20171210_08105720171210_082818Peter’s enginePeter’s engineCottage garden, Bisley, GloucestershireChalkhill Blue (male)Chalkhill Blue (male)Chalkhill Blue (male)Brown Argus (female)IMG_6383IMG_6285IMG_6276GWR 150233 InteriorHST Priority at Standish JnEbley Coaches P382FEAStagecoach 34734 - SV55BZJStagecoach 47127 - KN54XYVStagecoach VarietyStagecoach 36175 - KX60DUAThe Hill Paul BuildingThe Hill Paul BuildingLight trails, Traffic jamStroud Rush HourCanal BridgeNo Spirit Levels used here!Bridge over CanalPoppies to remember the fallen.Nailsworth PoppiesNailsworth Clock TowerNailsworth Clock TowerNailsworth PoppiesBandstand Stratford Park, StroudWaterfallStratford Park, StroudNo trains, leaves on track.Cotswold Green YN04FKJCotswold Green CN06BXGStagecoach 18313 - KX05TWLStagecoach PX55EHBStagecoach 47553 - VX07LYFCotswold Green PN03OWAA lone Spitfire (pjs,0743)Inprint, StroudStroud BookshopBuzzardCN53HWY 34511 Stroud 091117CN57BZC 25216 Stroud 091117JOU160P 201 Stroud 091117KX04RVC 34588 Stroud 091117KX55SBO 47241 Stroud 091117NK04KZX 34564 side Stroud 091117NK04KZX 34564 Stroud 091117PX08FNE 25232 Stroud 091117SP55EGX 22377 Stroud 091117Stroud Storage area 091117VX09NBZ 15532 Stroud 091117VX53LCY 34404 Stroud 091117'Opposites Attract'                   (see description)Hill Paul building‘The Thin Cut’         (see description)Mad DogStockendMushroomsRose and Crown4C1A2226.jpg4C1A2223.jpg4C1A2222.jpg20171101_073633Sapperton & Bisley Loop-015Sapperton & Bisley Loop-016Sapperton & Bisley Loop-017Sapperton & Bisley Loop-018Sapperton & Bisley Loop-010Sapperton & Bisley Loop-011Sapperton & Bisley Loop-012Sapperton & Bisley Loop-013Sapperton & Bisley Loop-014Pitchcombe Loop-034Pitchcombe Loop-035Pitchcombe Loop-036Pitchcombe Loop-037Pitchcombe Loop-038Pitchcombe Loop-019Pitchcombe Loop-001Pitchcombe Loop-002Pitchcombe Loop-003Pitchcombe Loop-004Pitchcombe Loop-005Pitchcombe Loop-006Pitchcombe Loop-007Pitchcombe Loop-008Pitchcombe Loop-009Pitchcombe Loop-010Pitchcombe Loop-011Pitchcombe Loop-012Pitchcombe Loop-013Pitchcombe Loop-014Pitchcombe Loop-015Eastcombe - St AugustineIMG_63041 (13)1 (3)1 (6)1 (7)Duke of BurgundyDuke of BurgundyStagecoach West SF06 OVGOrchidW H Davies, Poet (1871-1940), NailsworthW H Davies, Poet (1871-1940), NailsworthService Trains Start SoonPainswickPainswickPainswickPainswickPainswickIMG_7007GL6 37GL5 40Laurel CottageGL6 76GL6 82Bournes GreenMarket HouseWar MemorialLovely DoorwayCotswold Stone House and roofJM Butt GloucesterGL6 135 side viewDunkirk MillHanggliding over the Severn ValeQuarhouse  PostboxQuarhouse  PostboxMandarin DuckMandarin DuckMute SwanMute Swan[146] No climbing'The Descent'                 (see description)Stagecoach West KX55 SBOCotswold Green AE04 PJUStagecoach West MX05 WHNCotswold Green CN06 BXBStagecoach West VX07 LYDStagecoach West KN54 XYVIMG_7688IMG_7691IMG_7692IMG_7693IMG_7694IMG_7695IMG_7696IMG_7697IMG_7698IMG_7699IMG_7702IMG_7703IMG_7705IMG_7706IMG_7711IMG_7716IMG_7717IMG_7718IMG_7719Glos 14Glos 09Glos 07Nailsworth BrookEgypt Mill Nailsworth RestaurantEddie Stobart PO62XPF - Elaine CarolStagecoach 34734 - SV55BZJStagecoach 47242 - KX55SBUStagecoach 47241 - KX55SBOCotswold Green CN06BXBStagecoach West Gold 15529 - VX09NBNStagecoach West Gold 15527 - VX09NBL4C1A2872.jpgCN57BYR 25205 Stroud 091117Banging the Drum for MacclesfieldHome Stand2 of 200 Macclesfield SupportersGigg Mill 11/17Gigg Mill 11/17Gigg Mill 11/17Sapperton & Bisley Loop-019Sapperton & Bisley Loop-020Sapperton & Bisley Loop-021Sapperton & Bisley Loop-007Sapperton & Bisley Loop-008Sapperton & Bisley Loop-009‘41 interiorPitchcombe Loop-022Pitchcombe Loop-023Pitchcombe Loop-024Pitchcombe Loop-025Pitchcombe Loop-026Pitchcombe Loop-027Pitchcombe Loop-028Pitchcombe Loop-029Pitchcombe Loop-030Pitchcombe Loop-031Pitchcombe Loop-032Pitchcombe Loop-033Pitchcombe Loop-020Pitchcombe Loop-021Pitchcombe Loop-017Pitchcombe Loop-018Hotchkiss 3L 1938Laurie Lee, poet, writer and musician (1914-1997), SladLaurie Lee, poet, writer and musician (1914-1997), SladLaurie Lee, poet, writer and musician (1914-1997), SladLaurie Lee, poet, writer and musician (1914-1997), SladCattle on Minchinhampton Golf Course, GloucestershireLaurie Lee, poet, writer and musician (1914-1997), SladLaurie Lee, poet, writer and musician (1914-1997), SladIMG_7005IMG_6314GL6 59GL6 24Amberley Post OfficeCotswold Stone HouseNether Lypiatt Manor fit for a princeGL6 43Shortwood/Newmarket ValleyGolden PostboxesIMG_5248IMG_7687