Arriva VDL DB250 4772 YJ56KFD - LeicesterArriva AD Enviro 400MMC 4545 YY67HDL - LeicesterArriva AD Enviro 400MMC 4531 YX16OKK - LeicesterGrey Wagtail Cropston Res 7-3-18Grey Wagtail Cropston Res 7-3-18Grey Wagtail Cropston Res 7-3-1847 8xx at Leicester on 14th May 201843 089 at Leicester on 14th May 2018Sunset on Cossington LakeDouble CromptonsIMG_20180418_220901IMG_20180418_215806IMG_20180418_215616Thrussington: Church of the Holy TrinityThrussington: Church of the Holy TrinityThrussington: Church of the Holy TrinityThrussington: Church of the Holy TrinityFading LightGreat Central Railway Nunckley Hill Leicestershire 24th March 2018Eye ContactSpring fashionSurreal Sky3303533035 & 3311633035 & 33116Industrial Strength CoffeeSpooningArriva AD Enviro 400MMC 4502 YX16OJB - LeicesterArriva Midlands Volvo B7TL 4015 UUI2944 - LeicesterStagecoach Scania K320UB 28631 KX12AKN - LeicesterD123D123D123D123D123D123E312647 11708 90733 035 and D5185Nose to noseD123D5830Stagecoach AD Enviro 200MMC 26204 SN67XCW - LeicesterTravel DeCourcey Mercedes-Benz OC500 574 AE62EPK - LeicesterMissing Out ?If the wind changes you will get stuck like that.National Express LLew Jones Scania LJ66LLJ - Leicester47406 hauling the GCR dining trainD5830 - Rabbits bridgeD1705 Sparrowhawk - Rabbits bridgeD123 approaching Rothley37714 - Rothleyimg407img406St Mary de CastroDown the Soar RiverMidlands SunsetEvening on the Soar RiverHouse on the HillFirst Volvo B7L 66309 KV02VVL - LeicesterFirst Wright StreetLite 63346.SM65WMP - LeicesterFirst Wright StreetDeck 35174 SK16GUG - LeicesterFirst Wright StreetDeck 35169 SK16GUA - LeicesterFirst Wright StreetDeck 35153 SN65OKE - LeicesterMallardPrince Rupert Gateway and St Mary de CastroGrebeimg405img403First Volvo B7TL 32644 KP54AZG - LeicesterFeline faceD5830 Rothley Brook33035 3311633035 3311633035 3311633035 33116 Leicester North1705 (47117) Rothley BrookD5185 Rothley BrookPlump and ProudDSCF210533035Bed FriendCentrebus AD Enviro 200 511 FN09FSO - LeicesterCentrebus Optare Versa 767 YJ57XWD - LeicesterCentrebus Transbus Trident 888 W40PJC - Leicesterimg375Roberts Travel Volvo B8RLE BU16UWM - LeicesterRoberts Travel Volvo B8RLE BU16UWK - LeicesterArriva VDL DB250 4770 FJ06ZRP - LeicesterArriva AD Enviro 400MMC 4541 YY67HDG - LeicesterArriva AD Enviro 400MMC 4536 YY67HDA - LeicesterArriva AD Enviro 400MMC 4516 YX16OJR - LeicesterArriva Volvo B9TL 4209 FJ58KXG - LeicesterEvening MoodsWest BridgeWest BridgeArriva Volvo B7TL 4005 FJ06ZRL - LeicesterArriva VDL SB200 3811 MX61AWZ - LeicesterArriva VDL SB200 3799 TUI7931 - LeicesterArriva Wright Streetlite 3313 FJ64EUA - LeicesterArriva Optare Versa 2957 YJ11OKD - LeicesterProper dredging now. 2012 :) Weather is still rubbish, just dull & grey.Brad & DaveReady to go!Bentley Designs Brunel Display Cabinet | Spring Furniture Sale | Furniture Direct UKMy mate Graham 1979Shadows OverheadBradgate Park D300s T  04-05-2015 11-19-032Bradgate Park D300s T  04-05-2015 11-50-15Bradgate Park D300s X14  24-05-2015 12-47-033Bradgate Park D300s T  04-05-2015 11-03-056Bradgate Park D300s T  04-05-2015 11-04-001Meridian in the murkCurveSoft EndeavoursGreat Central Railway Loughborough 20th June 2015Land of confusionHans Andersen Leicester LionsIf You Love Me, Leave Me Alone !Autumn Waters2018-04-09_10-27-552018-04-09_10-27-442018-04-09_10-27-282018-04-09_10-27-16BoozeAbbey Park, LeicesterAbbey Park, LeicesterAbbey Park, LeicesterTeams come outAfter the pre match fireworksHandshakesNewcastle Players pre matchNewcaslre Players pre matchLeicester Players pre matchLeicester free kickRafael BenitezHamza Choudhury comes on for LeicesterNewcastle Free kickLeicester wall lines upAfter the gameAfter the gameNewcastle Fans after the matchLeicester StationRobinRobinGreat Central Railway Swithland Leicestershire 8th April 2018Lovely evening37 71437 71470013Under restorationBardon 0-4-0A long way yetSt Mary de Castro, Norman archSt Mary de Castro, Norman archPassage of Time...Choir practiceThis will go down well.37714WindcutterThe Luxx3760847812376014781247812Fluffy ChihuahuaBailey and Teddy47812+56104222005LEICESTER YARDAnother one from the archives. Cossington Lakes, Leicestershire.After allIMG_6835IMG_6832WalkersIBM LeicesterIMG_5006Jade GlowsGreat Central Railway Thurcaston Leicestershire 4th April 2018Great Central Railway Rothley Leicestershire 4th April 2018Newarke Houses Museum and the Hawthorn BuildingMagazine Square and the Hawthorn BuildingNewarke Houses MuseumDSC_0750DSC_0751DSC_0752DSC_0753DSC_0754DSC_0755DSC_0756DSC_0757DSC_0623DSC_0625DSC_0626DSC_0627DSC_0628DSC_0629DSC_0630DSC_0631DSC_0632DSC_0633DSC_0634DSC_0635DSC_0636DSC_0637DSC_0638DSC_0639DSC_0640DSC_0643DSC_0641DSC_0642DSC_0645DSC_0646DSC_0647DSC_0648DSC_0649DSC_0650DSC_0651DSC_0652DSC_0653DSC_0655DSC_0656DSC_0657DSC_0658DSC_0659DSC_0660DSC_0661Village HousingReading Time!Ye Olde HuntBlake Enjoys a Gift from FelixRoyal BlakeBuddy and Peggy SueNatural CurvesMoo JuiceDSCF1232Swapping ends before kick offRay WilkinsVicente Iborra prepares to kick offLeicester prepare for a free kickAfter the matchLeicesterPebbles and Bailey Boo