Tamworth Low LevelimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageIMGP3999IMGP3993IMGP3983IMGP3913IMGP3902IMGP3894IMGP3846IMGP3837IMGP3825IMGP3734IMGP4034IMGP4140Busy Kingsbury Branch Junction; 66714, 66594 and 600197000492028Tamworth High LevelNuthatch - Just hanging aroudTamworth High LevelSwan on the lakeLight and Smoke by the CanalRosie in the waterSpringer spaniel and her stickimageSeckington Sunrise, UK.IMG_8407imageimageTamworth Low LevelSeckington Churchyard, UK.imageimageimageimageimageArriva 2491 (YK07 BGE) on the Tamworth 46642635037150050  56051 56090 50017 and 56087Tamworth50050+56051+56090+50017+5608750050+56051+56090+50017+56087390154_1801_TamworthSide On ShedOublietteOublietteWater rail - The king of self preservation!Freightliner Class 7 at  PolesworthFreightliner Class 7 at  PolesworthVirgin Pendolino  at  Polesworth66538 at Polesworth FreightlinerStatfold Barn Farm Rly. 14/11/200966721 at Polesworth66721 at PolesworthDBS 66001 at Polesworth - not the sharpest photo but ok considering awful conditionsPolesworth station90047 & 90016 at PolesworthSalvadorGreen Finch - Thank goodness for digital!2nd Firing Range on the HOEWHow do you spend your weekends?Nuthatch - Wannabe WoodpeckerGothikaArriva Sapphire 4412 (YX64 VMG) on Tamworth town route 4Tamworth Low LevelNorthern lapwingEurasian wrenEuropean stonechatLittle egretNorthern lapwingWater railWater railWater railWater railEurasian siskinGoldcrestEurasian wrenEurasian Great White EgretMute swanRuddy x Common Shelduck (hybrid)Eurasian blue titWater railEloiseimageGLASCOTE {TAMWORTH} [totem] (Glascote Rd, Glascote, Tamworth, Staffs  B77 2AF) {NBC} Jan18),TRAVEL-TAMWORTH {MIDCOUNTIES} (7 Ancherside Centre, George St, Tamworth, Staffs  B79 7LG) Jan18,FUNERAL-TAMWORTH [2] (Co-op Store, 5 Colehill, Tamworth, Staffs  B79 7HA) {NBC} Jan17,NF-TAMWORTH [3a] (Colehill & Church St, Tamworth, Staffs  B79 7HJ) Jan18,NF-TAMWORTH [3b] (Colehill & Church St, Tamworth, Staffs  B79 7HJ) Jan18,NF-TAMWORTH [3c] (Colehill & Church St, Tamworth, Staffs  B79 7HJ) Jan1866534 at Lea MarstonNational Treasure?Sunny SkodasArriva 4200 (FJ08 LVL) leaving TamworthThe gold road's sure a long road..........66519 - WilnecoteTamworth-BOLE BRIDGE (JDW), 8 Bolebridge St  B79 7PA (Jan18)AMN 3742 and 3730 @ Victoria Road, TamworthAMN 3863 @ Victoria Road, TamworthAMN 4200 @ Corporation Street, TamworthAMN 2448 @ Corporation Street, TamworthSM 36759 @ Corporation Street, TamworthSM 36164 @ Corporation Street, TamworthCB 153 @ Corporation Street, TamworthAMN 2491 @ Tamworth bus garageAMN 3743 @ Corporation Street, TamworthDSC_0662.JPGDSC_0659.JPGDSC_0648.JPG18/12/17 16:31Pagetaylor1714@yahoo.co.ukPagetaylor1714@yahoo.co.uk26/12/17 13:2966594_1011_Birch_Copice226/12/17 13:26Boxing Day RobinMerry ChristmasPagetaylor1714@yahoo.co.ukpagetaylor1714@yahoo.co.ukTamworth Low LevelAtherstone Town 13-1 Uttoxeter Town - 16 December 2017Atherstone Town 13-1 Uttoxeter Town - 16 December 2017Atherstone Town 13-1 Uttoxeter Town - 16 December 2017Atherstone Town 13-1 Uttoxeter Town - 16 December 2017All SaintsTamworth High LevelRobin - Erithacus rubeculaIsandlwanaDæmonicus [crop]Robin - Erithacus rubeculaBlue Tit - Cyanistes caeruleusSalvo_DSC0426Mistle Thrush and Hawthorne BerriesMistle Thrush and Hawthorne BerriesDæmonicusPuritanicSalvoRedSalvoTamworthTamworth2018-02-04-022018-02-04-032018-02-04-06Tamworth Ladies FC 1 Sutton Coldfield Town Ladies FC 356087342 Segway Experience341 Segway ExperienceStill remnants of DRS Livery on this freightliner loco 66415 at PolesworthDuck AttackView to KingsburyTamworth - West coast mainlineArriva 2497 (YK57 FHJ) ex Milton Keynes on Tamworth 4Glascote Academy Community Farm themed Arriva 2496 (YK57 FHH) on Tamworth town route 490043 + 90046 - Tamworth66069 - TamworthGadwallWater railEurasian wrenEuropean stonechatEurasian Great White EgretEurasian Great White EgretTamworth Castle, StaffordshireArriva 3795 (FL63 DWV) on Tamworth town route 7,OPTICAL-TAMWORTH (Co-op Store, 5 Colehill, Tamworth, Staffs  B79 7HA) Jan17GLASCOTE {TAMWORTH} (Glascote Rd, Glascote, Tamworth, Staffs  B77 2AF) {NBC} Jan18)66516Tamworth - staircase in Registered Offices (Jan18)AMN 2496 @ Victoria Road, TamworthCB 212 @ Corporation Street, TamworthDSC_0670.JPGDSC_0665.JPGDSC_0657.JPGDSC_0656.JPGDSC_0655.JPGDSC_0651.JPGDSC_0650.JPGDSC_0649.JPGFazeley, Tamworth - 1998Arriva 2447 (YJ05 JXU) on Tamworth 3Arriva 2450 (YJ55 YGW) on Tamworth 2Arriva 2497 (YK57 FHJ) ex Milton Keynes on Tamworth X65Arriva 2448 (YJ05 JXV) on Tamworth 4Tamworth High LevelTamworth station on a winter ❄️ morning in the snow ⛄️Tamworth High LevelMisty Dawn in the Snow, Seckington, UK.BastogneLMS PosterTamworth Low LevelTamworth High LevelTamworth High Levelimageimageimageimageimage66957 - PortwayD71_5427PB256594Freightliner Class 66 66589 accelerates through TamworthDB Cargo Class 66 66197 cruises through TamworthA Virgin Class 390 Pendolino heads south through TamworthTamworthLondon Midland Class 350 Desiro 350109 departs from TamworthLondon Midland Class 350 Desiro 350111 arrives at TamworthTamworthGBRf Class 66 66744 'Crossrail' cruises through TamworthDirect Rail Services Class 37 37422 accelerates through TamworthEurostar Class 373 3103, at TamworthA Virgin Class 390 Pendolino arrives at TamworthDirect Rail Services Class 37 37422 accelerates through TamworthCrosscountry Class 170 Turbostar 170636 departs from Tamworth