Bangkok, ThailandBangcock, TielandIMG_20180220_085141046Positiffly the last woodun jigsaw pussle - fer now!Landscape with figuresHer First RecitalOld skool entertanemuntGloucester from Lassington Hill (4)Gloucester from Lassington HillGloucester QuaysGloucester Station class 150 (2)Gloucester Station class 150 (3)Gloucester Station class 150 (4)Gloucester Station class 150LassingtonRemains of St Oswalds Church LassingtonTowards Lassington (2)National Express (Yeomans) BK15AKOA Military WeddingA Tiring SittingTwo more oldies!Stagecoach 22745 - GX58MVJ & 22746 - GX58MVK45131, GloucesterIMG_20180222_142455Pale pink lilyMasterpieces: Paul CezannePost-Impresshunnissed Art!97403 Nameplate97403 Gloucester Horton Road43 02743 027Rose and irisGWR 7252 at Over Junction January 1965 Peter Brabham collectionStéphanie CC Bourgeois NYC BronxStéphanie CC Bourgeois NYC Street 2150925Gloucester CathedralBritish Military UniformsThe ConnoisseurSoppy pikchur alert!Information please!Information please!Information please!Information please!Information please!Happy Valentine's Day!Penduline tit - Very rare., but we were lucky!GWR 166202, GloucesterGWR HST 43092, GloucesterGloucester StaitonRoyal FamblyRoomThe Royal FamilyThe Drawing RoomGloucesterI found ware I lives!!UKF ConidaeSettling the Boundary - whimsies (figurals) removedSettling the Boundary - whimsies (figurals) #1Settling the Boundary - whimsies (figurals) #2Settling the Boundary - completed puzzleShiny stuffprinknashabbey 043 copyprinknashabbey 036 copyIt's grim oop north!Not my idea of seaside...The Voice of the CityI don't understand...The Quest for KnowledgeKwest fer NollijGrey dayNow for the RiggingNow for the Rigging - detailMiffed!20160807_11531320170219_153632-0120171107_171207-0120171107_214615-0120171112_120442-0120171210_093925-0120171210_093127-01On top of the worldGLOUCESTER 120180130_17223920180130_17220820180130_17221820180130_17231220180130_172407387 Gloucester CathedralNashunal Pussel Day!Gloucester Docks 1Gloucester Docks 2Gloucester Docks 4Gloucester Docks 5John Doh Art 1Sula Lightship 1Trix Art386 The House of the tailor of Gloucester - Beatrix potter385 Gloucester - Street Art (Fab and Faded)382 Scrooge + St. Mary de Crypt Church, GloucesterJEFFERY BROUSSARD 2JEFFERY BROUSSARD 7JEFFERY BROUSSARD 6379 Gloucester Docks - Alexandra Warehouse378 Gloucester Docks - The Shipton and Reynolds Warehouses.377 Fielding and Platt, Gloucester - Blue plaque376 Gloucester Docks - Pillar and Lucy House375 Gloucester Dock - Barges in the Canal Basin372 Gloucester Docks - Victoria Warehouse371 the New Inn, 16 Northgate Street, Gloucester370 the New Inn, 16 Northgate Street, GloucesterVictory Gold Box jigsaw puzzle pieceIf You Want To Get Ahead, Get A HatPig_SP29431 The Closters Gloucester AbbeyPigDonkeyGloucester laid outWatering Place (Cattle in River)One of Mum's woodun pusslesWatering Place (Cattle in River) - figurals removedEgyptian ChroniclesAnnuvver ruddy 'istry lessun!At a loose end in Gloucester docksAt a loose end in Gloucester docksGeometric Herb GardenErm... this pussle's in mint condition - NOT! 😄Islay AlesDad, can we go there, please?Tees ReturnsThe Manor HouseGet down, yer jest showin' off!Well done Ma'am!The Street TheatreGreat British Sports Cars: 1950s-1970sSpirit of the Derby210917-001 CPS'Northern Beauty'? I don't fink so!Whitby Harbour (by Moonlight) - side of box lidWhitby Harbour (by Moonlight) - base of boxWhitby Harbour (by Moonlight) - damage to boxWhitby Harbour (by Moonlight)Gloucester Docks   (Narrow Boats)Gloucester Docks, Crane detailPlock Court  D7200 X14 C13  07-01-2018 12-08-27Plock Court  D7200 X14 C13  07-01-2018 12-19-039Plock Court  D7200 X14 C13  07-01-2018 12-19-045Plock Court  D7200 X14 C13  07-01-2018 12-35-061Plock Court  D7200 X14 C13  07-01-2018 13-20-0666230 Gloucester 13/01/1843141 Gloucester 13/01/1860001 Gloucester 13/01/1843156 Gloucester 13/01/1860001 Gloucester 13/01/18 #360001 Data Panel 13/01/1860001 Gloucester 13/01/18 #460001 Gloucester 13/01/18 #566230 TOPS Number 13/01/1843141 TOPS Number 13/01/1843141 Nameplate 13/01/1843156 Nameplate 13/01/1843156 TOPS Number 13/01/1850033 NameplateSF10CCYYP67XBTYP67XBTBoat Detail  Gloucester DocksWillow CatkinsI booked a holibob!St Bartholemew's Church, on top of Churchdown Hill in GloucestershireWet Table  with Ashtray  (cropped )Sculpture in MonoSculpture in colourGWR class 150Cross Country Class 170 - 170101Locks & DocksAL06ASH, WJ02KBO?, WIJ55?, YT16ZPXYN06FLL, SLZ5710?, MUI5923Gloucester CathedralGloucester CathedralGloucester CathedralUrban foxIzzy behind barsSelfie!!Makin' progress, slowly 2/2Mmmm, I fink I unnerstand...Makin' progress, slowly 1/2The Vauxhall InnHannah_0437Hannah_0395Hannah_0383Hannah_0379Hannah_0352Hannah_0335Hannah_0314GWR boundary markerHighnamSt Marys Church RudfordStagecoach West VU11BSYStagecoach West 15527 - VX09NBLStagecoach West MX59JCYa seagull to Dursley on 37011Gloucester Minibuses KX03HZMStagecoach West 15878 - VX13FLEStagecoach West 15523 - VX09NBFStagecoach West 17722 - MK02EGDStagecoach West 22745 - GX58MVJ & 10751 - SN66VXV + Swanbrook NK54DFAStagecoach West 10751 - SN66VXVSwanbrook NK54DFAStagecoach West 15857 - VX62CZK & 10760 - SN66VYEStagecoach West 22378 - SP55EGYStagecoach West 17722 - MK02EGDStagecoach West 15522 - VX09NBEMegaBus SG23 - BN64FKTStagecoach West 17722 - MK02EGDMegaBus SG23 - BN64FKTStagecoach 10760 - SN66VYEStagecoach 18067 - VX04GHNStagecoach 36095 - MX59JAOStagecoach 10760 - SN66VYE & 15526 - VX09NBKTraffic Lights Road KillStagecoach VX13FLDGreylag Geese on the IceDunnock 2018Stagecoach West YP14 GYXGerbera20180130_172339381 Gloucester Furniture Exhibition Centre, - Roman RemainsJEFFERY BROUSSARD 4369 The Severn Bore - Aftermath368 The Severn Bore - In Full Flow367 he Severn Bore - RisingSnowdropsSnowdropsWallsworth HallWallsworth HallNature in ArtOstrichGloucester cathedral cloisters - by John RunionsStagecoach Gold 15850 - VX62CXDStagecoach Gold 10749 - SN66VXTStagecoach GX54DWEStagecoach VX04GHUStagecoach 15876 - VX13FLCStagecoach 36258 - VU11BUFStagecoach VX04GHUStagecoach Gold 15845 - VX62CVRStagecoach 27555 - GX58GMGStagecoach 15876 - VX13FLCStagecoach Gold Trio