Wheeping Silver Birch by APWBad Hair Day or Good Hair Day - Hornbeam in The GroveLast leaves on the Swamp Cypress in The GrovePoplar trees from the Muswell Hill viaduct (and a redwing)Alexandra Palace from the Muswell Hill viaductWood Pigeon keeping warm by Blandford Hall areaCherry leaves hanging on in the snow above APWWinter visitor - Redwing above APWSpot the guy in the distance near Blandford Hall areaLast snow above APWMostly Black-headed gulls by the reservoirIce in Alexandra Park near the reservoirPath by the reservoirGrey Willow still with some leaves in Newland FieldSnowballs in Newland FieldAlly Pally and a little snowDecorated tree on Newland Field (2)Decorated tree on Newland FieldBaubles in Newland FieldBare Caucasian Wingnut trees by the Lower PathAround the decorated treeSnowballs in the Redston FieldCedars on the South SlopeAlexandra Palace with a dash of snowSouth Slope morningSnow on the Pitch and PuttIcy path by the Ice RinkSilver Birch catching sun by the Boating LakeIcy lake pedalosFirst morning light on the Boating Lake islandCold morning sun above the old Deer EnclosureUpper Field with early sun and snowA411 Wood Street (snow & mist), High BarnetHighgate WoodGreat British Tattoo show 2017.Easing throughBeware of the dogOne plus twoLovely SmileWell blackCappedBlack is the new blackThree in sinkStream past Ally PallyDeep breathBlack and BluesUpright stanceRunning onLeaders past the PalaceUp the hill by festive marshall (British Military Fitness in the background) 2Up the hill by festive marshall (British Military Fitness in the background) 1Climbing Tree (Oak) on the Lower RoadJogging to the Parkrun startFrosty Plane leavesThe FeatherStill Waiting for a Nice Place to SitSun through the Cherry Plums on the South SlopeWheeping Willow hanging on to some leaves on the South SlopeRed clover in flower by the Alexandra Park ClubStream in the Nature Conservation AreaPath to the bridge in the Nature Conservation AreaHorse Chestnut standing relicTurkish Hazel catkins on the Lower RoadDeltic 55017 Winter sunsetWintery PolesWP_20171208_15_54_20_ProTreeThe terrace earlyHappy dog, happly sledgersHappy calendar sellerFarmers Market earlySnow on the branches near the Paddock Car ParkSnow above the old Deer EnclosureAlexandra PalacePalace and slope at nightSnowman on the South SlopeMore night sledgingSnowman selfieNighttime sledgingOn the South slopeWintery viewDamp calendar sellersPart of the old racecourseHappy sledgersPushingRed blue and yellowMerry SledgersGoing the wrong wayLone sledgerSliding downSnowballs on Newland FieldNewland FieldSliding down the roadHorse Chestnuts in the snowAfter sledging visiting the Farmers MarketFarmers Market on a snowy dayAnother interested customerSelling a calendarSledging funAftermathStarting to sledgeSetting up the StallWheeping Silver BirchThree Dawn Redwoods in WinterEarly sledger walking upLooking up to the stuck W3In the Paddock Car ParkBefore the Farmers Market openedRoute to the contractor's yard in The GroveAlexandra Palace Way in the snowW3 stranded in the ParkEarly in the ParkA touch of snow on the PalaceWinter on the South slopeEarly family out in the snowWaterlowParkTreesSnowHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathHampstead HeathBack Garden in the SnowBack Garden in the SnowBack Garden in the SnowBack Garden in the SnowBack Garden in the SnowBack Garden in the SnowTrent Park Snow-14Trent Park Snow-13Trent Park Snow-12Trent Park Snow-11Trent Park Snow-10Trent Park Snow-6Trent Park Snow-2Trent Park Snow-1Trent Park Snow-15Trent Park Snow-16Trent Park Snow-17T34 Arriva LondonSnow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 1Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 2Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 3Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 4Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 5Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 6Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 7Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 9Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 11Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 12Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 13Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 14Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 15Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 16Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 17Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 18Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 19Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 20Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 22Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 23Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 24Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 25Snow Dollis Brook Dec 2017 26Cherry Tree WoodsDSC_3288DSC_3366DSC_3365DSC_3331DSC_3311DSC_3308DSC_3306DSC_3303DSC_3289DSC_3274DSC_326920171210_10220820171210_102217North London snowmageddon 2017North London snowmageddon 2017Merry Christmas EverybodyP1050289 ENS32 YX67 VHO at Edmonton Green Station Church Street Edmonton Green LondonP1050395 ENS35 YX67 VHT at Southgate Station Station Parade Southgate LondonMetroline, Cricklewood, Enviro 400 Hybrid, TEH1465 LK13BHP on a short working on Route 32 from Kilburn Park at Edgware Road, Colindale on Sunday 10 December 201720171210_101518Rose WindowMiddle Path below the Pitch and PuttLooking down to Newland Field from the Butterfly MeadowTowards the Bedford Road exitWinter Heliotrope flowers by the Alexandra Park ClubA walk on the Section 106 pathShaded PalaceFrom Newland Field towards the Railway StationBramble colours by the Lower RoadBack Garden in the Snow