Abingdon Square66522 'East London Express' & 66565 AshtonStagecoach 3442237611 + 35025137611 + 350251376115730337611 + 35025237611 + 3502526615266115DR79507 - DR79501DR79507 - DR79501Stagecoach 362194777247826478265760183001 on the CobblerA4 in NorthamptonClass 86s at NorthamptonDelapre Abbey 01 (Cloudy)Delapre Abbey 02 (Sunshine)Ratho Coaches20180602_002: Duston, Northampton20180602_003: Duston, Northampton20180602_005: Duston, Northampton20180605_001: Harpole, Northampton20180602_008: Duston, Northampton20180606_001: Lodge Farm, NorthamptonStagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 200 37041 YX63 ZWJStagecoach Midlands TransBus Trident (TransBus ALX400) 18150 PX04 DOUStagecoach Midlands TransBus Trident (TransBus ALX400) 18152 PX04 DPFParksSteam Age Relic66955 Milton MalsorCockchafer BeetleGrey SquirrelGrey SquirrelGrey SquirrelStagecoach 35183Stagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 200 37045 YX63 ZWNStagecoach Midlands TransBus Trident (TransBus ALX400) 18152 PX04 DPFStagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 200 36215 KX60 LHYMy Three Tomb Raider Comic Books2018_05_3000162018_05_3000142018_05_300015Stagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 300 (MAN 18.240LF) 22839 KX09 BHFStagecoach Midlands ADL Trident (ADL ALX400) 18406 KX06 JXTRoyal & Derngate theatreDesignMirror selfie in bedroomInvasive footMackintosh screenHold the door Jodie!Feet sheathedShield Bug or Stink BugMaking a Point37601 + 35026637601 + 350266 + 35011137601 + 350266 + 3501115731347772ERF E SeriesPassing trains.66533 at Ashton.You're Going The Wrong Way!The Boston NorthamptonERF EC11ERF EC11HarpoleNarrowboat - ProgressERF ECX OlympicERF EC10Stagecoach (50401)In the Smoke (1 of 2)Garden Starlings 6Garden Starlings 4Garden Starlings 5Birdbath starlingsGarden Starlings 2A real train.Electric to Blackpool.Stoke Bruerne sunset--4Stoke Bruerne sunset--5Stoke Bruerne sunset--7Stoke Bruerne sunset--11Late evening sun66415 NorthamptonStagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 300 27685 KX60 AZNStagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 200 37053 YY63 YPVWisteriaWisteria, Abington Park Museum, NorthamptonStagecoach 37068Stagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 300 (Scania K320UB) 28626 KX12 AMOStagecoach Midlands TransBus Trident (TransBus ALX400) 18159 PX54 AWWUno ADL Enviro 200 529 YX67 UYCSlow line running.53703 OU10GYK stands at Northampton Depot 15th May 20183760137601 + 350262478263780037601 + 35024153708 AE10JTU stands at Northampton Depot 14th May 210853708 AE10JTU & 53704 OU10GYN stands at Northampton Depot 14th May 210853702 OU10GYJ stands at Northampton Depot 14th May 2108Stagecoach Midlands TransBus Trident (TransBus ALX400) 18127 KN04 XJBStagecoach Midlands ADL Trident (ADL ALX400) 18198 KN54 ZXOStagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 400 (ADL Trident) 19088 MX56 FUGJodie and a canalside picnicBlisworth tunnel portalBlisworth tunnel portalTrees in fisheyeTrees in fisheyeCanalside signageCanal lockNorthampton GronkGo Ahead SE164National Express Travel de Courcey MD40390040478264782620180422_002: HB-JVM at Duston, Northampton20180422_001: EI-FTF at Duston, NorthamptonBluebell with Cricket Nymph37601 + 35026037601 + 35026057601 + 5731357601Malt Shovel TavernStagecoach Midlands ADL Trident (ADL ALX400) 18407 KX06 JXYStagecoach Midlands TransBus Trident (TransBus ALX400 18151 PX04 DPEStagecoach East ADL Enviro 200 MMC 37432 SN16 OPWStagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 200 36209 KX60 LHP57313Just fishingSt.Peter & St.Paul Church 6x7Two bull...DeflatedHow long?Previous lifeElectric trainDo not feed the bearsWas redTractor circuitStagecoach 37045Great Crested Newt - Triturus cristatus - Salcey Forest 22Apr1837601 + 35026037601 + 35026037601 + 35026037601 + 35026037601 + 350260UNO 292Stagecoach 37047Face-lessHappy handsNo...Stagecoach East TransBus Dart SLF (TransBus Pointer) 34421 KV53 EYXSpeckled Wood ButterflyThalictrum actaeifolium ‘Perfume Star’Stagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 400 (Scania N230UD) 15606 KX59 BBNThe PressSpeeding through the heart of Britain.68034Shoe Hand.Courteenhall Road.Wood WhiteLarge Red DamselflyBirdbath starlings 4Birdbath starlings 5Birdbath starlings 9Garden Starlings 3Garden StarlingsBypassing Northampton.Into the sunlight.Blisworth - May 2018.Stoke Bruerne sunset--2Stoke Bruerne sunset--3Stoke Bruerne sunset--6Stoke Bruerne sunset--8Stoke Bruerne sunset--9Stoke Bruerne sunset--10WisteriaContemporary West Coast.Double exposure.36217 KX60LJA stands in the Drapery Northampton 30th March 2018Stagecoach Midlands ADL Enviro 200 37074 YY63 YRWStagecoach East ADL Enviro 400 (ADL Trident 2) 19893 AE11 FUMMacro life20180430_001: Franklin's Gardens, Northampton20180430_003: Franklin's Gardens, Northampton20180430_002: Franklin's Gardens, Northampton20180430_004: Franklin's Gardens, Northampton20180505_001: Franklin's Gardens, Northampton20180505_002: Franklin's Gardens, Northampton20180507_002: Swan Valley, Northampton20180507_001: Swan Valley, Northampton20180507_003: Swan Valley, Northampton20180507_004: Swan Valley, Northampton20180507_005: Swan Valley, NorthamptonStagecoach Midlands ADL Trident (ADL ALX400) 18406 KX06 JXTUno 289Green shoots, Delapre AbbeyPeacock, Abington ParkZebra Finch, Abington ParkFinch, Abington ParkCombined useSeeking shelterPatFibreDriving rainNo milk hereLambingMoovelous