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It's art!Trees reflected in the pondLooking West along the canal from the bridgeLooking East along the canal from the bridgeThe bridge from ground levelThe canal bridgeTree and pylon reflecredCrossing the railway (parallel to the canal)A tunnel of treesMoored for the nightMoored for the nightRailway bridge reflected in the canalLast light over the reflected railway bridgeThe canal spur to the marinaLong-tailed duckEurasian bullfinchEurasian bullfinchLong-tailed duckGoldcrestLong-tailed duckWater railLong-tailed duck37601DSC_0432DSC_0455 (2)DSC_0407 (2)DSC_0411 (2)66192 At North Stafford Jn. 24/11/201760059 At North Stafford Junction. 24/11/2017153379 Bound For Crewe At North Stafford Junction.  24/11/201770007 At North Stafford Jn. 24/11/2017Midland Classic 75 BurtonMidland Classic 46 BurtonMidland Classic 49 BurtonMidland Classic 52 BurtonMidland Classic 111 BurtonMidland Classic 43 BurtonMidland Classic 45 BurtonMidland Classic 57 BurtonMidland Classic 110 Burton001 37601002 37601003 60054004 6600547xxx Burton upon Trent 30 June 197856040 Burton upon Trent 30 June 197856040 Burton upon Trent 30 June 1978GM/Alstom JT42HW-HS.. Bo-Bo 67003158854 At North Stafford Junction. 23/11/2017Autumn-rest?Autumn leaves against the line of gravestonesAssorted gravestones in BurtonAssorted Burton Abbey gravestonesBurton abbey gravestonesAutumn stepsAutumn leaves between the gravestonesSt.Peters tower Reflected in the Trent with autumn treesA flock of geese heading downriverReflected Autumn trees in the TrentLook at that stick Evie!Reflected Autumn trees in the river TrentEvie enjoying a feast in the autumn leavesAutumn leavesReflected Autumn trees in the river TrentThe other end of the avenue from the bridgeLime tree avenue panoramicBeautiful reflection of the bridge....Avenue of trees in panoramicBurton-upon-TrentP1040166Burton Upon Trent-082Stock Ghyll Force1Q30 DERBY R.T.C (NETWORK RAIL)-CREWE C.S @WILLINGTON43304 Claymills221128 Burton on Trent60066 Claymills66090 Burton on TrentButtermere falls66136 Burton on Trent60066 Claymills#voretex #torus #zeropoint20311 and 20314 Claymills60044 Burton on TrentButtermere susnet ❤️20905 and 20096 Claymills37421 Burton on Trent66118 Burton on Trent66238 At North Stafford Jn. 08/11/20172017-11-03-15-01-10 - Walk Near Willington - 18 (Large)2017-11-03-14-59-30 - Walk Near Willington - 16 (Large)2017-11-03-14-59-22 - Walk Near Willington - 15 (Large)2017-11-03-14-56-31 - Walk Near Willington - 14 (Large)2017-11-03-14-54-56 - Walk Near Willington - 12 (Large)2017-11-03-14-54-29 - Walk Near Willington - 11 (Large)2017-11-03-14-52-56 - Walk Near Willington - 08 (Large)2017-11-03-14-54-18 - Walk Near Willington - 10 (Large)2017-11-03-14-52-26 - Walk Near Willington - 07 (Large)2017-11-03-14-52-14 - Walk Near Willington - 06 (Large)2017-11-03-15-01-02 - Walk Near Willington - 17 (Large)2017-11-03-14-53-06 - Walk Near Willington - 09 (Large)2017-11-03-14-55-00 - Walk Near Willington - 13 (Large)2017-11-03-14-50-56 - Walk Near Willington - 05 (Large)47815 At North Stafford Junction. 08/11/2017Common reed buntingCommon reed buntingEurasian kingfisherEurasian kingfisherEurasian kingfisherGreat crested grebeRover 820Si Fastback in UKBalti TowersFrisky Panda68031 At North Stafford Jn. 06/11/2017Night of the Suburban Hell Rabbit170111 At North Stafford Jn. 06/11/201766725 At North Stafford Jn. 06/11/201760066 North Stafford Jn. 06/11/201760091 At North Stafford Jn. 06/11/2017Kingfisher (male) on reedmace1960's45668 Madden Burton MPD 17-03-63 - CopyRag Rug Making At Etwall LibraryBirdAmanita rubescensSwinging into the sunset  ...Parrot WaxcapLeccinum sp.Glistening Inkcap Fungi0838920903 (20083 D8083) Burton On Trent4770356007 Burton56031 Burton56038 Burton56038 Burton56069 Burton56081 Burton56106 Burton73105Poplar Hawk Moth CaterpillarDE15 1185 Burton-on-Trent - Ashby Road, Kingston Road (garage forecourt)Mercia_Marina_1708Evie, what you looking for?Evie vs oversized stick!Evie vs small stickEvie vs branchTree lined avenue in autumn coloursEvie posing for the camera!66303 At North Stafford Junction.  17/11/201720311 and 20314 ClaymillsGreat spotted woodpeckerGreat spotted woodpeckerDSC_0143DSC_0138Water railCommon reed buntingCommon reed buntingCommon reed buntingBurton-upon-Trent66953 At North Stafford Jn. 06/11/2017An old bottle of beer7313447701DE15 1142 Newton SolneyDE65 624 Willington - Twyford Road, Trent AvenueSunset at Mercia Marina67006 345014345014345014Burton on trent