses, HadleighPaintingsLX-ONELidl in the RainD-CKJERileys Snooker Hall, Leigh-on-Sea.Cock Inn, Rochford.Teddy bears cancelled picnic due to bad weatherArthur, day 7, 365 days.White Hart, Hawkwell.Victory Inn, Ashingdon.VR Wall box, Ashingdon. SS4.T7-AMSStranger on the X1G-EZOX at London Southend Airport.G-EZOX at London Southend Airport.G-EZOX at London Southend Airport.Underpaid drudgeryPlatinum PNB-30000H Fuji Raijin (The Wind God and The Thunder God) Fountain pen.Hockley Woods20160417_171441_zpswnukuadg(1)20160710_183701_zpsftaythui20160727_181123_zpsljp68t3w20160729_172315_zpsutvyz5pt20160805_192107_zps3fm3cqcs20160603_163045_zpsq3sbtnor20160622_174008_zpsue33kura20160622_174018_zpskzxzeqh620160729_130144_zpsyvb25zr9IMG_20160510_144631_zpskrajyex3B-634L British Aerospace 146-100B-632L British Aerospace 146-100Southend UniRoach Valley WayRoach Valley WayRoach Valley WayRoach Valley WayRoach Valley WayRoach Valley WayRoach Valley WayVictoria AvenueD316 / Y6.Arthur, day 32, 365 days.HoverflyDay 309, Year 10.D309 / Y6.Arthur, day 27, 365 days.Flowers 2018-01-29 (4)Day 307, Year 10.Day 308, Year 10.Footpaths in RayleighFootpaths in RayleighFootpaths in RayleighFootpaths in RayleighFootpaths in RayleighFootpaths in RayleighDay 306, Year 10.British Rail electric unit 321 334 Southend VictoriaA9CBA 727 Bahrain GovernmentHoverflyArthur, day 17, 365 days.Arthur, day 18, 365 days.D301 / Y6.Arthur, day 16, 365 days.D298 / Y6.Day 298, Year 10.Brent Geese ....Shepherd & Dog, Stambridge.D297 / Y6.D296 / Y6.D295 / Y6.Day 295, Year 10.Day 296, Year 10.D292 / Y6.D291 / Y6.Day 291, Year 10.D-CKJE Embraer  Phenom 300essex - enoc 1522 by victoria circus depot southend 06-6-82Broadway RoomThe Intrepid Traveller sets offMark Murphy, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Anthony McGarel outside the Forum.Mark Murphy, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Anthony McGarel outside the Forum.Mark Murphy, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Anthony McGarel outside the Forum.Arthur, day 8, 365 days.38660378634_6cfc039a2b_o38660378664_cf80850c8b_oDay 288, Year 10.D288 / Y6.Day 290, Year 10.Day 289, Year 10.D289 / Y6.Day 287, Year 10.Day 286, Year 10.D287 / Y6.D285 / Y6.G-HEVY Heavylift Boeing 707-324C20160214_12130520160727_163150_zps4aa1xhrx20160924_154208_zpsnzztlbis20160727_171635_zpsmxwxyov1(1)