Friday, 19th, Seats by the castle IMG_2050Friday, 19th, Towards the castle IMG_204819:365, 2018, Looking up at the castle IMG_204919/1/2018, 19/365, Looking back at the castle IMG_2038Lion Tattoo Head By Steve TothTropical SwimPeaceful SwimmingCrocodileGoatCVCVC Rally January 2018CVCVC Rally January 2018CVCVC Rally January 2018CVCVC Rally January 2018FlamingoAmur LeopardTurkish Spiny MiceCrossing at ColchesterFlamingo BalletRed Panda Eating BambooShort Clawed otter..............and relax.Miss Chaffinch on a Sunny morning.Chaffinch  Fringilla coelebs  (F)Nibble2018-01-11 (01) Christ Church rehearsalShoulder of MuttonDC02PAN-VU02TTZ-2 120118 CPSBIG7006-S303JUA-2 050118 CPSVB08PAN-PN08SWJ 291217 CPSBIG9249-J114KCW 061217 CPSBIG9856-X346YGU-2 021217 CPSAB03PAN-NX04ZKT 021217 CPSAB62PAN-YX62FVV 171117 CPSBIG7758-W758DWX 171117 CPSBIG611-S314SRL 111117 CPSDC02PAN-VU02TTZ 101117-2 CPSDC61PAN-YX61BXJ 290917 CPSYX17NNM-12 230817 CPSYX17NNM-11 230817 CPSYX17NNM-5 230817 CPSYX17NNM-1 230817 CPSOstrichPanther Travel: BIG700620180111_162205Ipswich Buses 43St Botolph's priory ColchesterLookoutBarn OwlPilated GibbonHelmeted Guineafowl3213179th January 2018Red PandaSt Botolph's priory ColchesterStour Valley Royal Mail Post Bus Colchester , Essex .zzjpw023_20St Botolph's priory ColchesterSt Botolph's priory ColchesterSt Botolph's priory ColchesterSt Botolph's priory Colchester20180102_11400437059 at Colchester TownBluestar 2413: HF55JZNWhite RhinoPrincess Leia Came To TownNuthatch.   #myfavVines Coaches . Great Bromley , Essex . HWS940 . Colchester Bus Park .Vines Coaches . Great Bromley , Essex . TPT450 . Colchester Bus Park  . Summer / Autumn-1966 .Vines Coaches . Great Bromley , Essex . NUO683 . Colchester Bus Park , Essex .Went’s Coaches ( Mrs L A  Bennett ) . Boxted , Colchester , Essex . ONO177 . Colchester Bus Park .Went’s Coaches ( Mrs L A  Bennett ) . Boxted , Colchester , Essex . 47UNU . Colchester Bus Park .Evening Zebra and RhinoQueen Street & St Botolphs ChurchFirst 62 Branded Doubledecker (SN57 HCY) - Colchester Bus Station - ColchesterActivity at Colchester Bus Station - Osborne Street, ColchesterPanther Travel Singledecker (AB62Pan?)First Travel Office - St Botolphs, ColchesterSt Botolphs Church - Off Queen Street, ColchesterSainsbury Supermarket - Priory Walk, ColchesterBlue tit Cyanistes caeruleusCoal tit  Periparus aterNuthatch Sitta europaeaNuthatch  Sitta europaeaNuthatch  Sitta europaeaGreat tit Parus major363 (29-12-2017)LionessRed PandaCherry, Friday WoodsMandrillCherry, Friday WoodsCherry, Friday WoodsCherry, Friday WoodsTeal male Anas creccaBlue tit Cyanestes caeruleusLong-tailed titGreat tit Parus majorGreat tit Parus majorBlue tit Cyanestes caeruleusBlue tit Cyanestes caeruleus  (Explored)Cherry, Friday WoodsCherry, Friday WoodsCherry, Friday Woods309 601 at ColchesterFirst 62 Branded  Doubledecker - Osborne Street, ColchesterEx  Hong KongRed PandaCherry, Friday WoodsCherry, Friday WoodsBourne Mill AfternoonGrey SightCherry, Friday WoodsCherry, Friday WoodsSmooth Coated Otterticket - norfolks nayland 2 shillingsDec 1st when the sun last shone(it seems )Blue tit  Cyanestes caeruleusOne from today 25th DecChristmas day Robin. Erithacus rubeculaGreat tit  Parus major2017-12-20 Christ Church (1)Chicken355 (21-12-2017)Class 37, 37611 'Pegasus'Class 37, 37611 'Pegasus'ChickenFirst Essex Buses 37138Arriva Kent Thameside 1564Zebra & ShadowChickenCameroon Sheep and LambYoung Humbolt's PenguinAutumn Colours309 602 & 309 625 5XXX 1601 Clacton C.S - Colchester  approaches Colchester (1623) Wednesday 21st August 1985St Botolph's PrioryGolden Lion TamarinRed PandaFirst Essex 61230 - YM52UWHFirst Essex - SN55JVOFirst Essex 65745 - SN55JVKSt James Church in Nayland - Suffolk UK aerialThe village of Nayland in the Stour Valley - Suffolk UK aerialBN NSLondon Transport - CUV306CRecent drawings.Recent drawings.Walking in the Footsteps of the AncientsThe Call [Explore]288 - JJ66708 at Colchester66752 at Colchester90003 at Colchester321359 at ColchesterFirst Essex 63329: SK65PXLHedingham 506 - SN10CCXChristmas Decoration at Fenwick - High Street, ColchesterHedingham Santadvent 2, lunch with Jamie66534 Colchester 011217Friday, 1st, Fenwick Christmas lights IMG_9910Friday, 1st, Fenwick Christmas lights IMG_9909335:365, 2017, Christmas shopping trip IMG_9907CVCVC Rally January 2018CVCVC Rally January 2018CVCVC Rally January 2018CVCVC Rally January 2018CVCVC Rally January 2018CVCVC Rally January 2018CVCVC Rally January 2018CVCVC Rally January 2018Wait until you smell it...YX17NNM-3 230817 CPSDC02PAN-VU02TTZ-3 190817 CPSBasking LemurPair of ZebraIMG_9245IMG_9248Indian ElephantRing Tailed LemurRhinoceros Rhinoceros RhinocerosSmooth Coated OtterMacaques2017-01-01 (01) Winnock Road2017-12-31 Coffee Republic (Head Street)Hello Mr AnteaterWent’s Coaches ( Mrs L A  Bennett ) . Boxted , Colchester , Essex . SVX62 . Colchester Bus Park .Blue Crowned CraneFlamingo2017-12-30 (01) Cuckoo FarmPrideButterflyRufous HornbillsCanadian Timber WolfGolden Lion TamarinLaughing OstrichTime to munch!Red Ruffed Lemur2017-12-25 (1) Christmas sparrows (Winnock Rd)Deep ThoughtsA wistful Greater KuduBlue Tit clutching a Peanut20171225_15350820171225_131002Andean CondorWe Are The Sheep2017-12-18 (2) Tesco Magdalane St cake standBlue Tit on FeederCootWarthogJust Sittin'Eye of GiraffeRufous HornbillBlue Crowned CranesWhat's that?WarthogThrough the viaductFirst Essex Buses 65748First Essex Buses 65750Mother & ChildFennec FoxVultures2017-12-12 snowman on the postboxIMG_4845IMG_4841IMG_4840VultureRing Tailed LemurSnowy Church Street Tavern | Colchester, EssexSnowy Church Cemetery | Colchester, EssexSnowy Church Cemetery | Colchester, EssexGate House in the Snow | Colchester, EssexGate House in the Snow | Colchester, Essex2017-12-10 (1) snowy ColchesterLondon Transport - CUV306CRhinocerusLionessMarmalade Fly (Episyrphus balteatus)