Canalside StorehouseBR Standard Class 7MT No.70000 'Britannia'Chirk aqueduct  and viaduct. (Image 1 of 2)Chirk aqueduct and viaduct (Image 2 of 2)Llynclys Common & beyondChirk AqueductNant MawrFranktonNant MawrJon gnawingLiam gnawing the boneTomahawk steakThe Original BallRoaring firesNant MawrChirkAutumn BrackenCambrian Ballast Emptiessmall copper, Jones' RoughChirk AquaductAutumn on the CanalChirkChirkGarden features IronworksLlangollen CanalHalloweenIron HorseKnife Angel ..Oswestry. High Fawr field shelter. Rear elevation.Oswestry. High Fawr field shelter. Reused posts.Oswestry. Old gate on High Fawr track.Oswestry. Fields below High Fawr.Oswestry. High Fawr field barn.Oswestry. Track to High Fawr.Oswestry Museum, Shrops. Displayed door detail of 1637.Oswestry Museum, Shrops. Dated door of 1637.Oswestry Old Fort.  Undulations in the land.Oswestry. Pentre-pant house from the southeast.Oswestry. View to Pentre-pant from the southeast.Oswestry. 1789 datestone on shop front in Beatrice Street.Oswestry. Shop fronts dated 1789. Beatrice Street.Metallic GardenOswestry Old Fort & Wat's Dyke from the maize field to the southwest.Oswestry Old fort. Detail of stones in maize field.Oswestry Old Fort. The hill-fort and the western entrance.Oswestry. The hill next to Oswestry Old Fort.Through the greenSunny canalThrough Chirk TunnelBridges side by sideIMG_0238Distance Marker #4Vauxhall Crestaspeckled wood larvaJaguar XK120Panther DevilleGrey Heron - Llangollen CanalM & J Transport WM17 OUB at OswestryMars Jones OY16 UKC near OswestryJames Pickstock MV64 RHX near OswestryA E Gough BG13 AEG near OswestryDavid Fox transport CE12 WRP at OswestryFor farmers YK17 LDF at Oswestrybronze shieldbugbirch shieldbughawthorn shieldbugCouldn't get much muddierDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayNot 'picking the lock'The entrance to Chirk TunnelCharles 1st. silver 'rose' penny. Obv. Tower mint, London. Spink 2837. Oswestry Castle 2018 excavations.Lead 1oz. weight from Oswestry Castle. Raised rim to top.William 111. silver sixpence. 1696. Obv. Love token. Spink 3520. Oswestry Castle 2018 excavations.William 111. silver sixpence. 1696. Rev. Love token. Spink 3520. Oswestry Castle 2018 excavations.Oswestry Castle & Town Hall, Shrops.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. Archaeological excavations 2018.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. The archaeological excavations. Sept. 2018. Trench 8 looking east.Oswestry Castle mound, Shrops.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. 2018 archaeological excavations of south elevation.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. 2018 excavation of exterior of south elevation. Possible English Civil War period entrance feature.Montgomery Canal SunsetKeyo FH08 HENVyrnwy caravans J1 VCL near OswestryTVC Vehicle rentals MX15 GZA near OswestryWU18 CBF near OswestryTrans Euro Express B 524 EEX (Romania) near OswestrySF63 HFK near Oswestry (Ex ARR Craib)Sovereign transport PO58 BDY near OswestryPC06 WHC near OswestryPX10 DKF near Oswestry (Ex Eddie Stobart)Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0077Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0078Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0085Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0086Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0087Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0089Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0090Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0091Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0094Cambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0095Morgans of Oswestry MX04 WDR near OswestryMovianto GF63 VCO near OswestryNolan transport CT07 PDY near OswestryManton hire M20 FLT near OswestryEwals cargo care KE 844JF (Slovakia) near OswestryDX17 KPR near OswestryEnterprise Flex-E-Rent  DX15 MKE near OswestryDHL PO66 VKL near OswestryCodognotto WU 8996C (Poland) near OswestryLlangollen Canal Tunneldusky thorn & canary-shouldered thornOswestry 080918 - DSC_0036Dunbabin Room For More ArtMG TDInvicta Steam Roller2018-09-02 at 14-17-01Oswestry, Shrops. Stonehouse Gate. Ty Maen.Oswestry, Shrops. 7-9 Chapel street.Oswestry, Shrops. Alley alongside Powis Place.Oswestry, Shrops. Cambrian Railways Station.Oswestry, Shrops. Crossroads, Church St. & Lower Brook St.Oswestry, Shrops. Former 'Coach & Dogs' of c.1600. Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. House in Lower Brook Street dated 1749 & BTH.Oswestry, Shrops. House of c.1630's, Lower Brook Street.Oswestry, Shrops. M & Co. Mock Tudor, The Cross.Oswestry, Shrops. Regency house, Lower Brook Street.Oswestry, Shrops. 'Rose Cottage', Roft Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Site of New Gate, Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Stonehouse Gate, Ty Maen.Oswestry, Shrops. The Fox, Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Victorian shops in Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Victorian shops, corner of Church Street. & Lower Brook Steet.Oswestry, Shrops. Fox & Dogs. Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Railway station.Oswestry, Shrops. Site of New Gate, Church Street. Lead fire plaque?Oswestry, Shrops. White Horse, Church Street.Oswestry, Shrops. Datestone of 1746 above shop on Albion Hill.Oswestry, Shrops. Shop & house of 1746 on Albion Hill.Oswestry, Shrops. The Town Hall of 1893.Night burn 1Night burn 2Fly Penguin BalloonBest WishesRICOH BalloonRICOH BurnPanasonic AA Battery - G-OKCPBalloon in Flight - G-SFSLBalloon in Flight - G-KAYIChirk aqueductChirk Tunnel 2Shopping TripView from the lockPumpkin 2Decked out for HalloweenNew Marton LocksNant Mawr2001 TVR Griffith 500SE (No 4 of 100)PumpkinNant MawrNant MawrNant MawrNant MawrNant MawrLlangollen CanalChirk TunnelChirk TunnelOswestry. Field shelter below High Fawr.Oswestry. Gable of ruin south of High Fawr.Oswestry. High Fawr field shelter. Reused timber.Oswestry. High Fawr field shelter.Oswestry Museum, Shrops. Royal Exchange lead insurance plaque c.1770-1800.Chirk AqueductChirk steal !   22ndHand HotelDistance Marker (#3) and BenchmarkUp or downGrey Heron - Llangollen CanalVX55 WVW at OswestryYJ13 LRN at Oswestry (Ex Read Boardall)Williams haulage PO18 MWE at OswestryDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayDapol Collectors Club Open DayChirk Aqueduct and Viaduct2018-09-24_10-29-05Edward 1. Long cross penny. London. 1302-03. Obv. Spink 1409. Oswestry Castle 2018 excavations.Oswestry Castle excavations 2018. South elevation.Oswestry Castle, Shrops. The archaeological excavations. Sept. 2018. Trench 8.Chirk CastleChirk CastleChirk CastleChirkChirkChirkChirkChirkChirkRoger Llewellyn DX18 HCV near OswestryS Cooper DK10 VXX near OswestryCambrian Railway 160918 - DSC_0097Halfords (Wincanton) DX67 JYJ near OswestryEco readymix MO17 TAR near OswestryBF67 NHB near Oswestrydusky thorncanary shouldered thornNear Porth y waenuntitled-Whittington Castle outer gatehouse. Shrops.Whittington Castle, Shrops. Angle tower of inner bailey.Whittington Castle. Shrops. The inner moat.Locomotive N° 2Llangollen Canal (nr. Chirk Bank)Llangollen Canal (nr. Chirk Bank)Emden Geese - Llangollen Canal (Chirk Bank)Chirk Aqueduct & Viaduct