Edward 1. Long cross penny. London. 1302-03. Obv. Spink 1409. Oswestry Castle 2018 excavations.Charles 1st. silver 'rose' penny. Obv. Shrewsbury mint. Spink 2837. Oswestry Castle 2018 excavations.Lead 1oz. weight from Oswestry Castle. Blank underside.Lead token bent in half. Love token? Oswestry Castle 2018 excavations.William 111. silver sixpence. 1696. Obv. Love token. Spink 3520. Oswestry Castle 2018 excavations.William 111. silver sixpence. 1696. Rev. Love token. Spink 3520. Oswestry Castle 2018 excavations.Oswestry Castle excavations 2018. South elevation.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. The archaeological excavations, Sept. 2018.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. The archaeological excavations. Sept. 2018. Trench 8.Oswestry Castle mound, Shrops.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. 2018 archaeological excavations of south elevation.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. 2018 excavation of exterior of south elevation. Possible English Civil War period entrance feature.Montgomery Canal SunsetKeyo FH08 HENChirk CastleChirk CastleChirkChirkChirkChirkChirkChirkVyrnwy caravans J1 VCL near OswestryTVC Vehicle rentals MX15 GZA near OswestryWU18 CBF near OswestryTrans Euro Express B 524 EEX (Romania) near OswestryRoger Llewellyn DX18 HCV near OswestryS Cooper DK10 VXX near OswestrySovereign transport PO58 BDY near OswestryR J Pain Y16 RJP near OswestryPC06 WHC near OswestryPK13 GCU near OswestryPX10 DKF near Oswestry (Ex Eddie Stobart)Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0077Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0078Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0084Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0085Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0086Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0089Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0090Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0091Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0094Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0095Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0097Morgans of Oswestry MX04 WDR near OswestryNational carpets AY16 YDZ near OswestryManton hire M20 FLT near OswestryEwals cargo care KE 844JF (Slovakia) near OswestryHalfords (Wincanton) DX67 JYJ near OswestryDX17 KPR near OswestryEco readymix MO17 TAR near OswestryBX13 BCY near OswestryBF67 NHB near OswestryCargo carriers BK65 ONH near OswestryLlangollen Canal TunnelChirk Aqueduct And Viaductdusky thorncanary shouldered thorndusky thorn & canary-shouldered thornOswestry 080918 - DSC_0036Near Porth y waenuntitled-Dunbabin Room For More Art2018-09-02 at 14-17-01Oswestry, Shrops. 7-9 Chapel street.Oswestry, Shrops. Alley alongside Powis Place.Oswestry, Shrops. Cambrian Railways Station.Oswestry, Shrops. Former 'Coach & Dogs' of c.1600. Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Gable of Powis Place.Oswestry, Shrops. House in Lower Brook Street dated 1749 & BTH.Oswestry, Shrops. House of c.1630's, Lower Brook Street.Oswestry, Shrops. M & Co. Mock Tudor, The Cross.Oswestry, Shrops. Oak Inn, Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Regency house, Lower Brook Street.Oswestry, Shrops. 'Rose Cottage', Roft Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Site of New Gate, Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. The Fox, Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Victorian shops in Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Victorian shops opposite the park gates, Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Victorian shops, corner of Church Street. & Lower Brook Steet.Oswestry, Shrops. Fox & Dogs. Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Powis Place datestone of 1862.Oswestry, Shrops. Railway station.Oswestry, Shrops. Site of New Gate, Church Street. Lead fire plaque?Oswestry, Shrops. White Horse, Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Datestone of 1746 above shop on Albion Hill.Oswestry, Shrops. Shop & house of 1746 on Albion Hill.Oswestry, Shrops. The Town Hall of 1893.Night burn 1Night burn 2Fly Penguin BalloonBest WishesRICOH BalloonRICOH BurnPanasonic AA Battery - G-OKCPBalloon in Flight - G-SFSLBalloon in Flight - G-KAYILocomotive N° 2Llangollen Canal (nr. Chirk Bank)Llangollen Canal (nr. Chirk Bank)Emden Geese - Llangollen Canal (Chirk Bank)Chirk Aqueduct & ViaductChirk ViaductThe approach to Chirk TunnelEntering Chirk TunnelChirk TunnelChirk Tunnel, Llangollen CanalExiting Chirk Tunnel, Llangollen CanalThe Toreador! (86,05,04)Oswestry, Shrops. The loco. 'TELEMON' and the GWR signal box.British Ironworks Centre & Shropshire Sculpture Park, Oswestry Breakfast Car MeetingMallards - Llangollen CanalMallard Duckling - Llangollen CanalMallards - Llangollen CanalMallards - Llangollen CanalCanalside Pasture - Welsh FrancktonWK60 CZL Passing Gledrid servicesWincanton ND13 HAU Passing Gledrid servicesWalton transport 05-KK-3745 (Ireland) passing Gledrid servicesWestern refrigeration 42-BGF-9 (Holland) passing Gledrid servicesV689 EDK passing Gledrid servicesTim Rutter EX63 XFW Passing Gledrid servicesTim Murphy transport 60 TMT passing Gledrid servicesTesco YM66 PSX Passing Gledrid servicessalop - gwr 3258 the lizard at oswestry shed 1933SAL Commercials YY16 YOE passing Gledrid servicesShirley's transport MK62 KBF Passing Gledrid servicesnarrow boats on the montgomery canalnarrow boats on the montgomery canalnarrow boats on the gomtgomery canalnarrow boats on the montgomery canalnarrow boats on the montgomery canalnarrow boats on the montgomery canalnarrow boats on the montgomery canalRoyal mail PE63 NSK passing Gledrid servicesS Norton PO17 UTF passing Gledrid servicesR Adams AA15 RAS passing Gledrid servicesOswestry. Coppiced hedges on causeway to High Fawr Farm.Oswestry, Shrops. Pentre-pant House. The main elevation.Oswestry, Shrops. Pentre-pant House. The southeast elevation.PO67 UWF passing Gledrid servicesInvicta Steam RollerSebring MX 3.9PN61 PVJ passing Gledrid servicesPO15 UFK Passing Gledrid services (Ex WS Transportation)Platts animal bedding HX15 JFN passing Gledrid servicesParry & Evans  W5 PAE passing Gledrid servicesNorth Shropshire transport FJ57 AOV Passing Gledrid servicesMW64 AYD Passing Gledrid services (Ex Bibby distribution)Morton & Jones KS12 VSL passing Gledrid services (Ex M W White)MG Harvesting DX16 MGV passing Gledrid servicesLloyd Fraser WV14 UPL passing Gledrid servicesLloyd Fraser BD61 DLN Passing Gledrid servicesL G Roberts L300 LGR passing Gledrid servicesLaura Ashley AY67 NKM passing Gledrid servicesKal tire FN06 EFD Passing Gledrid servicesKRA 8800L (Poland) Passing Gledrid servicesJohn Pearce N20 JPG at Gledrid servicesIndustrial GRP CN66 PXY passing Gledrid servicesICS Distribution DX67 JXA passing Gkedrid servicesHanson FP67 SNY passing Gledrid servicesHanson YJ08 BBE passing Gledrid servicesGwynne J Thomas T222 GJT Passing Gledrid servicesH F Owen DU63 HWA Passing Gledrid services2018-09-24_10-29-05Oswestry Castle & Town Hall, Shrops.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. Archaeological excavations 2018.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. The archaeological excavations. Sept 2018. Later abutted structure in trench 8.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. The archaeological excavations. Sept. 2018. Trench 8 looking east.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. The start of the 2018 archaeological  excavations.Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0087Whittington Castle outer gatehouse. Shrops.Whittington Castle, Shrops. Angle tower doorway of postern..Whittington Castle, Shrops. Angle tower of inner bailey.MG TDInvicta Steam RollerOswestry, Shrops. Stonehouse Gate. Ty Maen.Oswestry, Shrops. Stonehouse Gate, Ty Maen.Oswestry, Shrops. GWR railway signal box.Oswestry, Shrops. Parish Church buttress detail.Oswestry, Shrops. Parish Church tower.Oswestry, Shrops. Parish Church. Dated inscription of 1692 over door to tower.Oswestry, Shrops. Parish Church. Door to tower.Oswestry, Shrops. Parish Church. Graffiti & benchmark.Oswestry, Shrops. Parish Church. Plinth of tower.Oswestry, Shrops. Parish Church. Tower plinth.Oswestry, Shrops. Parish Church. Graffiti dated 1829.Whittington CastleMallards - Llangollen CanalMallard Duckling - Llangollen CanalWales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Transports Veynat 6639 HSC (Spain) at Gledrid servicesArriva Oswestry 3756 YJ61FEFWales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Wales 2018Chirk Aqueduct 4Surefreight FJ15 FHL Passing Gledrid servicesChirk Aqueduct 3Oswestry, Shrops. Brogyntyn Farm buildings.Oswestry, Shrops. Brogyntyn Farm. Cart sheds.Oswestry, Shrops. Brogyntyn Farm. Ruined farmyard building.Oswestry, Shrops. Brogyntyn Farm.Oswestry, Shrops. Brogyntyn Hall under restoration.Oswestry, Shrops. Brogyntyn Hall (Listing No. 1367373) undergoing restoration.Oswestry. Castell Brogyntyn. Circular brick structure to the west of the southern entrance.Oswestry. Castell Brogyntyn. The inner bank and ditch of the medieval ringwork.Oswestry. Castell Brogyntyn. The northern entrance.Oswestry. Castell Brogyntyn. The 18/19c. landscape tunnel.Oswestry, Shrops. Castell Brogyntyn. The western tunnel exit.Oswestry. Castell Broyntyn. The southern entrance.Oswestry. Old Oswestry Fort seen from Wat's Dyke to the north.Oswestry, Shrops. Pentre-clawdd Farm.Oswestry, Shrops. Pentre-clawdd Farm. The barn.Oswestry. Brogyntyn Hall. East Lodge Cottage.Potters group DX58 BGK passing Gledrid servicesPanther DeVilleChirk Aqueduct 2Chirk AqueductPlumbing trade supplies LT12 YEB passing Gledrid servicesOwens group EX13 VBC Passing Gledrid servicesJ S Evans MX66 YHO Passing Gledrid servicesOswestry parish church. Shrops.Y473UGCEwals cargo care TM 34 MTT (Romania) at Gledrid servicesEpwin group DS16 YMX at Gledrid services