A frozen pitch at Burton AlbionAll Saints churchStaffordshire Fire & Rescue Service (Burton)Mercia Marina, The BoardwalkX912LUTMacmillan solo at burton Albion. YJ60 LTXBombay doors open...The Boardwalk, Mercia Marina40194Burton National Brewer MuseumWinter. Such a fun time to be a Postie😂Eurasian curlewEurasian curlewEurasian siskinEurasian siskinGM JT42CWR  Class 66/7 Co-Co  66779 EVENING STARMale Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)Male Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)IMG_0088Little grebesWater RailCommon redpollLong-tailed duck203146650870815Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)73105 21-09-201373117 26-03-20146678256065 21-09-201356038 21-09-201347375 21-09-201320903 26-03-201450050 56051 56090 50017 56087 Burton 2901201808507Midland Classic 89 BurtonMidland Classic 79 BurtonMidland Classic 7 BurtonMidland Classic 21 BurtonViking W875UGY BurtonMidland Classic 41 BurtonMidland Classic 61 Burton518-70L1Blacksmith's shopClaymills boilersClaymills boilers fired upMidland classic 61 YN08 MKO in burton on the 21ClaymillsClaymills Victorian Pumping stationP1202130P120212920090910 IMG_0081 56303 6Z57 Branston66207 - North Staffs junction66712 + 66552 - North Staffs junction30106676937175+37219 At North Stafford Junction. 19/01/20186702466729 On the way to PlymouthGM  JT42CWR  Co-Co..66121Stadler/Vossloh  UKLight Bo-Bo  68003 AstuteLong-tailed titGreat crested grebeGreat crested grebeWater railMarsh titCommon kingfisherWater railWater railWater railReed buntingWillow titLittle egretWater railWater railWater rail66199 At North Stafford Junction. 10/01/2018You Know When You've Been Tango'd !!66434 At North Stafford Junction. 10/01/201866764 At North Stafford Junction. 10/01/201866152Long-tailed duckLong-tailed titGreat Spotted WoodpeckerWater RailGreat Spotted WoodpeckerHooded MerganserHooded MerganserGrey heronCommon goldeneyeClass 117 Willington 2-6-882017 12 17 00010Little OwlHatton In The MistBurton v Millwall.Salt box cafe hattonSalt box cafe hattonThe Boardwalk BarRobinDSC04416Grasshopper Warbler reeling66708 heads south at Burton-on-Trent with the 6M83 Tinsley Yard to Bardon Hill, 20th Feb 2018.The Last Heretic, Burton-upon-Trent, August 2017Willington - 60066 on 6M57kingfisher 2kingfisherLTT 2Red sky in the morningTea Time56051 Burton 29012018Heron landingreed bunting 8reed bunting 10MoorhenDSC_0008 (4)Long-tailed duckCommon redpollAndresey bridge, Burton upon TrentGrey Heron (Ardea cinerea)Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)47703 26-03-2014IMG_5116IMG_5112IMG_5108IMG_5107IMG_5099IMG_5079IMG_5074IMG_5067IMG_5066IMG_5055IMG_505460007 Burton 29012018Midland Classic 106 Burton518-23L1Pump House66139 - BranstonThrough the passageMidland classic 62 YN08 MKP In burton on the 21. ex reading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otanical timeRailing bokeh66192(DBS) 6X01 Passes through Willington Station59003 willington20132 + 20096 - Willington60007 - Willington60007 At  North Stafford Junction. 10/01/2018FarmSolar FarmSolar FarmSolar FarmSolar FarmWinter Tree ShadowsSt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FASt Georges Park, FA