IMG_0054_1.psdIMG_0061.JPGIMG_0063_1.psdIMG_0060_1.jpg60099 at GlendonPAW 2018..xLandcruiser VX66015 Kettering North JunctionUnder PossessionElizabeth II Pillar BoxDaewoo Leganza CDX47804 Rushtonticket - adams & sons market harborough 1s 5dEast Midlands Trains 43064 (with 43081). 1B38 1132 Nottingham - St Pancras.  Market Harborough.  24th March 2018East Midlands Trains 1B38 1132 Nottingham - St Pancras.  Market Harborough.  24th March 2018Power upYanEver changing moodsA lonely road sometimesHST GlendonSL500Old waysecstasyTamper and 66 Kettering North JunctionDown by the River JordanHigh Flying Birds222019 Kettering North Junction66726 Kettering North Junction43048 Glendon222102 Kettering North Junction40033Black and white and shades in betweenThe Call of the Wild IISnow Hoover222104 Kettering North JunctionTapestrySnowsdrops66726 Kettering North Junction66726 Kettering North Junctionharrington Air base (7)harrington Air base (9)harrington Air base (11)September Morning WoodlandSee the sky about to rainOne LoveOxendon Up Tunnel Aug 1991On route to BuryThe SquareThe Square222020 Kettering North222012 Kettering North222016 Kettering NorthOver the points57314 Kettering NorthHamiltons Coaches H6 UKA at the Pipewell Ind Est Depot in Desborough, NorthantsHamiltons Coaches R334 WVR at the Pipewell Ind Est Depot in Desborough, Northants.Hamiltons Coaches XIL 4348 at the Pipewell Ind Est Depot in Desborough, Northants.Hamiltons Coaches X464 KUT at the Pipewell Ind Est Depot in Desborough, NorthantsHamiltons Coaches H17 UKA at the Pipewell Ind Est Depot in Desborough, NorthantsArriva 4546Please allow me to introduce myselfD200 on the Hard roads and effortless flightChillMidland Fox Leyland Leopard 805, Market Harborough, 25th April 1996Fieldfare landingRobinFieldfare in flightFieldfare in flightGreat tit through branchesRedwingThe Symington BuildingMarket HarboroughMarket Harborough StationSt Dionysius' Church, Market HarboroughMarket Harborough War memorialMarket HarboroughFreeman, Hardy & WillisThe Old Grammar SchoolLights, Camera,,,, Action?60095 30-11-17Midland Fox Leyland Tiger 10, Market Harborough, 25th April 1996Winter nightsTracksideMilitaryWe can dream this life awayNovemberwise owlIMG_0067In memory, in hope60064 Glendon East55022 Great BowdenBakery, 24 Market Hill, Rothwell, NorthamptonshireOrange SunOrange SunBudapest, HungaryResurgence60066 RushtonMarket Harborough’s fire hydrant vehicleMarket Harborough, Beerhouse60002 Glendon EastStudyRushton Triangular LodgeTurtle Shieldbug Final Instar Nymph66732 Kettering North JunctionHeading homeWatchingLook outSpeeding pastFrom one job to another.Waiting for tarmac gangSt Helen'srobin red breastswingingIMG_0013IMG_0019lost red breastIMG_0009Kettering districtHarvest_5826Harvest_5827Harvest_5830Harvest_5833Harvest_5836Harvest_5837Harvest_5843Harvest_5844Harvest_5849Harvest_5852Harvest_5853Harvest_5863Harvest_5869New Holland_5818NH_5873NH_5874NH_5831NH_5804★ Good weekend  ★222013Zippo & Star lighters66192 Kettering North Junction222013 Kettering North Junction43059 Kettering North Junction222010 Glendon70013 Kettering North Junction70013 'Oliver Cromwell' Kettering North Junction222018 Kettering North Junction222019 Glendon222102 Glendon222010 and 222022 Kettering North Junction222019 Kettering North Junction66192 Kettering North Junction222010 Glendonharrington Air base (1)harrington Air base (2)harrington Air base (6)harrington Air base (8)harrington Air base (5)43043 GlendonDraughton-1Draughton-2Draughton-3Draughton-5MilepostHigh StreetSun DialDiceMarket Harborough Grammar School and Parish ChurchMarket Harborough Grammar School and Parish ChurchMarket Harborough Railway StationA swing in the birdcage at Kings Cross66620 Kettering North Junction70812 GlendonFieldfareLittle Bowden JunctionGlendon North JunctionColas TanksDSC_0134 ed2Weevil - HyperaGround Bugs - Stygnocoris rusticusTurtle Shieldbugs - Podops inunctaArm of Friendship ??Mating Spiked Shieldbugs - Picromerus bidensEyed Ladybird66553 Rushton60096 GlendonTurtle Shieldbug - Podops inunctaSlender-horned Leatherbug Final Instar Nymph60096 Glendon66763 'Severn Valley Railway' Glendon37884 Kettering North Junction37884 with 319432 and 319426 Kettering North JunctionJuniper Shieldbug - Cyphostethus tristriatusTurtle Shieldbug - Podops inumctaTurtle Shieldbug Final Instar NymphGround Bug - Peritrechus geniculatusFinal polishAway from the RollerTime to chatWaiting for Church.Pride of DorsetUnimpressedEnjoying the sunshinePreparationHinged Gutter Gulley Grate - Market HarboroughAllotments at Little Bowden ParkHarvest_5862Harvest_5868New Holland_5807New Holland_5810New Holland_5812New Holland_5814New Holland_5815New Holland_5821New Holland_5822New Holland_5824NH_5860NH_5872NH_5806NH_5828NH_5829NH_5832JD_5842NH_5805A snake on the ladderSkulls in the CryptSlender-horned Leatherbug - Ceraleptus lividusJuniper Shieldbug Second Instar NymphJuniper Shieldbug Final Instar NymphCommon Green Shieldbug Second Instar NymphIMG_20170717_172940IMG_20170717_171703Juniper Shieldbug Early Instar NymphsJuniper Shieldbug Fourth Instar Nymph66710 Glendon