56095 HargateClay Mills20107667422090520905Doubled up at Clay Mills67023 and 67027 crossing the DoveFundamental Fencing67023 Clay MillsRobin37608 at Clay MillsA frozen pitch at Burton AlbionAll Saints churchBurton v Millwall.RobinRobin40194Robin37068 37058 60052Paper Quilling at Swadlincote LibraryPaper Quilling at Swadlincote LibraryPaper Quilling at Swadlincote LibraryPaper Quilling at Swadlincote LibraryPaper Quilling at Swadlincote LibraryRobinWooden sign for Linton66708 heads south at Burton-on-Trent with the 6M83 Tinsley Yard to Bardon Hill, 20th Feb 2018.66108 approaches Burton-on-Trent with a very short rake of rails, 6X01 Scunthorpe to Eastleigh, 20th Feb 2018.Burton National Brewer Museum66112 powers away from Burton-on-Trent with the 6D44 Bescot Up Engineers Siding to Toton, 20th Feb 2018.66106 pulls away from Burton-on-Trent with the 6E02 Bescot Down Sidings to Boston Sleaford Sidings, 20th Feb 2018.The Last Heretic, Burton-upon-Trent, August 201737611Midland Classic 33 SwadlincoteEvie playing in the water of the wetlandsGM JT42CWR  Class 66/7 Co-Co  66779 EVENING STARAbandoned Car LotBlue Rover 820 - H630 YRARed Austin Maestro - H93 EEG56051 Burton 29012018Heron landingTHE TRENT MERSEY CANAL.Unexpected Shed66603LivestockLittle grebesWater RailCommon redpollLong-tailed duckCommon redpollLong-tailed duck203146650870815Andresey bridge, Burton upon TrentGrey Heron (Ardea cinerea)Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)73117 26-03-201473105 21-09-201320903 26-03-2014The River Tame passing the National Memorial ArboretumThe confluence of the Trent and TameUlster MemorialFalklands Resistance memorialsCockleshell Heroes Memorial50050 56051 56090 50017 56087 Burton 29012018Midland Classic 106 BurtonMidland Classic 85 BurtonMidland Classic 7 BurtonViking W875UGY Burton66199 - Wichnor junctionMidland Classic 41 BurtonClaymillsClaymills Victorian Pumping station30106676967024Still Water December 2017Farm66093 - CatholmeRAF Airbus Military A400M Atlas C.1 ZM407Class 117 Willington 2-6-88Heroes in Actionblackbird (a crow )Little Owl2018-02-18-012018-02-18-02Catholme SlabsOystercatcher2018-02-03-01MaxMaxMaxIMG_0088'SCARAB46' Royal Air Force Hawker Beechcraft Corp King Air Shadow R.1 ZZ416RAF Lockheed C-130-J C.4 ZH86647701 56065 21-09-201356038 21-09-201347375 21-09-201347703 26-03-201431461 18-09-201201527 21-09-201508393 21-09-2013Zak - Black Labrador (January 2018)Train crossing the River TamePoppies60007 Burton 2901201808507Midland Classic 112  BurtonMidland Classic 89 BurtonMidland Classic 79 BurtonMidland Classic 21 BurtonMidland Classic 61 Burton518-70L1Pump HouseBlacksmith's shopMidland classic 62 YN08 MKP In burton on the 21. ex reading 1103Claymills boilers fired upClaymills boilersMidland classic 61 YN08 MKO in burton on the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ranstonOn the way to PlymouthGM  JT42CWR  Co-Co..66121Stadler/Vossloh  UKLight Bo-Bo  68003 Astute6615270805Solar FarmSolar FarmSolar FarmSolar FarmWinter Tree ShadowsLong-tailed duckLong-tailed titGreat Spotted WoodpeckerWater RailHooded MerganserHooded MerganserGrey heronCommon goldeneyeFieldfareRAF Airbus Military A400M Atlas C.1 ZM407St Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASharpe's potteryEurasian bullfinchEurasian bullfinch7T23 1100 Toton - Daw Mill 28-02-02Burton CooperGreat spotted woodpeckerLong-tailed duckWater railSharpe's potteryFoggy tree under a street lightA foggy quiet spot beneath a busy roadFoggy ferry bridge at night