Prunella modularis CheetahCheetahbabyKuduTigerOn the ropesLittle Horkesley stained glassLittle Horkesley ChurchSt James the Great | ColchesterThe First BluebellsCommon Newt (Triturus vulgaris)20180415_175537Friday, 20th, The ruins IMG_6729Friday, 20th, The ruins IMG_6725110:365, 2018, Among the ruins IMG_673420/4/2018, 110/365, Through the arch IMG_673365030 YN06TDV Scania Omnicity 12.0m on route 76A20180420_13441420180420_13442120180420_13531420180420_13580920180420_13574520180420_13575520180420_135830Amphotis marginata (Fabricius, 1781)Corn bunting  Emberiza calandraFalco tinnunculus  Common Kestrel Anthus pratensis.  Meadow Pipit (Explored)20180418_152423Tendring Travel S678PAGAglais urticae Small Tortoiseshell ButterflyMarks Tey 47119 up tanks late 1980s20180417_13552520180417_134956Taking a Video at ColchesterAlectoris rufa.   Red-legged partridgePrintVulture - AasvoëlCarduelis chloris.   Greenfinch.Swimming Grass Snake Latin name Natrix natrixRed Dead-NettlePatchy Perfection!Late Evening Sun at ColchesterLeiston tripSt. Andrew's church, WormingfordCyanistes caeruleusGarden WrenBlue tit Cyanistes caeruleusMe old Cyanistes caeruleus Blue titSturnus vulgaris ...StarlingSturnis vulgaris StarlingSmall Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae (ag-LAR-iss ur-TY-see)New coloured routes on the P&R BusesSnake's-head Fritillary Latin name Fritillaria meleagrisWaiting to be called..........OakGreater Anglia reduced capacity - 90015Crusader Coaches of Clacton-on-Sea UK15CRUPanther Travel AB62PAN ex YX62PVVWeek ending 7th AprilThrough the trees Garrulus glandariusSleeping Sparrow.  dogDecision to be made?Kestrel..Falco tinnunculus.Scientific name: Buteo buteo    Common names: Eurasian buzzardFirst Essex WX55VHURuffled(Explored)In the EveningCarduelis chloris.   Greenfinch.Red KiteFluffy the Robin....Erithacus rubeculaBlackcap singing #hwcpLook what I've got.....Dendrocopos major Great spotted woodpecker .(Male)Sturnus vulgarisStarlingSmall Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae (ag-LAR-iss ur-TY-see)WWII (DFW3/24) Type-24 Pillbox, Colne Valley, Chapple [TL-888 269]BR-321343-63017-Colchester-060692bBR-312718-62501-Colchester-060692aSt. Mary The Virgin, WistonProud of placeRear viewFlight to the nest siteNest building Collared DoveStreptopelia decaocto.Collared doveTaking flightJust another bird in flightRobinHerring GullGreen woodpecker (F)skyIvy Leaf and  Adventitious roots of Ivy (Hedera helix)Songstress ??   #singingbluetitThe King of the Castle...Erithacus rubeculaFirst Essex WX55VHV20180324_073551Well Loaded LinerHurry up, I'm burstingMeerkatTake NoticeBrilliant WhiteHumboldt's PenguinGoatHead Shot.Colchester PuddingAB62PAN-YX62FVV 170318-7 CPSAB62PAN-YX62FVV 170318-2 CPSAB62PAN-YX62FVV 170318-1 CPSAB62PAN-YX62FVV 160318-3 CPSDC56PAN-RX56BWE 160318 CPSAB62PAN-YX62FVV 030318-1 CPS999 Operator Colchester 1979Colchester - England 2018Turkish Spiny Mice;360119Go-Ahead 724 W824NNJSaturday, 3rd, On the tracks IMG_4315Saturday, 3rd, On the Viaduct above the road IMG_4313Saturday, 3rd, On the Viaduct IMG_43122018-03-07 (1) close call with seagull at BoadiceaChappel20180308_134803In reflection   Great crested grebe Podiceps cristatusSaturday, 3rd, The time for music and dance IMG_4357Saturday, 3rd, The Traditional Way MVI_4351Saturday, 3rd, At the festival MVI_4359Saturday, 3rd, Morris dancers MVI_437920180417_093529Andrena fulva - tawny mining-bee (F)20101208_SX-30_2405-HD20101208_SX-30_2391-HD20101208_SX-30_2390-HD20101208_SX-30_2389-HD20101208_SX-30_2375-HD20101208_SX-30_2371-HD20101208_SX-30_2362-HD2018-04-01 Harvester car park barn2018-04-05 (2) Town Hall and Trinity Square towers2018-04-06 (2) East Hill2018-04-06 (4) East Hill & Roman Rd2018-04-08 (1) Abbeygate St2018-04-08 (2) Abbeygate St2018-04-11 (1) Recreation Ground2018-03-31 (1) Lambert Sports Queen St20180414_15552020180414_15535420180414_15520920180414_15541220180414_15542220180414_15543620180414_155448Hedingham SN10CCY20180411_13561620180412_14134420180412_14092620180412_14250520180412_14204720180412_14205220180411_13131220180411_13265020180411_13401620180411_13423020180411_134956Small Tortoiseshell on BlackthornSunbathing Starling .Sturnis vulgaris  ,Common Starling.Carol Green, Sculpture Shadow20180410_13402620180410_13564320180410_14055020180410_14055420180410_14090920180410_140630Abbey Travel - SUI3193Snake's-head Fritillary Latin name Fritillaria meleagrisIMG_20180409_123907Panther Travel Y5TRUUp in the blue......We threeArriva Kent Thameside 6615 SN66WJM2018-03-29 (1) Rec tree shadows2018-03-29 (2) Former Silverton timber yard demolition (Hawkins Rd)ESSEX N GAUGE SHOW 31ST MARCH 2018 WEELEY VILLAGE HALLHedingham S291TVWHedingham R453FWTFlagfinders YN56FDXFlagfinder SO15UBSEnsign LX17DZDWar Memorial and Colchester Castle - ColchesterWar Memoriak, Castle Park gates & Castle - High Street, ColchesterColchester Castle - ColchesterColchester Castle - ColchesterOne TreeCyanistes caeruleusFirst Essex WX55VJJFirst Essex WX55VJDFord's YN14FXXFirst Essex WX55VJJJust a -------?  or  Sixteen      #NewToyExit stage left20180324_07373420180324_07370720180324_07364320180324_07361120180324_07352420180324_07333220180323_205815ChickenFieldfare 15170202 ColchesterSt Botolph's Church and PriorySt. Botolph's PrioryJAZ6847360118 01-08-2015WWII Eastern Command Pillbox, Nr Bakers Lane, Colchester [TL-973 259]WWII Eastern Command Pillbox CRE1094, Cybeline Way, Colchester [TL-974 256]13th March 2018321425 01-08-2015Gelada BaboonColchester Castle parkrunColchester Castle parkrunColchester Castle parkrunColchester Castle parkrunColchester Castle parkrunWalking WomenSouper star - Covent Garden Soup searchEvening Standard What a WastePile of newspapers2018-03-08 (1) dustcart leaving Gladstone Rd20180308_134808WWII Eastern Command Pillbox CRE1094, Nr Bakers Lane, Colchester [TL-973 259]East GatesFlamingo