Ovipositing Emperor Dragonfly attacked by Red-eyed DamselflyWheels upSat 30th June, 2 places left, My London workshopCommon Tern amongst the SwansTaxying inContactStrapping inAll aboard.Spitfires at SywellBuchonUnknown Aircraft at Sywell AerodromeLittle Egret20180614-125327-Sywell20180614-130928-Sywell20180614-130948-Sywell20180614-131013-Sywell20180614-131052-Sywell-320180614-131433-SywellAll Saints, Earls Barton, NorthantsHardwater Mill, Northamptonshire50008LapwingA GreyFrozen in flight - Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator)G-THUN Sywell 11-06-18The Great War Airshow - 2014Gone fishing - Common TernBuzzard66047 13-06-18G-CGXG Sywell 11-06-18Peonies from our gardenDragon in the bokeh!  Emperor DragonflyThunderbolt and BuchonBuchonBuchonBuchonSpitfireSpitfireSpitfireThunderboltThunderboltThunderboltYak-3HurricaneHurricaneYaks, Buchons, Spitfire and ThunderboltSpitfire, Buchons and P-47 ThunderboltEaglePitts S1SAgustaWestland A109AgustaWestland A109beyond repairDamselfly 6 6 18 (1 of 1)Emperor of the Sun - Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator) in flight66093 11-06-18MV268 Sywell 11-06-18G-THUN Sywell 11-06-18Hardwater Mill, NorthamptonshireWater meadows, River Nene, NorthamptonshireReed Bunting on a reed making itself heardG-ROBT / P2902 / DX-R Hawker Hurricane I RAF Sywell 10Jun18G-OGGI Aviat A-1C-180 Husky cn 3211 Sywell 10Jun18G-BMIV Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Cherokee Arrow III cn 28R-7703154 Firmbeam Ltd Sywell 10Jun18G-BUIK Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II cn 79-16469 Sywell 10Jun18G-AZNL Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II cn 28R-7235006 Sywell 10Jun18All Saints Church, Earls Barton, NorthantsEarly morning in the Nene Valley, NorthamptonshireEntrance to Orlingbury Hall, NorthamptonshireBucker BU131 Jungmann - G-TAFFML407 - The Grace SpitfireFour-spotted chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata)43467 06-06-18Former village school, Orlingbury, Northantsfine Georgian ironworkchurch gateold Post Officealways 4 o'clockBeautiful Blue with a Halo of Gold  - Common Blue butterflyTern dipping24 Spot Ladybird66607 06-06-18Canterbury BellsLapwingThe Emperor Strikes Back - Emperor Dragonfly in flight (Anax imperator)70805 06-06-1866789 06-06-18Lucky Catch ! 66789 66789 Harrowden Junction73961 06-06-18Mayfly - Sony CybershotLook into my eyes - Red-eyed Damselfly (Erythromma najas)Geese in a rowG-CCZX Sywell 02-06-18Colas Rail Freight 60056 met trein 683CBlack-tailed Skimmer Dragonfly (Orthetrum cancellatum) in flightIMG_8942Smokin'Southern Marsh OrchidPeeping BunnyCuckooBlue against green - Common Blue butterfly (m)IMG_2677Grey HeronBeach Life.66518Mallard and ducklingsFly byColas Rail Freight 60095 met trein 629FToo many cooks?A Sedge WarblerLittle Egret43468 28-05-18North American F-6D Mustang - N51BS / 484786 / 'Lil' Margaret' (1945)70805 28-05-18ChiffchaffGreen woodpeckerReed warbler2017-10-22 13.48.27Blue Shieldbug - Zicrona caeruleaThistle Weevil - Rhinocyllus conicusGolden-bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle -Butterfly - Common Blue (m)Click Beetle - Aplotarsus incanus24 Spot LadybirdHoverfly - Eristalinus sepulchralisHoverfly - Parhelophilus66623 26-05-18hearts(no) parking ?museumpondreedsthe brook thro' the townColas Rail Freight 60095 + cementtreinColas Scottish Cement 60095 6L44 Oxwellmains to West Thurrock passes Through Burton LatimerLittle Egret with lunchManx Loaghtan SheepCorrmorant Cooling (1 of 3)Snaking away - Grass SnakeFormerly The Feathers Rushden 5th May 2018Independent Wesleyan Chapel Rushden 5th May 2018Grey HeronKestrel catching insect in mid-air in talons and eating it222103 15-05-18Not tonight dear - Male Orange Tip being rebuffed by a female66095 15-05-18Banded Demoiselle (Male )60070 at WellingboroughLittle GrebeBlue-tailed Damselfly - Ischnura elegans20180511_001: G-BGOR at Sywell (ORM)20180511_005: D-EMRP at Sywell (ORM)20180511_003: G-AWHC at Sywell (ORM)20180511_002: N51BS at Sywell (ORM)20180511_006: G-RAFB at Sywell (ORM)20180511_007: N166MG at Sywell (ORM)20180511_011: G-SBRK at Sywell (ORM)20180511_008: G-WACE at Sywell (ORM)20180511_009: G-GIBI at Sywell (ORM)20180511_012: G-CIFE at Sywell (ORM)20180511_014: D-EBDB at Sywell (ORM)20180511_016: G-RAFB at Sywell (ORM)20180511_017: G-BGOR at Sywell (ORM)20180511_019: G-BNPY at Sywell (ORM)20180511_018: G-BNPY at Sywell (ORM)20180511_020: G-GEJS at Sywell (ORM)20180511_021: G-GEJS at Sywell (ORM)20180511_023: G-WACE at Sywell (ORM)20180511_025: G-AWHM at Sywell (ORM)20180511_024: G-AWHC & G-AWHM at Sywell (ORM)20180511_026: G-AWHM at Sywell (ORM)20180511_029: G-RHYM at Sywell (ORM)20180511_028: G-OLEG at Sywell (ORM)20180511_030: G-RHYM at Sywell (ORM)20180511_031: G-BGOR at Sywell (ORM)20180511_032: G-ZEXL at Sywell (ORM)20180511_033: G-ZXEL at Sywell (ORM)20180511_034: G-ZXLL at Sywell (ORM)20180511_037: N51BS at Sywell (ORM)20180511_035: G-BGOR at Sywell (ORM)20180511_036: G-BGOR at Sywell (ORM)20180511_039: G-AWHM at Sywell (ORM)20180511_038: G-OSHL at Sywell (ORM)20180511_040: G-AWHC at Sywell (ORM)20180511_041: G-ZXCL at Sywell (ORM)20180511_042: G-BGOR at Sywell (ORM)Aviator, Sywell.Wellingborough Upper Lock.Young Lamb66711 IrchesterYellow7 Sywell 08-05-18Mustang Hispano HA-1112 M1L Buchon - G-AWHM / 'Yellow 7' (1958)Buchon & 'Twochon' - Hispano HA-1112 M4L Buchon - G-AWHC / 'Red 11' (1954) and Hispano HA-1112 M1L Buchon - G-AWHM / 'Yellow 7' (1958)Hardwater Mill 6x766722 08-05-18G-CGXG Sywell 08-05-1820180614-125332-Sywell20180614-130630-Sywell20180614-130645-Sywell20180614-130809-SywellThe Red ArrowsG-THUN Sywell 11-06-18P2902 Sywell 11-06-18Pitts Special - Trig Team - G-IIIPP51 Mustang - MarinellLonghorn Beetle - Grammoptera ruficornisG-BDAK Sywell 03-06-18IMG_8985LN-LJE Sywell 03-06-18IMG_8955IMG_9004Smoke RingPhone-box...IMG_8912IMG_8878IMG_8862IMG_8858IMG_8855North American F-6D Mustang - N51BS / 484786 / 'Lil' Margaret' (1945)Weather watching..Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle -Yellow7 Sywell 08-05-18the other bandstandGrey heronGrey heronMoorhenBullfinchBullfinchFour-spotted chaserFour-spotted chaserTake a Seat IIISt Marys Rushden 5th May 2018The Railway Inn Rushden 5th May 2018MeridianMinionsSR661 Sywell 08-05-1814863 Sywell 04-05-18Sheltering from the Sun.37800 and 345019 Burton LatimerSpit & Buchon Sywell 05-05-18Hispano HA-1112 M1L Buchon - G-AWHM / 'Yellow 7' (1958)Hispano HA-1112 M1L Buchon - G-AWHM / 'Yellow 7' (1958)Hispano HA-1112 M4L Buchon - G-AWHC / 'Red 11' (1954)Hispano HA-1112 M4L Buchon - G-AWHC / 'Red 11' (1954)