Len Wright Travel, London. ENV826XFirst Leicester. KP51VZXStagDSC_5424DSC_5458DSC_5601DSC_5619DSC_5626DSC_5666DSC_5681DSC_5694DSC_5759Grettons, Peterborough. GJF286NDefective coach removed at RothleyTown Hall SquareLeicester Town HallArriva Midlands P849PWWArriva Midlands P850PWWArriva Midlands S647KJUArriva Midlands S649KJUArriva Midlands SN03LGCArriva MidlandsArriva MidlandsArriva Midlands A135SMAArriva Midlands F157DETArriva Midlands / Quicksilver Shuttle FD52GGOArriva Midlands H849GPFArriva Midlands L___HRFArriva Midlands M159GRYArriva Midlands P843PWWBRADGATE HOUSE, LEICESTER_DSC_6703_LR_2.0-2DEER, BRADGATE COUNTRY PARK, LEICESTER_DSC_6793_LR_2.0DEER, BRADGATE COUNTRY PARK, LEICESTER_DSC_6749_LR_2.0-3DEER, BRADGATE COUNTRY PARK, LEICESTER_DSC_6687_LR_2.0BRADGATE PARK, LEICESTER_DSC_6787_LR_2.0Ladybird­čÉ×Grey Wagtail 2Grey WagtailStern lookRestingThe Old ClassicsLeicester City Transport. YRY201T (John LR Nelson collection).First Leicester. KP51WAUFirst Leicester.First Leicester. F603RTCFirst Leicester. G131HNPa cold and foggy morningCromwell delivers the mail6990.Deer 2Deer 5Deer 6Fallow Deer RuttingD5185 Class 25, Rothley Station92214 9F 'Leicester City', Quorn & Woodhouse, 6th October 2017Bradgate Hall Ruins Ilford Pan F Plus 50LeicesterLeicesterLeicesterLeicester56094 CossingtonLeicester 16th October 2017Great Central Railway Rothley Leicestershire 28th January 2017Bradgate Hall Ruins 1Bradgate Hall Ruins 2Bradgate Hall Ruins 3Chapel and TowerBeacon Hill Trig PointWoodhouse Eaves Folly47406. 'Mr Reliable' ............The teams enter the pitchWest Brom benchGareth Barry pre matchGrzegorz KrychowiakTony PulisBreak in playLeicester free kickLeicester attack in the second halfLeicester on the attackLeicester cornerGary MegsonAfter the final whistleJuvenile Red DeerBeacon Statue 1Beacon Statue 2Beacon Statue 4Beacon Statue 5Beacon Statue 6Warming in the winter sunH4811  LIANN SAMANTHA KU17 WZJL3383  PIRELLI  EDDIE STOBARTL7749   LILY ABIGAIL  PK14 JZDL7886  MARGARET IVY  PO67 XNNM705  EU66 WZGH2603  JESSICA GRACE  PE64 EUFH2903 MILLIE LYNN  PO67 XTMH4653  ELOISE  KX66 MXGH4668  SEREN LILY KX66 MXSH4754  PEARL IRENE  KX66 NDZB G-13Leaving Quorn, GCR.Great Central Railway Leicester Leicestershire 14th October 2017Young buckFallow doe with her fawnBuck in the brackenRoaring redIt was just after sunrise ...Summers Soft Light48624. Swithland.New Richard Hawley arrivals.Foden 4335: N206NAY Quorn & WoodhouseOld John HillMe At the Trig PointOld Man Of BeaconSue on the Trig PointDistant Pic of Bradgate Hall RuinsTowards the War MemorialDSCN8487a.jpgPebbles scores !!A study of signallingLife Through A WindowRed Deer Young StagRed Deer Young StagRed Deer Young StagFallow Deer Stag RunningFallow Deer StagFallow Deer StagFallow Deer StagGreat Central Railway Rothley Leicestershire 15th October 2017Great Central Railway Rothley Leicestershire 15th October 2017And for my next trick...Jack the KnifeGive it some wellyNational Space CentreNational Space CentreDouble headedFinished walking in Bradgate park - doggy companionBradgate park - young red deer stags sparringBend your waysGreat Central Railway Rothley Leicestershire 15th October 2017Twilight at Cropston ReservoirP8070122.JPG8F sets off from Rothley9F Leicester City rolls in.The spam can rolls inIt's time we had a workable turntableDSC_6393DSC_62293O4A0339Great Central Railway Birstall Leicestershire 14th October 2017Great Central Railway Birstall Leicestershire 14th October 2017Great Central Railway Leicester Leicestershire 14th October 20173O4A0289-23O4A0283Fallow deer Male - Mature buck / Dama dama - Taken at Bradgate Park Northwest of Leicester - UKIndian peacock male / full concentrate - Taken at Bradgate Park Northwest of Leicester - UKPeacock - Female - Taken at Bradgate Park Northwest of Leicester - UKSleepy LuxxThe LuxxGreat Central Railway Autumn Steam Gala 2017 [VIDEO]78018 at Leicester North3408169906990699034081340814862434081View from a DMUAh, bliss!ScrapingBellowing buckFace offEnglish Summer SkiesAnd that was thatRosie the staffy pupQuornBradgate Park D3100b  02-09-2017 11-06-48Bradgate Park D3100b  02-09-2017 11-07-017Bradgate Park D3100b  02-09-2017 11-55-43Bradgate Park D3100b  02-09-2017 12-18-039Bradgate Park D7200 X14  02-09-2017 12-20-037Bradgate Park D7200 X14 C13  02-09-2017 12-20-41TreecreeperBradgate Park D7200 X14 C13  02-09-2017 15-01-023Bradgate Park D7200 X14 C13  02-09-2017 15-02-048I might be a little lost....46521, Ivatt Class 2MT, Quorn & Woodhouse, 6th October 201773084 (73156) Standard 5 in trouble at Leicester North, 6th October 201734081, DSC_5201DSC_5215DSC_5217DSC_5246DSC_5256DSC_5261DSC_5309DSC_5262-3DSC_5312Beacon Statue 3Back of the Old Man of BeaconDSC_2832DSC_4039Clear roadBradgate park - swans and cygnetsBradgate Park - Czechoslovakian wolf dogBradgate Park - old mansion ruin at BradgateBradgate Park - MonumentBradgate Park - white fallow deerfolly, Bradgate ParkBradgate Park - fallow deer including a  white hartBradgate Park - fallow  hartBradgate Park - red deerBradgate Park - One of the many ancient oak treesBradgate Park - Some of the oldest rocks in the countryBradgate Park - crepuscular raysBradgate Park - red deerBradgate Park - red deer and fallow deer side by sideBradgate Park - fallow deerBradgate Park - young fallow deer stagBradgate Park - fallow deer does and stagBradgate Park - red deer stagBradgate park - red deer stagBradgate park - red deer stagBradgate park - ancient oakBradgate Country ParkBradgate Country Park 20063O4A0478-Edit3O4A04903O4A0476-33O4A04663O4A04463O4A04363O4A04163O4A03513O4A03313O4A03243O4A03203O4A030373084(73156), Standard 5MT, Quorn & Woodhouse, 6th October 201748624Scully Rosie Teddy and me