WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT THEM?MEETING PLACEGREEN APPROACHING WELLSDRAGON AT THE WELLSTRAIN IN BIG LANDSCAPEshadowselfGateway Museumgraveyard (1 of 1)Soon be Spring.The WherewithalAutumn Colours on the Malverns (1 of 1)SUNSET HOUR800026 [1p25] Malvern 6,2,18sMatt Woosey at Elmslie HouseHerefordshire BeaconThe Malvern HillsChurch Service33/365 Looking through20180202_145731REFLECTIONS AT GREAT MALVERNDEPARTING PASSENGERSEXPERIMENTThe PathThe Forest of Dean - Reflecting on a Beautiful Area of EnglandAT THE COMING OUT OF THE SUNMORE HOME TULIPSHOME TULIPSMALVERN COMMUNITY FOREST AT WORKthey're in there somewhereWE'LL KEEP THE RED FLAG FLYING HEREThe Malverns.ARRIVALREFLECTIONS OF HOMEThe timeless view...Grundy's Meadow in winterSnowy Day.NEW VINYLS43026SUNDAY SEMAPHOREWELLS HSTBredon Hill risingWELLS RETURNEEout of the mist (1 of 1)The aspiration...Bookmaking course week 1 - pressesEmergenceGreat Malvern Priory on a misty day2018_Malvern_Hills_00142018_Malvern_Hills_00022018_Malvern_Hills_0001A silent swing in the sunriseM is for MalvernSUNDAY MORNING TURBOTURBO DEPARTUREPost Malvern Hills WalkPost Malvern Hills WalkIn portrait photography the setting is importantstood against the failing lightKeepers of the hill [explored 06/01/2018]GWR TURBO IN THE SNOWSUN BEGINS TO BREAK THROUGHTHE GOING AWAY SHOTRUNNING IN A WINTER WONDERLANDAT LASTGETTING CLOSER TO THE TRAINSSPEEDING!!LONELY HORSEWINTER ON THE MALVERN HILLSsummitMalvern dusk HDRFrom the Malvern Hills to Wales at duskMalvern Hills on New Years Day 2018Malvern Priory Reflection.Please wait to be seatedfuture imperfect30275Sunset LineA different pace of lifeWINTER PATCHWORKSNOWTIMEacross the valleyWINTER ARRIVALRACING THE TRAINSAME OLD.. SAME OLDWINTER DEPARTUREWINTER BLUESCOLWALL DEPARTUREWINTER LIGHTMisty Malvern DuskThe top of Worcestershire Beacon on Christmas Day 2017the light shines [through] the darknessNot this yearMerry Christmas Viewers!Meeting on the top / réunion au sommetWinter trek on the Malvern hillsLaden Branches.BETWEEN MASSINGTON AND BRADLOWFoley Terrace30125VW T3 Syncro Dehler Busfest 2017 Malvern EnglandFirst Bus, Worcester. SN65 OKLFirst Bus, Worcester. SM65 WMGFirst Bus, Worcester. VX54 MUV30096Annie's accessoriesDucks (unknown species), Priory Park, Great MalvernBritish Camp Malvern SunriseFGW SPRINTER @ MALVERN WELLSRETURNING TO GREAT MALVERNCatteralls, Southam. YN15 YTSBarnes, Swindon. WA15 BVR, WJ16 KBFLeons Coaches, Stafford. YC15 WCPKB Coaches GX64 FSJWINTER LIGHTwelland steam fair 074welland steam fair 054welland steam fair 048Peter Carol, Bristol BN17 JPVPeter Carol, Bristol BN17 JPVAUTUMN ARRIVALA golden dawn over Bransford, WorcestershireSTUDY IN LIGHTwelland steam fair 040welland steam fair 036MALVERN LINK BRIDGEWORKHarry Shaw, Coventry, YJ16 UTHGreenline Holidays, Stourbridge, GC16 GLCColiseum YR17 RJOPASSENGERS [2]PASSENGERSUNEXPECTED VISITOR2018_Malvern_Hills_00152018_Malvern_Hills_00132018_Malvern_Hills_00122018_Malvern_Hills_00112018_Malvern_Hills_00102018_Malvern_Hills_00092018_Malvern_Hills_00082018_Malvern_Hills_00072018_Malvern_Hills_00062018_Malvern_Hills_00052018_Malvern_Hills_00042018_Malvern_Hills_0003The Unicorn Inn for après sledgeSunset on a snowy day in the Malvern HillsOne more run30224EXITING THE HILLSTIME FOR DEPARTUREREALLY ON BORROWED TIME NOW!!Spiky: cluster of honey fungusNEARLY SUNRISEGreat Malvern Priory in the snowThe Oak at St. Ann's KnollDepth of fieldINTO THE LIGHTMELLOW SUNIMG_0624IMG_0625IMG_0626SUMMERTIME BLUESMalvern views with whispy low cloudMalvern views with whispy low cloudMalvern views with whispy low cloudMalvern views with whispy low cloudMalvern views with whispy low cloudMalvern views with whispy low cloudConcert by candlelightUgly fish.DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929DSC02929Ducks (unknown species), Priory Park, Great Malvern56302 + 56094An Advent frontal or altar coveringThe Trumpet Shall Sound56302 + 56094MUCK AND GRIMEBirch polypore on a fallen trunkBirch polypore on a fallen trunkBirch polypore on a fallen trunkGrabbing the Shot!MALVERN WELLS AUTUMNwelland steam fair 072Malvern HillsWINTER LIGHTCHIMNEY STACKSGOING AWAY IN STYLECELEBRITYDusk on the path to St. Ann's WellMV-001MV-002MV-003MV-004MV-005MV-006MV-007MV-008MV-009MV-011MV-012MV-014MV-015MV-016MV-017MV-018MV-019MV-020