Damaging Wind:     264/365KX62BVC 36757 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonYX17NMK 3109 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in NuneatonKN04XKL 47077 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonTime Returned:    263/365Clock WorksShiny HandsUFO?354A1062Will Stewart Prop 003-1Nizaam Carr Back Row 001-1Nizaam Carr Back Row 007-1Nathan Hughes Back Row Man of Match 002-1Nathan Hughes Back Row Man of Match 005-1Nathan Hughes Back Row Man of Match 021-1Michael Le Bourgeois Centre 001-1Lima Sopoaga Fly Half 002-1Kieran Brookes Prop 003-1Juan De Jongh Centre 006-1Juan De Jongh Centre 012-1Josh Bassett Wing 006-1James Gaskell Lock 005-1James Gaskell Lock 007-1Elliot Daly Centre 015-1Elliot Daly Centre 011-1Dan Robson Scrum Half 022-1Dan Robson Scrum Half 023-1Christian Wade Winger 006-1SN67XDF 26213 Stagecoach Gold Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonFJ64EUE 3317 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in NuneatonYY15NJX 2002 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in NuneatonYX17NMO 3111 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in NuneatonPotimarron:   261/365PotimarronDSC_0026TUI 7938 (MX61AWW) 3809 Arriva Sapphire East in NuneatonKX62BVE 36758 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in Nuneaton“Do you think Dumbledore will mourn for you”garagesansley wheeltunnel viewhill farmansley farmlandgalley commonunder the bridgetrain going overbridgetower farmthe co-op buildingtown hallnorman avenueallotmentsMagazine Delivery Day:    257/365coventry canalhousesbmx trackstockingford churchKX08HRE 39697 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonKX57KGF 47510 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonAutumn Leaf:    256/365Blue Sky Day!Blue Sky Day!Blue Sky Day!Blue Sky Day!towpath alpacastowpath alpacascoventry canalsun and treesbridge nr 34coventry canalhartshill boatyardhartshill boatyardbridge nr 31coming through ...the anchor innCars Together But Alone By ColourAl Fresco Dining On Her OwnSitting All On Her Own TextingBlue And Yellow Striped SkirtPigeon In The Fountainmooring ringbonny moorhenKX60DTO 36170 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonHover Fly:     255/365reflectionsmoorhenkaren and ikarenkaren and ispringwood havenspringwood havenspringwood havendarth waderdarth waderwater and skypylon and moonnorthward bound ...railwaycoventry canalbridge nr 23reflections ...moored up ...coming through ...mosaic reflectionsThe Bier Keller, NuneatonBlack Swan in Hand, Nuneatonleaves in the water ...a flotilla of ducks ...bridge nr 21meldrum roadwindowsillgolden fieldsgolden fieldsgolden fieldsarbury estatearbury estatearbury farmlandarbury roadround towersround towersst pauls churchFinial Fixed:    251/365st pauls churchcommonwealth war gravest pauls churchriver ankerbridge in the parkbandstandsky in the parkmuseumold mill surgerycoventry canalksd studiogeorge bell marineharefield lanegolden fieldspylonensors poolensors poolkarenensors poolensors poolmoon and chimneycroft roadCommuter shuttle.KX62BKA 36746 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonYN08HZM 3502 Arriva Midlands West in NuneatonSN67XCW 26204 Stagecoach Gold Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonKX60DTZ 36174 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonSN67XDR 26222 Stagecoach Gold Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonKX58AYE 47651 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonBedworth arrival.the dipst pauls roadjetYJ61FEX 3766 Arriva Midlands East in Nuneaton68020KX60DTY 36173 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonYX17NMO 3111 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in NuneatonKX60DTZ 36174 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonMick Jagger and The Rolling Stones 2018 - 3Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones 2018 - 2Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones 2018 - 1Timesaver | 2957 - D957 NDAWaiting For The OVO Tour Of BritainMovistar (Spain) Team CarMitchelton-SCOTT (Australia) Team CarOVO Energy Tour of BritainOVO Energy Tour of BritainOVO Energy Tour of BritainHoleFinial:      247/365YY15NJX 2002 & YY15NJZ 2003 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in HinckleyYY15NJZ 2003 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in HinckleySN67XCV 26203 Stagecoach Gold Midlands (Warwickshire) in HinckleyYJ58PKK 2402 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in HinckleySN67XDE 26212 Stagecoach Gold Midlands (Warwickshire) in HinckleySmall Copper ButterflyCirclesThe Gate Temperance Hotel, Abbey Street / Newdegate Street, Nuneaton, WarwickshireCloudscapeLandscape Towards AtherstoneLooking Through Bridge 32 To Bridge 31CanalscapeGone !      243/365The Dingle Open SpaceLake In The ParkLake In The ParkThe Slater ClockThe Slater Clock:    242/365The Slater ClockBirthday Girl.Silver BridgeNuneaton Looking South South EastLooking East Along The Roanne RingwayNuneaton TownscapeRoofscape From The Car Park Level SixNuneaton Market Day ScapeGBRf 66742 Class 66 General Motors/EMD Co-Co6653666534Queens Head Inn, HinckleyHinckley, Elbow Room Ale & Cider HouseHinckley, Queens Head InnSN67XCY 26206 Stagecoach Gold Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonKX60DTF 36167 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonKX62BKA 36746 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonKX60DSZ 36166 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonFJ64EUD 3316 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in NuneatonIMG_1711IMG_1710IMG_1713IMG_1714IMG_1717IMG_1716IMG_1703IMG_1719IMG_1718IMG_1706IMG_1709IMG_1699IMG_1708IMG_1700IMG_1702IMG_1696IMG_1694IMG_1695IMG_1693KX62BRV 36751 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in NuneatonVittoria Cycling  support carYY15NJZ 2003 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in HinckleySN67XDF 26213 Stagecoach Gold Midlands (Warwickshire) in HinckleyTUI 7937 (MX61AWV) 3808 Arriva Sapphire East in HinckleyKX62BNF 36750 Stagecoach Midlands (Warwickshire) in HinckleyYY15CMX Roberts in HinckleySN67XDE 26212 Stagecoach Gold Midlands (Warwickshire) in HinckleySN67XDE 26212 Stagecoach Gold Midlands (Warwickshire) in HinckleyLF52URY 2170 Hinckley Bus (Arriva) in HinckleyCorley services M6 southboundSunflower with LadybirdHalf Open:   246/365SunflowerSunflowersRudbekia and GeraniumSunflowerApplesPearGreen Shield Beetle:    245/365Red Tomatoes and Blue Sky:    244/365Bridge:   240/365