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009Essex Christmas - 010Essex Christmas - 011Essex Christmas - 015Essex Christmas - 016Essex Christmas - 017Essex Christmas - 018Essex Christmas - 019Essex Christmas - 020Essex Christmas - 021Essex Christmas - 023Essex Christmas - 024Essex Christmas - 041Essex Christmas - 042Friday, 24th, The London bound trains are on time  IMG_9668Friday, 24th, Colchester train delayed as well IMG_9667Friday, 24th, Waiting for the Braintree train IMG_9666Friday, 24th, At Chelmsford station IMG_9665Friday, 24th, The sun goes down IMG_9663Essex Christmas - 043Essex Christmas - 044Essex Christmas - 046Essex Christmas - 047Essex Christmas - 048Essex Christmas - 049Essex Christmas - 050Friday, 24th, Black Friday shopping trip IMG_9658Friday, 24th, Black Friday shopping trip IMG_965424/11/2017, 328/365, Going Black Friday shopping IMG_9626YN06 TDZ Chelmsford 03.11.2017MX05 CDV Chelmsford 03.11.2017SN05 DZR Chelmsford 03.11.2017321323 Chelmsford 03.11.2017EU02 NFJ Chelmsford 03.11.2017Christmas Tree19th November 2017First Essex Volvo B10BLE Driver Trainer (X689ADK) 62195321364 Chelmsford 02.11.2017360118 Chelmsford 03.11.2017360106 Chelmsford 03.11.2017EO02 NFE Chelmsford 03.11.2017EO02 NFN Chelmsford 03.11.2017AU53 HJY Chelmsford 03.11.2017SN13 CHV Chelmsford 02.11.2017BV13 ZBL Chelmsford 02.11.2017EU54 BNK Chelmsford 02.11.2017Chelmer Village2000 yrsAncient earthworkLooking toward A12 and StockGalleywood CommonGalleywood Common straight downGalleywood CommonGalleywood CommonChelmer VillageGalleywood looking to ChelmsfordCollecting LeavesAutumn in NovemberEastern National Bristol VRT CF3106 UAR596W20171117_071447SN05 DZS Chelmford 02.11.2017KX62 JWF Chelmsford 02.11.2017First Essex Volvo B10BLE Driver Training VehiclesFirst Colchester (AU05MUO) 32651First Essex Volvo B10BLE Driver Trainer W379EOW & X689ADKGreat BaddowGreat BaddowGreat BaddowBaddow/ChelmsfordGod's light over Great BaddowLooking down Dorset AveChelmerton AveReflection in the river Chelmer, near Sandford Lock, EssexBoats moored on the Chelmer, Sanford Lock, near Chelmsford, EssexRiver Chelmer Navigation near Sandford Lock, EssexBarnes Mill Lock, River Chelmer Navigation, near Chelmsford, EssexIMG_0932IMG_0933Footpath alongside the Chelmer near Chelmsford, EssexBoats moored at Sandford Lock near Chelmsford, EssexSandford Lock near Chelmsford, EssexSandford Lock near Chelmsford, EssexChelmer Navigation at Sandford Lock near Chelmsford, EssexElla20171113_07014320171112_161302MooredRiverpeerless.jpgLittle Baddow 'Kings' MillCanterbury 0036Canterbury 0037Canterbury 0038Canterbury 0039Canterbury 0040Canterbury 0041Canterbury 0042Canterbury 0043Canterbury 0044Canterbury 0045Canterbury 0046Canterbury 0047Canterbury 0048Canterbury 0049Canterbury 0050Canterbury 0051Canterbury 0052Canterbury 005310th November 2017First Essex Volvo B10BLE Trainer (X689ADK) 62195First Essex Volvo B10BLE Driver TrainersFirst Essex Volvo B10BLE Trainer (X685ADK) 62191PA25063520171108_072358 work passFirst Essex Enviro 200: Duke Street ChelmsfordTender Care: ChelmsfordFirst Essex Volvo B7TL29th October 20171st November 2017Friday, 3rd, On a log by the lake IMG_8577Friday, 3rd, On a log by the lake IMG_8576IMG_0905Friday, 3rd, Footpath under the viaduct IMG_8561Friday, 3rd, Footpath under the viaduct IMG_8564307:365, 2017, Waiting for a train IMG_85633/11/2017, 307/365, Waiting for a train IMG_8567Danbury lakesMeeting treeDanbury lakesDanbury lakesDanbury lakesAutumn leavesThree treesMorning walkTwin stumpsAutumn bunchA distant seatPerchedDanbury lakesLake reflectionsWK #255 (1)Paper Mill LockIMG_5418IMG_4457Rotary ChelmsfordEssexFirst Essex Optare SoloFirst Essex Optare SoloFirst Essex Optare SoloFirst EssexFirst Essex Dennis Dart SLF20171006_22193720171008_21514020171008_21573420171013_03001512/1/2018, 12/365, The Ale House IMG_17721st January 2018Harry RIPEllaessex - freightliner 66520 passes chelmsford 30-11-17 JLessex - greater anglia 321436 arrives chelmsford 30-11-17 JL328:365, 2017, Black Friday shopping trip IMG_9628Chelmsford and Blackwater navigation canal Essex UKYY66 PCO Chelmsford 03.11.2017First Essex Volvo B10BLE Driver Trainer (X689ADK) 62195lvo B10BLE Driver Trainer (W379EOW) 66179First Essex Volvo B10BLE Driver Trainer Line-UpSpringfield LyonsYN06 TDO Chelmsford 02.11.2017First Essex Volvo B10BLE Driver Training VehiclesFirst Essex Volvo B10BLE Driver Trainer (Y939CSF) 62242First Essex Volvo B10BLE Driver Trainer (X689ADK) 62195First Essex Volvo B7RLE MX05CFJPA250633PA250636Arriva Optare Solo 4230 KX62JVWFirst Essex Dennis Enviro 200 YX13AKKClass 90, 90015 'Colchester Castle'Class 321, 321305Class 37, 37405Class 37, 37405Class 37, 37405Woodland Delights ....20171018_135418