EMT NottinghamNottingham City Transport 671 - YN07 EYO (Scania N94UD/East Lancs OmniDekka)Nottingham City Transport 383 - YX63 LHY (Alexander Dennis Enviro 200)Nottingham City Transport 638 - YN14 MVL (Scania N230UD/Alexander Dennis Enviro 400)trent barton 439 QMCtrent barton 613 QMCtrent barton 617 QMCtrent barton 84 QMCtrent barton 99 QMCtrent barton 323 QMCtrent barton 331 QMCLittles R98LHK QMCTrue Love on Ice...........Nottingham City 949 QMCNottingham City 201 QMCNottingham City 941 QMCNottingham Community 949 QMCNottingham Community 936 QMCNottingham Community 938 QMC346/365 The ShowNottingham Community OP02ARE QMCNottingham Community 993 QMCNottingham City Transport 987 - YT10 UWR (Scania N230UD/Optare OmniDekka)Nottingham City Transport 913 - YT61 GPJ (Scania N230UD/Optare OmniDekka)AOT Coaches YS03 ZLY (Scania N94UB OmniCity)Disused iron railway bridgeMarshall's OP117IMG_8738-Edit.jpgIMG_8706-Edit.jpgEarly at NottinghamUpvc Porch Nottingham.IMG_8715-Edit.jpgIMG_8705-Edit.jpgIMG_8736.jpgIMG_8713-Edit.jpgIMG_8710-Edit.jpgLeaves in the SnowLeaves in the SnowLeaves in the SnowSnowy PathSnowy & IvySnowy BranchesSnowy TreeTree in the SnowSnowy PathSnowy TreeHay Bales in the SnowSnowy FieldsSnowy FieldsSnowy FieldsHorses in the SnowSnow & HollySnowy FieldsWall in the SnowSnowy FieldsHorses in the SnowSnowy RoadSnowy LogSnowy PlantSnow & HollyDSC07559 C BCRobin in the SnowRobin in the SnowRobin in the SnowRobin in the SnowBlackbird in the SnowSnowy PathSnow & IvySnow & IvySnow & IvySnowy LeavesSnowy BranchesSnowy PathSnowy FlowerheadLeaves in the SnowLong-Tailed TitLong-Tailed TitsSquirrel EatingAttenborough PathAttenboroughCormorantRiver TrentMoon through the TreesIMG_8665-Edit.jpgIMG_8655-Edit.jpgIMG_8555-Edit.jpgIMG_8547-Edit.jpgIMG_8528-Edit.jpgIce PatternsThe Church of DemolitionWollaton redwood in the snowWinter UmbrellaIMG_8685-Edit.jpgIMG_8672-Edit.jpgIMG_8687-Edit.jpgIn memorium - I saw these flowers by the canalside and it made me feel sad..Sky Mirror by Anish KapoorIn wintery conditions, East Midlands Trains HST 43048 with 43043 on the rear passing over the M1 Motorway at Trowell with the 09.50 Leeds - St Pancras service, next stop Nottingham. 10 12 201756097 RuddingtonBreakfast.........43046 NottinghamWaiting For A Santa SpecialRidding Fields - GCRNautumnal boulevard.jpgAbandoned Brake PadsWalk on By?ShadowDOFSquirrel & The Cherry TreeNutkinCompetitionRunLaunchFlightMe in caves in Nottingham Ghost WalkMe in Nottingham Christmas Market214 Wilkinson St 8/12/17214 Wilkinson St 8/12/17GWR Castle, No.5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe hauls a Steam Charter from Tyseley to York, seen here passing through the former Stapleford & Sandiacre Station, on th Erewash Valley Line. 09 12 2017Wollaton lake in winterWollaton Park in the frostRedwood and winter sunBlink.....Double Rainbow.jpgScience Park.jpgWinter Tennis.jpgNottinghamNottingham30095Friar LaneHorsenadoAutumn SkyscapeIMG_8642-Edit.jpgIMG_8597-Edit.jpgIMG_8611-Edit.jpgNottingham City Transport 401 - YP17 UFA (Scania N280UD CNG/Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 City)Nottingham City Transport 407 - YP17 UFL (Scania N280UD CNG/Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 City)342/365 ToiletFair weatherFishing........Composite door nottinghamWollaton Hall at sunsetGedling. Nottingham. Dec 2017Shadows341/365 Studio 7Christmas in NottinghamPleurotus ostreatus150150 - Nottingham 4th December 201743054 & Chris D @ NottinghamComing and Going.........Nottingham@mastodonrocks Rock City Nottingham30058.Nottingham City Transport 947 - YN08 MSV (Scania N270UD/East Lancs OmniDekka)Nottingham City Transport 352 - YJ61 CGZ (Optare Solo SR)Nottingham City Transport 609 - YP63 WFJ (Scania N230UD/Alexander Dennis Enviro 400)Nottingham City Transport 413 - YP17 UGE (Scania N280UD CNG/Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 City)Bromley House Library340/365 Breakfast of ChampionsVirgin XC 47 line up 19/8/02 Toton47805 19/8/02 TotonVirgin XC 47 line up 19/8/02 TotonGreat Tit........NottinghamNottinghamNottinghamWollaton Hall D3100b  20-10-2017 11-19-09Wollaton Hall D800  20-10-2017 12-04-13Wollaton Hall D800 DX T  20-10-2017 12-40-39Wollaton Hall D800 DX T  20-10-2017 14-09-31339/365 BaublesLapwingNottinghamNottinghamNottinghamNottinghamNottinghamNottinghamThis our bus Daddy?Sunning........Flickr MeetingNottinghamNottinghamNottinghamNottinghamNottinghamRarely seen...Supermoon 2017Gresham Hotel, NottinghamMetrocabCosta glass stage lighting.The Shield Of WinterWATER SPLASH By Angela WilsonShe Is...IMGP3537IMGP3520IMGP3536IMGP3535IMGP3504IMGP3534IMGP3531IMGP3503IMGP3530IMGP3542IMGP3512IMGP3502IMGP3541IMGP3511IMGP3510IMGP3514IMGP3501IMGP3509IMGP3527IMGP3513IMGP3500IMGP3495IMGP3507IMGP3494IMGP3499IMGP3506IMGP3493IMGP3498Geese Flying over the TrentCrowGrebeAttenborough PathAbandoned BridgeFriendly RobinFriendly RobinAttenboroughAutumn BerriesAutumn BerriesAutumn TreesSnowy fields and Wollaton HallLight snow in the deer parkSnow on Raleigh PondDeer in DecemberFrosty morning in WollatonSunday, Trent, CanoesIMGP3519IMGP3518IMGP3528IMGP3496