Ready to GoBest Foot ForwardGreater Anglia 317 662 is the 1057 London Liverpool Street to Cambridge and our ride to the latter, arriving at Harlow Town. 17 07 2018Emperor Dragonfly - FemaleHairy Hawker Ovipositing - FemaleWhat no ice cream van ?Kestrel PreeningIt appears my wife is not the only patient in Harlow Hospital this afternoon . ( 2 )It appears my wife is not the only patient in Harlow Hospital this afternoon .The Heron & The KingfisherGreat Spotted Woodpecker - JuvenileGreat Spotted Woodpecker - AdultGrey HeronKestrelKestrelKestrel  - Explore #86 12-06-2018KestrelIMG_20180609_143853Sugar : Spitfire PR Mk XIEva & Becky : P-51D MustangLydia : P-51D MustangP1020431.jpgP1020430.jpgP1020429.jpgP1020428.jpgP1020427.jpgP1020425.jpgP1020423.jpgP1020422.jpgP1020420.jpgP1020419.jpgP1020418.jpgP1020417.jpgP1020415.jpgP1020414.jpgP1020413.jpgP1020412.jpgP1020411.jpgP1020410.jpgP1020409.jpgP1020408.jpgP1020407.jpgP1020406.jpgP1020405.jpgP1020404.jpgP1020403.jpgP1020402.jpgP1020401.jpgP1020396.jpgP1020395.jpgP1020394.jpgP1020393.jpgP1020392.jpgP1020391.jpgP1020376.jpgP1020375.jpgP1020374.jpgP1020373.jpgP1020370.jpgP1020369.jpgP1020368.jpgP1020367.jpgP1020361.jpgTrustybus / Galleon Travel . Roydon , Essex . SF05NXD . Harlow Bus Station , Essex . Thursday 07th-June-2018 .Trustybus / Galleon Travel . Roydon , Essex . NK53UNW . Harlow Bus Station , Essex . Thursday 07th-June-2018 .Silver liningGo Ahead London . PVL392 LK54HAO . Harlow Bus Station , Essex . Wednesday 06th-June-2018 .The Water TowerTerminus House, HarlowLena : P-51D MustangEva : Spitfire PR Mk XIBecky : P-51D MustangBarges on the StortRiver Stort, Eastwick meads, Essex.Serene sceneMoorhenTrustybus/ Galleon Travel . Roydon , Essex . NK53UNY . Harlow Bus Station , Essex . Saturday 02nd-June-2018 .Take Me To Your DealerSewalds HallDaisyRye House Speedway: Grid girls 2018Sterile New WorldAn early evening shot at Harlow Town Station, with a Cambridge bound Electrostar, 379 029 making a stop. 08 12 2013Electrostar 379 019 comes to a halt at Harlow Town, on the 11.43 London Liverpool Street - Cambridge stopper. 12 02 2017Four-spotted Chaser --- Libellula quadrimaculataFairey Tipsy Belfair B (G-APIE)Blowin' In The WindElectrostars 379 012 & 379 007 on a London Liverpool Street - Stansted Express service power around a sweeping curve through Roydon Station. 25 03 2018Borrowed Breadvan: Arriva Harlow Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 45 BF67WGN (1015) Fourth Avenue Harlow 16/05/18Viva Las.....New New TownGoldfinchPlane WindyStained Glass Window within Harlow Hospital, Essex .Arriva Kent Thameside / Arriva Southern Counties . 1457 KE04PZF  . Harlow Hospital , Essex  . Friday 11th-May-2018 .(131/365) Friday May 11thCoot nest(129/365) Wednesday May 9thHenry Moore Standing FigureHenry Moore Reclining FigureHenry Moore Internal External FormScumSad Boys InternationalBass Special Stout enamel sign c1900Arriva Southern Counties / Arriva Kent Thameside . 1510 BF67WGN . Harlow Bus Station , Essex . Saturday 05th-May-2018 ._3RP0012_3RP0040-4_3RP0427_3RP0919_4RP1210-6_3RP0932Kingfisher20180416_164456Arriva Metrobus C379BUVED27 - LX07BYTSwallow - PJ02PZF700 - YR10AZVSwallow ED19 - LX07BYKSwallow 761 - LK03NLESwallow Bus DepotKestrelTerminus HouseThe SecretSummer DoorsBlackcapSmall tortoiseshellChiffchaffWild GarlicBark StrippingChiffchaffKestrelMale Kingfisher (Alcedo Atthis)Brimstone Butterfly(115/365) Wednesday April 25thIt’s still here !Arriva Herts & Essex Optare Solo 2460 KE54OSVG-ONAV_01P241 SUCG-AOZUG-BKOU Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3 msn PAC/W/13901 as XN637 '03'LY-ALS Aerostar Yak-52 msn 855509 69G-DLFN Aero Vodochody L-29 Delfin msn 294872G-BKOU Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3 msn PAC/W/13901 as XN637 '03'Essex County Council , Essex Community Link . LX17CUV . Harlow Bus Station , Essex . Thursday 12th-April-2018 .Gotcha !Trustybus / Galleon Travel . Roydon , Essex . AE56OUP . Harlow Bus Station , Essex .Find the best Live in Nanny AgencySunset FloodYou Shall Not PassWaiting For The TrainRobin in a classic poseRobin on a wire mesh fenceJackdawsCheeseDH.112 Venom FB54 G-BLSD (J-1758) North Weald 28-6-87Essex and Herts Air Ambulance | AgustaWestland AW169 | G-HHEM2018 03 29 02080P1020400.jpgP1020399.jpgP1020398.jpgP1020397.jpgP1020390.jpgP1020389.jpgP1020387.jpgP1020386.jpgP1020385.jpgP1020383.jpgP1020382.jpgP1020381.jpgP1020380.jpgP1020378.jpgP1020372.jpgP1020371.jpgP1020366.jpgP1020362.jpgP1020360.jpgP1020358.jpgP1020357.jpgP1020356.jpgP1020355.jpgP1020354.jpgP1020353.jpgP1020352.jpgP1020351.jpgP1020350.jpgP1020349.jpgP1020348.jpgP1020346.jpgP1020345.jpgP1020344.jpgP1020343.jpgP1020341.jpgP1020340.jpgP1020339.jpgP1020338.jpgP1020337.jpgP1020342.jpgA Ride to Cambridge-1A Ride to Cambridge-3Four-spotted Chaser --- Libellula quadrimaculataGreen!Orange Tip_4RP0333_4RP0334-2_4RP0345-2_4RP0347-2_4RP0371-5_4RP0392-5_4RP0424_4RP0489-5_4RP0498-2_4RP0513-2_4RP0526-2_4RP0528-2_4RP0550-5_4RP0575-4_4RP0711-2_4RP0958_4RP0965-5_4RP1054_4RP1147-6_4RP1149-6_4RP1150_4RP1152-6_4RP1206_4RP1209-5_4RP1520-4_4RP1567_4RP1615-5_4RP1789-6_4RP1920-6RHPK1804 -47Ducking about on the banks of the River LeaAmwell Nature ReserveNo117/365 FACES OF 2018Miniature Steam In The SunLegless and out on a limbDSC_4933 A4G-BLSW C-119G Flying Boxcar