170273156407Dolly nearing completion.37038 at Ipswich37424 at Ipswich86613 at Ipswich86607 at Ipswich66765 at Ipswich2018-09-13 (3) Portman Rd2018-09-18 (10) Portman Rd - going to the matchAY60 BVD, Ipswich Buses VDL/MCV Evolution 156, Crown Street, 21st. September 2018.WSV 888, Mulleys Van Hool bodied Volvo, Ipswich, 21st. September 2018.LX03 BTF, Ipswich Buses Dennis Trident 7, Dogs Head Street, 21st. September 2018.Not in ServiceTrident on the 92.82133 at Ipswich86637 at IpswichGreater Anglia 170270 - IpswichYR61 RVA, Ipswich Buses Scania 47, Old Cattle Market Bus Station, 19th. September 2018.Tesco copdock90007 at Barham2018-08-06_112456 66560, 66587, 66415, 66533, 86638 and 86627 at IpswichOrwell Country ParkGreater Anglia 170270 at Westerfield156409 at Ipswich37419 at IpswichPanther Travel Bourne BridgeBourne BridgeBourne BridgeShell garage A14 nactonAU05 MUW, First Volvo 32654, Dogs Head Street, Ipswich, 13th. September 2018.LX04 FYB, Ipswich Buses (ex Carters) Dennis Trident 8, Dogs Head Street, 13th. September 2018.YN55 NJZ, Beestons Scania, Dogs Head Street, Ipswich, 13th. September 2018.PJ53 OLE, Ipswich Buses Dennis Dart 85, Dogs Head Street, 13th. September 2018.5946 PP, Galloway Optare Spectra, Dogs Head Street, Ipswich, 13th. September 2018.DIY Do it Yourself at Freston.The Boot of the Duke15.29 Thursday 10 December 2009Class 666659890007Class 86, 86609 and Class 170, 170271Suffolk SpinnerSt Peters Dock, Ipswich, sees Barges Thallatta, Melissa & Victor, the small Bawley Gladys & Tug Fenland. 11 09 2018St Peters Dock, Ipswich, sees Barges Thallatta, Melissa & Victor, the small Bawley Gladys & Tug Fenland.  11 09 2018Not in service170273 at IpswichClass 66, 66561Ipswich Buses 38Ipswich Buses 54Ipswich Buses 4247197 at Ipswich90008 at BarhamIMAG0728a37254 at Barham9714 at Barham20180126_0931a20180126_0933a20180126_093420180126_0936a20180126_0936b20180126_0943aGalloway Spectra.Minimum BrandingSpeckled Bush-cricketSpeckled Bush-cricketDock BugDock BugThe Driver puts on the power as 37409 clears the Tunnel at Ipswich and accelerates away, with a dead MkIII set recovered from Colchester and headed for Norwich Crown Point. 31 08 201882105 at Barham66413 at BarhamTRI-ANG PEDAL TRACTOR  FORD TRACTOR RECREATIONPanther Twins at IpswichTRI-ANG PEDAL TRACTOR FERGUSON TRACTOR RECREATION66767 at Barham66758 at BarhamBM Coaches at IpswichFreightliner 70009 IpswichTRI-ANG PEDAL TRACTOR FORD 3000 RECREATIONDan's Coach TravelCopdockCornflowerChicoryCommon Darter47292 at IpswichTRI-ANG PEDAL TRACTOR DAVID BROWN 885 RECREATIONGREY FERGUSON TRACTORJOHN DEERE TRACTORJOHN DEERE 6215R TRACTORTRI-ANG PEDAL TRACTOR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CREATION90012 at BarhamTRI-ANG PEDAL TRACTOR FORD CREATIONJOHN DEERE 6135R TRACTORJOHN DEERE 8360RJOHN DEERE 6190R TRACTORJOHN DEERE 8370R TRACTOR66723 at BarhamRaindrops on Lady's MantleCaughtA location I've shot many times, but usually from the road below on the left - 66732 waits at Europa Junction, Ipswich, with the Felixstowe North - Birch Coppice Intermodal. 01 08 201866565 IPSWICH 20081866529 IPSWICH 20081866541 IPSWICH 200818IPSWICH 73 YN56NVE IPSWICH 200818IPSWICH 9 MRT9P IPSWICH 20081866513 at Ipswich66520 at Ipswich66558 at IpswichDR77904 at Ipswich57007 at Barham66957 at Barham66759 at Barham2018-08-06_112146 86604, 86614 and 66569 at Ipswich2018-08-06_125819 86604, 86638 and 86627 at Ipswich2018-08-06_125807 70002, 66565 and 86604 at Ipswich (1)2018-08-06_125701 86627 and 86638 at Ipswich (1)2018-08-06_115138 66727 at Ipswich (2)2018-08-06_114644 90004 at Ipswich (2)2018-08-06_114045 90006 at Ipswich (2)2018-08-06_112109 86637, 86627, 86604 and 86614 at Ipswich2018-08-06_112105 86637, 86627, 86604, 86614 and 66569 at IpswichGreen Wind by Diane MacleanGreen Wind by Diane MacleanGreen Wind by Diane MacleanGreen Wind by Diane MacleanRiver OrwellOrwell BridgeOrwell BridgeMark & JasperOrwell BridgeRiver OrwellOrwell Country ParkOrwell Country ParkMark & JasperRiver OrwellJasperRiver OrwellTreesPinePine66413 Ipswich 25th August 2018Tanks to Parkeston - GBRf 66730GBRf picks up driver - 6670366765 at Boss Hall Jct Ipswich66156 at Boss Hall Ipswich66570 at Boss Hall Jct Ipswich37610 at Ipswich37612 at IpswichDSC_084166783 at Boss Hall Ipswich66783 at Boss Hall IpswichAt the Double.86613 & 86614Cornhill improvementsThe GreyhoundSuffolk Summer SunsetSuffolk Summer SunsetMaritime FestivalMaritime FestivalMaritime FestivalMaritime Festival37038 at Ipswich66726 at IpswichBack on the road.2018-09-01 (05) River Gipping2018-09-01 (08) Cineworld Ipswich2018-09-01 (11) Ipswich sorting office2018-09-01 (12) Ipswich golden sunset317510+31750237254 at Ipswich - 6/9/18Class 153, 153314British Rail Driving Van Trailer 82103Greater Anglia 90001 Ipswich20180126_0932a20180126_0937a66508 at WesterfieldNo 66784 Keighley & Worth Valley Railway 50th Anniversary 1968-2018 1st Aug 2018 IpswichNo 66712 Peterborough Power Signalbox 1st Aug 2018 IpswichNo 70014 1st Aug 2018 IpswichWillow Emerald DamselflyWillow Emerald DamselflyCommon DarterMigrant HawkerPerforate St John's - wortHarebell7-spot LadybirdWP_20180114_11_44_41_ProWP_20180114_11_44_28_ProWP_20180831_18_50_07_ProWP_20180831_19_36_51_ProWP_20180831_18_50_11_ProWP_20180831_19_36_53_ProWP_20180831_19_37_18_ProWP_20180831_19_37_42_ProWP_20180831_19_37_45_Pro86607+86639, IpswichWith a whistle and a wave, Dispatcher & Guard ready the 19.05 Cambridge to Harwich International to depart from Ipswich after a booked stop. 31 08 2018Swan at sunset360114 on Belstead Bank,Ipswich66702 on Belstead Bank Ipswich66952 on Belstead Bank Ipswich66518 at Ipswich68034 and 68016 waiting to depart Ipswich working 1Z73 - 1/9/18DSC_0748DSC_0749DSC_075070007 at IpswichKUBOTA L5240 TRACTORDEUTZ FAHR TRACTOR90010 at BarhamCopdockCobham Rd, Ipswich IP3 9JD, UKGrafton Way, Ipswich IP1 1AX, U(2)> WWII Generator House, Dobbs Lane, RAF Martlesham Heath Airfield [TM-234 444]7-spot LadybirdSquash BugSpeckled WoodSmall CopperSmall CopperGreater Anglia 90003 IpswichHolly Blue37719 at Ipswich58048 at IpswichD9000 at IpswichDefining Beauty........FL 66510 + ContainertreinDEUTZ FAHR TRACTORDSC_0736DSC_0738DSC_0729Pin Mill66613 at IpswichWP_20180216_20_11_58_ProWP_20180216_20_15_24_ProWP_20180223_20_55_24_ProWP_20180223_20_55_38_ProWP_20180504_19_30_03_ProWP_20180504_19_29_31_ProWP_20180504_19_30_24_ProWP_20180504_19_31_42_ProWP_20180504_19_30_50_ProSeahorse in Jenny Wren's windowFireworks at maritime Ipswich70020 IPSWICH 20081866413 IPSWICH 200818IPSWICH 171 YG52DHF IPSWICH 200818EASTERN COUNTIES 32655 AU05MUY IPSWICH 200818IPSWICH 30 YR61RPV IPSWICH 200818IPSWICH 77 KX59GNY IPSWICH 200818