66708 heads south at Burton-on-Trent with the 6M83 Tinsley Yard to Bardon Hill, 20th Feb 2018.66108 approaches Burton-on-Trent with a very short rake of rails, 6X01 Scunthorpe to Eastleigh, 20th Feb 2018.66112 powers away from Burton-on-Trent with the 6D44 Bescot Up Engineers Siding to Toton, 20th Feb 2018.66106 pulls away from Burton-on-Trent with the 6E02 Bescot Down Sidings to Boston Sleaford Sidings, 20th Feb 2018.37611 opens up through Burton-on-Trent with a Derby RTC to Crewe C.S. via the World, 20th Feb 2018.The Last Heretic, Burton-upon-Trent, August 201766708  approaches Burton-on-Trent with the 6M83 Tinsley Yard to Bardon Hill, 20th Feb 2018.66538 heads south at Burton-on-Trent with the 6G65 Earles Sidings to Walsall Freight Terminal, 20th Feb 2018.376116653866538Arriva 2937 SwadlincotesnowdropsArriva Derby 3577 Swadlincoteview over Trent to StapenhillWillington - 60066 on 6M57Common kingfisherGreat crested grebeBuzzard v CrowEurasian siskinEurasian siskinBR Class 73/9  Bo-Bo  73962 Dick MabbuttAbandoned Car LotBlue Rover 820 - H630 YRARed Vauxhall Cavalier - H439 CBMkingfisherLTT 2QUIET WOMAN, NARROWBOAT .A dramatic skyHeron landingTHE TRENT MERSEY CANAL.reed bunting 7reed bunting 10Male Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)SwanMoorhen2018-02-03-0166589.66603DSC_0008 (4)60007 At Willington. 02/02/2018IMG_0088Little grebesCommon redpollWater railLong-tailed duckCommon redpollLong-tailed duckLong-tailed duckWater rail203146650870815Andresey bridge, Burton upon TrentGrey Heron (Ardea cinerea)Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)73105 21-09-201373117 26-03-20146678247701 56065 21-09-201356038 21-09-201347703 26-03-201420903 26-03-2014IMG_5130IMG_5116IMG_5112IMG_5108IMG_5099IMG_5079IMG_5074IMG_5067IMG_5066IMG_5056IMG_5055IMG_505460007 Burton 2901201843384 Burton 2901201850050 56051 56090 50017 56087 Burton 2901201866508Midland Classic 106 BurtonMidland Classic 112  BurtonMidland Classic 79 BurtonMidland Classic 7 BurtonMidland Classic 21 BurtonViking W875UGY BurtonMidland Classic 41 BurtonMidland Classic 61 BurtonBlacksmith's shopPump House66139 - BranstonClaymills boilers fired upClaymills boilersClaymillsClaymills Victorian Pumping station20090910 IMG_0081 56303 6Z57 Branston66207 - North Staffs junction30106676937175+37219 At North Stafford Junction. 19/01/201867024Railing bokeh60044 Between North Stafford Junction And Stenson Junction. 17.01.2018GM  JT42CWR  Co-Co..66121English Electric Type 4..Co-Co..50050English Electric  Type 4..Co-Co..50017Stadler/Vossloh  UKLight Bo-Bo  68003 AstuteStadler/Vossloh  UKLight  Bo-Bo  68001 Evolution66192(DBS) 6X01 Passes through Willington Station66192+66151 with 6X01 AND 6D44 PASS THROUGH WILLINGTON STATION59003 willingtonWater railWater railWater railWater rail56087 Willington A3820132 + 20096 - Willington66199 At North Stafford Junction. 10/01/2018You Know When You've Been Tango'd !!66434 At North Stafford Junction. 10/01/201860020 Between North Stafford Junction And Stenson Junction. 10/01/201866764 At North Stafford Junction. 10/01/201860007 At  North Stafford Junction. 10/01/201870805FarmSolar FarmSolar FarmSolar FarmSolar FarmWinter Tree ShadowsLong-tailed duckLong-tailed titGreat Spotted WoodpeckerWater RailGreat Spotted WoodpeckerHooded MerganserHooded MerganserGrey heronCommon goldeneye66618_0805_Stenson_Jcn2017 12 17 000102017 12 17 000502017 12 17 000902017 12 17 001302017 12 17 001702017 12 17 002202017 12 17 002802017 12 17 003702017 12 17 004202017 12 17 004502017 12 17 0052020096 20118 7X10 Stenson Junction7T23 1100 Toton - Daw Mill 28-02-02Burton CooperGreat spotted woodpeckerLong-tailed duckEurasian tealWater railFoggy tree under a street lightFlooded wetlands reflect the road above itFoggy ferry bridge at nightBrewery water pump house reflected on a foggy nightFlooded paths between the ferry bridge & brewery wellsLights of a foggy St.Peter's bridge reflected in the flooded marshWhere's the path gone Evie?Reflected Ferry bridge walkwayA foggy TrentA foggy ferry Bridge at duskThe bandstand in a foggy parkLine of seats and lamps on a foggy dayLit foggy pathA classic at Midland ClassicConkers Winter Wonderland -Singing reindeer 1Conkers Winter Wonderland -Singing reindeer 2Conkers Winter Wonderland -Singing SnowmenConkers Winter Wonderland -Decorations in the National ForestConkers Winter Wonderland -National Forest decoration47488Racing through WillingtonEx GWR/Collett Castle Class 5043 EARL of MOUNT EDGCUMBEreceived_10212423100384902received_10212423102344951received_10212423102144946received_10212423100344901received_10212423100624908received_10212423102424953received_10212423100544906received_10212423102704960received_10212423102504955received_102124231026249582018-02-18-012018-02-18-0237611Eurasian curlewsmurf2smurf1smurf366603MaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMaxMax47375 21-09-201301527 21-09-201508393 21-09-2013518-70L1Midland classic 62 YN08 MKP In burton on the 21. ex reading 1103Midland classic 61 YN08 MKO in burton on the 21Botanical timeOn the way to PlymouthHeading Down SouthLong-tailed titGreat crested grebeGreat crested grebeWater railMarsh titCommon kingfisherWater railReed buntingWillow titLittle egretWater rail60007 - Willington940 LTD44541 &44591 Overseal MPD 17-3-63GeocachingSharpe's potterySharpe's potterySharpe's potterySeeing Santa at ConkersSeeing Santa at Conkers