Furzton Bridge at sunset66623, Husborne CrawleyBletchleyLittle Grebe  -  ZwergtaucherAyr Road (Wintertime)Ayr Road (Wintertime)Ayr Road (Wintertime)Relays and valves - Harwell Dekatron Computer, 1951EI-RJCIMG_8364Vale Travel SK10AJSLondon North Western Railway 350105 - Snowy BletchleySnowy Milton Keynes CentralLondon North Western Railway 350118 & Virgin Pendolino - Snowy Milton KeynesONH927V Milton Keynes City Bus 3927 Milton KeynesD143VRP Milton Keynes City Bus 43E66MVV Milton Keynes City Bus 66VRP527S Milton Keynes City Bus 2527Let it snow..G-AGPK De Havilland DH.82A Tiger MothG-AGOH Auster J/1 AutocratG-AGFT Avia FL-3The Turing Bombe Rebuild ProjectMumbaiWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburn, BellWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburn, Old Church of St MaryWoburn, Old ParsonageWoburnWoburnWoburn, Market Place, 19WoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburn, George St, 07 (Chestnuts)Woburn HotelWoburn HotelWoburn, War MemorialWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburn, Lion Gate Pier (S)Woburn, Church of St MaryWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburn, Market Pl, 04-07Woburn, Market Place, 11-12Woburn, Black HorseWoburn, former Post OfficeWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburnWoburn, Lion Gate Pier (N)WoburnLP Vic-Tesco can collectionRecyclingNext up...IMG_20150715_130308IMG_20150715_130910IMG_20150715_131043IMG_20150715_131124IMG_20150715_131134IMG_20150715_141554IMG_20150715_160626IMG_20150715_160652Milton Keynes 5 December 2017 018plane treeGot it!underpassmaple leafcar park quickieNetwork Rail sunsetfoliagemahoniaPretty in PinkIMG_8282Thames valley police-Vauxhall astra-Incident response vehicle-OY63 LXSAlan Turing's OfficeZ&S - V91 UVYZ&S - S453 LGNZ&S - MX03 YDEBletchley ParkSt Andrews Church at Nightday of contrastspridelinesspiders nestpetuniasstepspathpurple berriesIMG_20171130_130955All Wrapped UpArriva The Shires 3122 (YX17 NPE)Arriva The Shires 0449 (HRZ 6499)G-AGXN Auster J/1N Alphaticket - red rose 18-11-17ticket - z&s transport 25-11-17Arriva The Shires 3621 (YN55 PZY)Lovely PuddingTyler's GreenHCA and RGNSMS X Trav. YX17OHPIMG_8242IMG_823966148IMG_8190IMG_8186IMG_8185Blacked OutNocturnal Relections, England, UKCARL PALMER 001CARL PALMER 003CARL PALMER 003CARL PALMER 001CARL PALMER 002CARL PALMER 004LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163 Tornado, Bletchley, 25th November 2017LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163 Tornado, Bletchley, 25th November 2017Block ACalifornian Sea LionCommon Squirrel MonkeyN340SCCranfield views.  G-CFABCranfield views.  G-CFAH.Cranfield views. OO-DWD.Cranfield views. OO-DWD.Cranfield views. C Type Hangar.Cranfield views. G-DOCB.Cranfield views. G-CFAE.Common Squirrel MonkeyHumboldt PenguinGrand Union CanalEI-RJCCareless TalkIMG_8181IMG_8180IMG_8173IMG_81714 Holer..ImpoundedExpanded Metal Cladding IIVertical Pane Glazing IVertical Pane Glazing IIIStormy Scene FavouriteYellow MongooseHumboldt PenguinUno 514Arriva The Shires 6061Arriva The Shires 3339IMG_1192 (2)Red KiteWeird SunsetColourful Caldecotte Arms, England, UKLunch with Sarah in Carluccios, Milton Keynes1-29-2017 IMG_00761-29-2017 IMG_00721-29-2017 IMG_00741-29-2017 IMG_00731-29-2017 IMG_00751-29-2017 IMG_00771-29-2017 IMG_00781-29-2017 IMG_00801-29-2017 IMG_00791-29-2017 IMG_00821-29-2017 IMG_00811-29-2017 IMG_00851-29-2017 IMG_00841-29-2017 IMG_00831-29-2017 IMG_00881-29-2017 IMG_00861-29-2017 IMG_0087Brrr..Mind the gap.WoburnWoburnIMG_8289IMG_8280IMG_8277tree reflectionsautumn swanducks on the weirseed headsIMG_8189IMG_8187CARL PALMER 002MK hosp garden-Nov 2017 (5)MK hosp garden-Nov 2017 (3)MK hosp garden-Nov 2017 (4)LNER Peppercorn Class A1 60163 Tornado, Bletchley, 25th November 2017Vale Travel DK57OPYLooking and ThinkingCranfield views.  RJ Tails.Cranfield views. RJ line.Cranfield views. RJ line.Horizontal Timber Strips IExpanded Metal Cladding IHorizontal Timber Strips IIVertical Pane Glazing IIUnnecessary Portal AdaptionsDistopian Light ClusterChristmas is coming.