And Yes......Someone Does Live On ItNo camera....young love!the reader!!lady and the gothBradley Manor & 7714Bluebell at BewdleyY14 class 564Taw Valley on Rock siding.7812 Erlestoke Manor leaves Bewdley.GWR: 813 0-6-0PT Kidderminster (SVR)45041, Bewdley, 26 May 20177812 in 2017 - Flowers7812 in 2017 - Beside The Wickham.7812 in 2017 - On the Pit.7812 in 2017 - Tenbury Wall7812 in 2017 - Morning Time.Eaton Foden7812 Erlestoke Manor stands in Bewdley station.7812 Erlestoke Manor runs through Bewdley station.7812 Erlestoke Manor runs through Bewdley station.BR-47583-CountyOfHertfordshire-D1767-Kidderminster-HRT_SevernValleyExpress-190388iiaBR-47583-CountyOfHertfordshire-D1767-Kidderminster-HRT_SevernValleyExpress-190388iaSevern Valley 2017Severn Valley 2017 - Charter DutiesSevern Valley 2017 - October Sun.Severn Valley 2017 - Bradley ManorCity of Exeter: 50 TFJ808 Guy Arab IV/MasseyMk.1: E4593 Coach Interior Kidderminster (SVR)Last Hurrah - Off To Play.Last Hurrah. - Over and AwayLast Hurrah - Wake Me At DawnLast Hurrah. - Little Friend20171013_111040Trimpley ReservoirAutumn SunAutumn Colour At Kinver Edge7812 Erlestoke Manor near Bewdley Tunnel.7812 Erlestoke Manor near Bewdley Tunnel.7812 Erlestoke Manor heads into Bewdley TunnelWebinarThree Scammells and a BedfordKingfishersNew BridgeNew ResidentsAbsent MindedLock KeepersLunch at the BakeryMr AngryParking SpotRunning RepairsWolverley LockWolverley ChurchOrange TipBroken FreeBeechRocky SectionGreater StitchwortWaterfrontLongnor Queen.LilacsCookley TunnelApple BlossomFactory GatesSingle Handed LockNash Funmobiles.Round Every CornerGot a Mint?Old PeculiarSignalYabba Dabba DooMidland Red NationalNew GrowthWaitingApproaching CookleyMirrorKestrel CourierCow ParsleyCaunsall BridgeOak GrowthKingcupsPicture PostcardGWR: 7714 0-6-0PT Kidderminster (SVR)Vintage RucksackMiniature Traction EngineSR On The SVRDreamileeBluebell WoodSurroundingsTangled webWedding September 17Wedding September 17Wedding September 17Wedding September 17FormationCommencementRed CampionCounty MarkerCatching Up813'Right away'5764, Severn Valley Railway, April 1979Competition !Telling StoriesNavigatorMr and MrsBewdley departureSunny Scotsman2857 light engine1450Bewdley Shed.BewdleyBewdleyBewdleyBewdleyBewdleyEx SECR Ex SECR Ex GER/Wordsell  Y14  0-6-0  564Bluebell SeasonReflective MoodParadisePlaying ChasePassing Manors7812 Erlestoke Manor - Northwood LaneErlestoke erupts7812 blasts away from BewdleyGreat Western magic30742 photo charter at the ValleyPanned Manor7812 - Foley Park7812 Erlestoke Manor exits Bewdley tunnel68010 - HagleyAll Photos-911All Photos-910All Photos-909All Photos-908All Photos-906Coniston of Stourport: CE52UWS Optare Solo_IMG5286WaitingBR/WR 15xx 0-6-0PT 1501 and Ex GWR 57xx 0-6-0PT 7714Ex GWR Manor Class 4-6-0  7812 ERLESTOKE MANORKinver LockKinverTranquilRed BoatManicuredKinver RocksIMG_6700Ex GER/Wordsell Y14  0-6-0  564Ex GWR Manor Class 4-6-0 7802 BRADLEY MANOREx GER/Wordsell Class Y14  0-6-0  564SVR Steam Traction dayBradley ManorBewdley ShedWharf BridgeRichard  BaxterLast Lockevocative...Kinver Rock Houses, StaffordshireKinver Rock Houses, StaffordshireKinver Rock Houses, StaffordshireKinver Rock Houses, StaffordshireCountry branch lineThe Twins ! ...............  Male House Sparrows.Ready for the lockNew BridgeGiving me the EyeLocal ArrivalEARLY AUTUMN MISTPeacock. 17Class 172: 172339 London Midland KidderminsterHornsbys Bus and Coach: YN13GXJ Volvo B9R/Plaxton PantherHereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service: FJ16AYH ScaniaSwimming LessonsIdyllicFaithSereneBluebell at BewdleyModern, ClassicAUTUMN MISTSYesterday's NewsTurned Out Nice AgainRetirement RundownIt's Behind YouGuardTranslationStourport StopTrafficStourport RailwaySevern Valley Raikway Autumn Steam Gala 2017.London BoundNight FerrySpirited DepartureAuto CoachBewdley Arrivalno 751 LMS first class dining coachJohnsons of Henley-in-Arden: YN08JAO Scania IrizarThe White HouseHelpful SignNot AsleepStourport BasinLunch StopSdn [4850] 1935  (2017_09_24)Sdn [4150] 1947  (2017_09_24)Sdn [7802] 1938  (2017_09_24)Derby [12099] 1952  (2017_09_24)Bton [21C153] 1947  (2017_09_24)RH 319290 1953  (2017_09_24)you looking at me...........Severn Valley Railway Autumn Steam Gala 2017.Severn Valley Railway, Autumn Steam Gala 2017.Severn Valley Railway Autumn Steam Gala2017.Having Five323 and 813BeautyBluebell LocalSafari 'Pig'7812 Erlestoke Manor departs from Bewdley.Kidderminster Railway StationKinver canal vistaSplash of BlueWild ClaryWhite Dead NettleSpring is SpringingHidden LockGreen AlkanetSteam Traction daySteam Traction daySteam Traction dayAll Tied UpSVR Steam Traction dayWeaver's WharfKidderminster ChurchPipe BridgeArchesEntering KidderminsterDownpour. 17Pratt's WharfKinver Rock HousesThe Last Train7802 approaches Foley Tunnel 23-09-17two ladies on a bench!!no650 GWR gaurds coach