Autumn GoldAutumn Light“Why is summer mist romantic and autumn mist just sad?”  - Dodie Smith“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile.Autumn Sunrise'Have you seen Jack-In-The-Green? With his long tail hanging down. He quietly sits under every tree  in the folds of his velvet gown.' Jethro TullAutumn MistCaravan'Autumn arrives in early morning, but spring at the close of a winter day.' - Elizabeth Bowen'I saw old autumn in the misty morn  Stand shadowless like silence, listening  To silence.“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.“Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they're falling like they're falling in love with the ground.”Singer Steering Wheel'When there's light shining on a tree, that tree takes on different meaning. If there's no light at all it just looks dead. If you look at light as godly meaning, the world comes alive in a certain way.'Ford CorsairSaab Sonett IIIMG B GTRover P5Triumph StagsSinger GazellePlymouth Barracuda'Every picture has its shadows And it has some source of light' - Joni MitchellTVR ChimaeraAston Martin VantageAustin Healey 3000TVR TuscanSaab 99WindmillMoss ForestHummingbird MothLeach's Storm Petrel (oceanodroma leuchorhoa)Trials ChinookZK559GBR530Start LineSafety BoatWinsurf RaceManx Shearwater 8 Sep 17Afternoon sailing (16km/hr reach)'Find me my field of grass Mother Natures Son' - The BeatlesSummer Afternoon FieldsJohn Barley Corn Fields'Corn in the fields Listen to the rice when the wind blows 'cross the water King Harvest has surely come'IMG_7416Unusual MallardThrough the WoodsMossy StumpOverflowOrchid ClimberMoorhen NestCaddisflyIn the Grass - Brampton WoodsLong HornsSpeckled WingsFlat LandscapeSunlit CanopySun PatchesCuckoo FlowerCommon Spotted OrchidBlue DamselHoveringPanoramaCandleN arcade (3)Sconce (2)Sconce (1)Plinth (2)Benjamin Finn SE aisle window (4)PulpitBenjamin Hale Puckle 1892Benjamin Puckle 1853Double piscinaThomas Norman Puckle 1914Looking westJohn Puckle 1917Illegible Fairclough 1708William Fairclough 1713Henry Rowe 1867Mary Ireland nee FaircloughGeorgina Hale Puckle 1882AH Ellis 1918S arcade (2)Rood stairN arcade (2)WallpaintingN arcade (1)Corbel (4)Frederick Chandler 1958John William Lumbers 1944Corbel (2)Corbel (1)Looking east (2)S arcadeLooking east (1)FontRA 1682C14 priest (2)C14 priest (1)Stair towerHeadstoneAll Saints (3)All Saints (2)All Saints (1)Swans on Grafham Water Cambridgeshire 2017starling feeding 01-06-17 bstarling feeding_ 01-06-17 aPanoramaDaisies - Kimbolton CastlePoppies - Kimbolton CastleEarly Morning 2Poppies and Daisies Kimbolton VillageEarly MorningPoppies - Kimbolton VillageSupporter (6)Supporter (4)Supporter (1)Grotesque (7)Grotesque (6)Grotesque (5)Grotesque (4)GargoyleGrotesque (3)Grotesque (2)Grotesque (1)All Saints (1)Village sign (2)St PeterSt Peter (2)GrotesqueSt Peter (1)Village sign (1)Ann Elmes 1682Richard Elmes 1682Mary Bligh 1856Thomas Maples 1634Looking westPiscinaAumbry (1)S arcadeLooking east (1)N arcadeFontTo visitorsGrotesque (3)Grotesque (2)Grotesque (1)St Botolph (3)Bishop Smith of LincolnS porchSt Botolph (2)Priest's door (5)Priest's door (4)Priest's door (2)Priest's door (1)St Botolph (1)Gargoyle or grotesqueGrotesque (3)Gillett and Bland clockSt. Mary's Church, Leighton BromswoldField's of GoldWindmill No.  166 Upper Dean By Peter BrabhamP_20160925_142023_PNP_20160925_142058_PNP_20160925_143511_PNValve Tower Grafham Water Cambridgeshire 2017Early Morning Poppies - Kimbolton CastleDaisies - Kimbolton CastleEarly Morning DaisiesBenefactions (2)Looking west (2)Nave roof (2)Panorama (2)S arcade (2)Roof angel (10)Looking east (2)Roof angel (8)Roof angel (7)Roof angel (6)FontWWI crossFrancis Jefferson 1838ChancelRoof angel (5)Roof angel (2)PanoramaLooking eastCoffinN arcadeN doorPriest's doorSouth porchTable tombsMary Ladds 1811Catherine Ladds 1828North porchAll Saints (2)Rose Lawton nee Driden 1710 (1)Rose Lawton nee Driden 1710 (2)Benjamin Measures 1924Leonard Austin Coe 1916WH Constable 1876 east window (2)Richard Latham 1873Matthew Maddock 1788SS George & Leonard (3)St GeorgeSS George & Leonard (1)Looking westElizabeth Brudenell 1515 (3)Elizabeth Brudenell 1515 (2)Elizabeth Brudenell 1515 (1)Corbel (7)Corbel (5)PiscinaThomas Evanson 1835Coffin lidW Bunbury 1748Anne Bunbury nee Chernocke 1737Chancel screenPulpitHatchmentFelix Booth 1850Thomas William Whyte Salisbury 1979Royal arms (2)William Croxton 1844 (2)Elizabeth Booth 1816William Croxton 1844Looking east (2)S arcadePanoramaLooking east (1)N arcadeFontSouth doorGrotesque (4)North door