DSC01151 - 1950 American Diner60040 - Burton-on-TrentLiliesLiliesLiliesVillage LivingMIdland Milepost6 JaponicaFirst lilyFirst lily12,500bhp lash upWild DaisiesBig BirdDig It Up Display At Swadlincote LibraryDig It Up Display At Swadlincote LibraryDig It Up Display At Swadlincote LibraryDig It Up Display At Swadlincote LibraryDC519832.  66741  Burton.  06-06-2018.DC519833.   60020  Burton.  06-06-2018.DC519831.   66741  Burton.  06-06-2018.Telephone exchange47488YD5685 Burton-on-Trent 27.5.18Two off the clockLoopedTime to reflectTiberiusHandrailThe right combinationDuck!MushroomsTime Flies...Pray...WorkLifebelt stationHawthorn blossomRhododendron32023201667746677466774+3201+32012018-05-08_170151 47488 at Burton-on-Trent (2)2018-05-08_165655 45112 at Burton-on-Trent2018-05-08_165649 25265 at Burton-on-Trent2018-05-08_153534 60063 at Barton-under-Needwood (2)2018-05-08_131932 66774 at North Stafford Jn (5)2018-05-08_130245 66181 passing 66143 at North Stafford Jn (1)2018-05-08_130240 66143 at North Stafford Jn2018-05-08_130227 66181 at North Stafford Jn (3)2018-05-08_114006 66111 passing 50007 at Stenson Jn (2)2018-05-08_113926 66111 at Stenson Jn (3)2018-05-08_112926 60001 at Stenson Jn (5)2018-05-08_112444 37254 TnT 37421 at Stenson Jn2018-05-08_112435 37421 TnT 37254 at Stenson Jn (9)2018-05-08_102347 66431 at Stenson Jn (3)gbrf 66720 working 6E89 portbury to west burton at burton upon trent8 Forget me not.7 Japonica, on shed.5 Japonica4 Japonica3 Japonica2 Almond flowerFossil Fuel FollyPink shopping bagNot PerfectAnna Amy OliviaAmy has to flyAmy shakes the EarthOlivia in the field, Eve at the batThat's Eve watching the arm of AmyEve tries to send an Amy bowl behindEve tries to send an Amy bowl behindAmy bowls to Eve (who is playing for the enemy)Amy bowls to Eve (who is playing for the enemy)Drone No 4Waltzing MatildaOn His TravelsThrough The UndergrowthMixed JGAsNearly, but not quiteOff the branchMarina Railing47488_1804_Burton31128_1804_Burton66137_1804_Burton67008_1804_Burton66177_1804_BurtonAll Photos-12256All Photos-12252All Photos-12251All Photos-12250220014_1804_Burton70007YN54OAB_1804_Burton15337970816 At North Stafford Jcn. 10/05/2018665329730243384 t&t 433016000160044 Dowlow6607466122661626643166532 P&O Nedlloyd Atlas97303 + 97302Sheath434Frog354Coaster54Speaker960Elephant43Axel054170518_1804_BurtonNemesis_Burton_Depot_1804Brewing Copper From The Bass New Brewery. Built 1863 Demolished 1984, Refurbished by Briggs Of Burton PLC 1998Beer Engines At The National Brewing CentreEbony at The Bar at The National Brewery CentreIMGP1833Bass No9IMGP1829No 20 at the National Brewery Centre, Burton on TrentIMGP1827IMGP1825IMGP1824IMGP1823IMGP18221909 Robey Tandem Compound Engine at The National Brewery Centre - Burton on TrentIMGP1817IMGP1816IMGP1815IMGP1814IMGP1813IMGP1811IMGP1809IMGP1803IMGP1802IMGP1800IMGP1798IMGP1797IMGP1796IMGP1795IMGP1794IMGP1792IMGP1790Everards Mini Based Publicity VehicleWorthington Breweries Daimler Based Publicity VehicleIMGP1786IMGP1784IMGP1783IMGP1782The Burton Union Brewing SystemThe Claymills Blacksmith ShopEgineering Workshop at Clayhills Puming StationEngines outside Claymills Pumping StationWorkshops at Claymills Pumping StationttClayhills Pumping StationttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttLiliesLiliesDR98910DR989602018-05-08_162735 Shunters at Barton-under-Needwood (3)2018-05-08_152138 37612 at Barton-under-Needwood (1)2018-05-08_140401 08823 at Barton-under-Needwood2018-05-08_140334 08873 and 08823 at Barton-under-Needwood (2)2018-05-08_140247 08615 at Barton-under-Needwood2018-05-08_140148 08624 at Barton-under-Needwood (1)2018-05-08_140126 01549 at Barton-under-NeedwoodEve , Olivia and SupportersAmy about to send it awayAmy puts it away