P1050845-cropP1050844-cropP1050826_stitch-cropP1050819_stitch-crop aP1050818P1050846-cropP1050783-cropP1050784-cropP1050807-cropP1050806P1050805P1050804P1050802P1050801-cropP1050798-cropP1050797P1050796-cropP1050795-cropP1050794-cropP1050790-cropP1050786-cropP1050753-cropP1050752-cropP1050750P1050746-cropP1050741-cropP1050738-cropP1050736-cropP1050732_stitchP1050731-cropP1050730-cropP1050720_stitchP1050716-cropP1050714-cropP1050811_stitchGiving Vent to Power and Beauty!Better daysA view to Herefordshire BeaconPurple loosestrife on the Malvern HillsSmelling a dog's bottom at Great MalvernOn top of the World (well Malvern Hills actually)The Abbey Hotel and old Priory Gatehouse at Great MalvernAlison5313meHaile Selassie stayed hereEvelyn Waugh woz ereMedieval choir stalls in Malvern PrioryThe grave of Charles Darwin's daughter, Anne, at Great MalvernMedieval stained glass at Great Malvern PrioryCake at ToastmastersAlison06462bmeSURVIVORAlison03meNormal British summer returnsCOMING AND GOINGANGLESSTANDARD FAREFirst Wyvern KP51VZOFirst Wyvern 63359 - SM65WMCThe Robot Arms, EMF Camp 2018Afternoon Delight. 18Toastmasters trickling in before the meeting startsCELEBRITY POWER CARPATIENTLY WAITINGINTO THE LIGHTARRIVINGNOT FAR NOWArt and Food Fair by Malvern PrioryThe Morgan Factory Tour - 3 WheelerView east from the Herefordshire Beacon towards Bredon Hill an outlying spur of the Cotswold escarpment.View south-east over lush Herefordshire from the Herefordshire Beacon. The Malverns, WorcestershireView south-east over lush Herefordshire towards the distant Black mountains of Wales from the Herefordshire Beacon. The Malverns, WorcestershireCastlemorton Common from the Herefordshire Beacon, the Malvern Hills WorcestershireThe Shire Ditch on Herefordshire Beacon. The Malverns.Petrified ramblers or perhaps rather creepy stunted gorse bushes on the Herefordshire Beacon.Little Malvern Priory from the Herefordshire Beacon on the Malvern HillsPart of the extensive earthworks of The British Camp on the Herefordshire Beacon,The southern spur of the British Camp, the Malvern Hills. Worcestershire.The British Camp is the Iron Age fort that crowns the top of the hill known as Herefordshire Beacon.The Malverns looking north from the British Camp. The Worcestershire Beacon, whose summit at 425 metres (1,394 ft) is the highest point of the of Malvern HillsPeach Petals.WILDERNESS YEARSDESIGNThe Malvern Hills, Worcestershire. View north from the hill called Herefordshire Beacon towards the Worcestershire Beacon, the highest hill in the Malverns.Malvern HillsIMGP6118IMGP6103IMGP6116IMGP6138IMGP6186IMGP6197Walking Home & hearing a baby Laughting!cancelled between Oxford and London Paddington due to an issue with the train crewShadows,The Darkness performing live at Lakefest 201820180808 Abberley Hills From Between Alfrick and Suckley WorcestershireAntigone - the chorusMALVERN SUNSETCafé in the WoodsPrimary Colours43187IMG_8355NEW LOOKPOLICED47 2 (1 of 1)TESTING TIMESPot of Flowers.Clouds of Stone - The beauty of Carrara marble50's 2 (1 of 1)DE 1 (1 of 1)Great Malvern Priory Window n11Great Malvern Priory Window n2Great Malvern Priory Window n4 (western)Great Malvern Priory Window n3 (eastern)WU18 APY at Truckfest MalvernWU18 APY going around the arena at Truckfest MalvernWMB Logistics T16 WMB at Truckfest MalvernWiltshire transport training PA55 ANN at Truckfest MalvernWiltshire transport training PA55 ROX at Truckfest MalvernW G Hill KX12 DZM at Truckfest MalvernVic Haines FN62 EVW at Truckfest MalvernGreat Malvern Priory north clerestory Window (17)Great Malvern Priory nave clerestory Window (18)P1050785-cropP1050776_stitch-cropP1050775P1050772_stitchP1050771-cropP1050770-cropP1050769P1050768-cropP1050767-cropP1050765P1050764-cropP1050763P1050762-cropP1050756-cropP1050755Summer Evening WalkIMG_1539IMG_1532Beauchamp CommunityThe Old Post OfficeMadresfield School GatesPhone boxHalf timbered Cottage with large outside Chimneysafely gathered inIMGP6112IMGP6124IMGP6143IMGP6146IMGP6150IMGP6155IMGP6166IMGP6177IMGP6183IMGP6185DSC_0677DSC_0679DSC_0692DSC_0693DSC_0694DSC_0696DSC_069820180808 Abberley Hills From Between Alfrick and Suckley WorcestershireRelaxationGreat Malvern Priory Window n12 traceryGreat Malvern Priory Window n8WU15 UBS at Truckfest MalvernX2 DTJ at Truckfest MalvernWMB Logistics GB13 WMB at Truckfest MalvernWiltshire transport training P119 UBE at Truckfest MalvernW G Hill PX59 BZF at Truckfest MalvernWilliam Gilder at Truckfest MalvernGilder enviromental BC66 NNG at Truckfest MalvernWilliam Gilder BJ18 RVR at Truckfest MalvernVision Express GN18 VXP at Truckfest MalvernVU15 OJD at Truckfest MalvernVic Haines W10 VHT at Truckfest MalvernW G Hill at Truckfest Malvern