Sunset at Mercia MarinaEvie, what you looking for?Evie vs oversized stick!Evie vs small stickEvie vs branchTree lined avenue in autumn coloursEvie posing for the camera!Burton on trentMid-day SilhouetteClassicsGreen ShieldbugFly Agaric20096+201072031143013trent barton 616 Burton upon TrentMidland Classic 213 BurtonViking M28FBC BurtonNottingham at Willington. Aug 2017North Stafford Plug@newcastle metro station20107 + 20311 Clay Mills 7X10 0453 Banbury - Derby Litchurch Lane 19-09-1766149Convoy60039 Dove Holes, At Burton upon Trent. 22/09/2017203142090520107 + 20311 Burton Upon Trent 7X10 0453 Banbury - Derby Litchurch Lane 19-09-17One to One TrainingThe Great EscapeDave and Dexter2017 09 10 009402017 09 10 009502017 09 10 01030Midland Classic 8268024 68025 68023 37409#nature #nikonphotography #nikontravel #summerend #lovelygreen  #forest Classic 116 BurtonMidland Classic 53 BurtonMidland Classic 56 BurtonMidland Classic 86 BurtonCommon Spotted OrchidMidland Classic 31 BurtonMidland Classic 32 BurtonMidland Classic 8 BurtonArriva 2530 BurtonArriva 3771 BurtonArriva Derby 3801 Burtonstaffs - hc 0-4-0st built 1874 allsops brewery burton-on-trentSpeckled WoodLeucozona lucorumDragon at the GateBehind The Net CurtainBeeSlide 102-32Slide 102-33Slide 102-26Slide 102-27Slide 102-28Slide 102-29Slide 102-30Slide 102-31Slide 102-24Slide 102-23Slide 102-22Slide 102-25small #flower #closeup #summer #nikonphotography #nikontravelSt WystansMidland Classic 43 BurtonMidland Classic 6 BurtonMidland Classic 21 BurtonMidland Classic 33 BurtonThe Crypt...Midland Classic RM1168 BurtonFields of DerbyshireCrossCountry 43366 - Derby Street East Bridge, Burton-on-TrentMore Class 60 Action7X09 ContinuesAn unusual visitor at Tatenhill AirfieldTutbury Castle (HDR 5)One of the Footman MothsRepton Cross and ChurchSt Catherine's ChapelPirelli Stadium Panoramic♂ Scorpion FlyOutside The Pirelli StadiumPirelli StadiumPirelli StadiumMidland Classic 91North Stafford TractorNorth Stafford ShedNorth Stafford Cat9730497304Redi-Rock_Cobblestone_Gravity_HousingDevelopments_CPMgroup_FrielHomes_15.jpg4306243062Moody GoatNew Balls PleasePosingWillington canalWillington canalThe TunnelSpeed and AgilityEye ContactLead by ExampleThe JumpRewardPlay TimeDSC_4245DSC_4244DSC_4240DSC_4238DSC_4235DSC_4236DSC_4234DSC_4233DSC_4232DSC_4223DSC_4222DSC_4221DSC_4220DSC_4219DSC_4217DSC_4218DSC_4216DSC_4214DSC_4215DSC_4213DSC_4211DSC_4208DSC_4207DSC_4204DSC_4205DSC_4206DSC_4203DSC_4202DSC_4201DSC_4198DSC_41892017 09 10 006902017 09 10 007802017 09 10 008202017 09 10 008602017 09 10 009102017 09 10 009302017 09 10 010202017 09 10 010702017 09 10 010902017 09 10 01120Arriva 2941 Burton209056616066160 66107Midland Class 92Arriva Midlands 40176660537409 68023 68025 6802415331166432Bass Brewery BackdropBurton FramingRuddy DarterArriva Derby 3575 BurtonYN08 MMA On hire to Midland classicA stitch in time #macromonday #abstractGarden Bees 2Garden Bees  1G-VROE / WD413 Avro 652A Anson (c/n 3634) TatenhillG-BZAE Cessna 152 (c/n 81300) TatenhillG-BOUF Cessna 172M (c/n 71900) TatenhillG-KHCG AS355F2 Ecureuil II (c/n 5193) TatenhillClass 45 at Burton Nemesis Rail 23/08/17Day5_1Arriva 4400 BurtonIMGP0041IMG_4608IMG_4661IMG_4684IMG_4673IMG_4689IMG_4686IMG_4642IMG_469366745An unusual visitor at Tatenhill AirfieldLecturn at St Wystan's, Repton60053. Clay Mills ..........66735 Working Toton Bescot  seen at North Staff Jcn153376  seen at North Staff JcnThe 'Yellow Banana' or if you prefer the 'New Measurement Train'  43014 'The Railway Observer' was leading with 43013 on the rear66125  seen at North Staff Jcn37059 + 37069 working Bescot Toton  seen at North Staff Jcn170520  seen at North Staff Jcn37904 seen at North Staff jcnCrypt Polaroid 667Chancel and Altar Fuji Neopan Acros 100Repton Cross Fuji Neopan Acros 100St Wystans Church and Churchyard Fuji Neopan Acros 100CryptEffigies and Stairs to CryptNorth AisleCrossingNorth WallPriory ArchSt Wystans Church and ChurchyardSt Wystan's South EntranceThatched HouseChoir and ChancelCryptCryptCryptNaveSt Wystan's ChurchView West from ChoirLilliesLilliesLilliesLilliesLilliesLillies♀ Ruddy Darter