Finally shooting my roll of Ferrania P30 Alpha. Camera of choice my Olympus XA3 that I shoot all of my black and white on.D1 SEPD6 SEPD10 Interior SEPD10 Lobby From Fourth Floor SEPD10 Outside SEPFire Station Ilford XP2Redfern 444RT QMC6233 At Sandiacre. 22/03/2008.Toton_1975_08Boots D1 BuildingBoots D6 BuildingBoots D6 BuildingBoots D10 BuildingBoots D10 Building FrontBoots D10 InteriorBoots D10 InteriorD10 Lobby and Perfume DomeBoots D34 Fire StationBoots D10 Perfume Dome60020THE TALK OF EGYPT By Angela WilsonCentreHighfields Park6000266515 Hull-Rugeley Ilkeston 17 March 201466192 at Beeston 30 June 2014Purple & White OrchidScorched earthHoney bee66620 At Toton. 10/07/2018.66621 At Toton. 10/07/2018.The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Filming LocationHuge Dragon Bought in Supermarket!IciclesIMG_20180709_184103Art Deco architecture - NottinghamIMAG0971IMAG0972IMAG0973IMAG0974Ozzy - R.I.P.#7420180703_22421620180701_080016Days endDays EndNottingham City 541 UniversityNottingham City 768 UniversityBedraggledAwwww!!!Proud BoyOutlineWeed ArtThe Wall Built of Love110191_0903_Toton66187 At Sandiacre. 26/06/2018.Be Quiet & StillOn The TipBlott On The LandscapeResting PlaceTree of HandsRoses in the garden at Treetops HospiceNottingham City Transport 43160100Nottingham City Transport 453Methodist Conference 2018Methodist Conference 2018Methodist Conference 2018Methodist Conference 2018Methodist Conference 2018Methodist Conference 2018Methodist Conference 2018Large Logo Take 166607 At Toton. 26/06/2018.47804+57601 At Sandiacre. 29/06/2018.60100Sun/Shade66090Chris & Olivia.Imminent Mallard. June 20183725460103Sunset.PANO0001_stitchGreat Crested Grebe ANR 27th June 2018DSC_6863_01DSC_6878_01Grey Heron with FishCanning Circus.Red-crested Pochard ANR 28th June 2018Mute Swan Displaying ANR 28th June 2018Young Long-tailed Tit ANR 28th June 2018Graphic Novel & DVD Promotional displayDJI SparkNaughty Tortie.trent barton 717 Ilkestontrent barton 803 Ilkestontrent barton 804 Ilkeston6006360056_1805_Attenborough43045_1805_AttenboroughStanton_2_1805_Ilkeston66002 At Toton. 25/06/2018.66053 At Sandiacre. 25/06/2018Trent Junction CWRNottingham City Transport 451IMG_8997a_P2a_70060001_1805_Attenborough43089_1805_AttenboroughPhyllopertha horticolaFound a Jenson Interceptor on my photowalk the other day.Shipley Gate (6)Shipley Gate (7)Shipley Gate (2)#72Hidden Nottingham.Predator.....6x6x302018-06-23_03-18-11Barkfly - Mesopsocus immunisBlack and Yellow Longhorn Beetle - Rutpela maculataGone FishingNesting Great Crested GrebeWalk Like An Egyptian.......Peaks - Near The End 2Rutpela maculataRedfern Travel FJ12FXAHidingStanding GuardGarden BicycleYN18SXG_1805_BeestonNottingham City Transport 451Billy No Mates...........DucklingsYP17UGA_1805_BeestonSherrie.DSC_6753_01DSC_6792_stitch1Beeston CanalAfter the rainRain flowerBeeston WeirTranquil Sunset20180616-7D2-6L3A3204.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3200.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3189.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3186.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3181.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3155.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3143.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3137.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3132.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3107.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3104.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3091.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3083.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3069.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3062.jpg20180616-7D2-6L3A3004.jpg66098 At Beeston. 03/07/2018.BaskingResting placeSleepy toddlerNancyWhitethroat ANR 29th June 2018EMT Class 43 '43423' 'Valenta'Marbled White........2G4A07872G4A07892G4A0792Flag IrisesFlag Irises7 Spot Ladybird LarvaTawny Longhorn Beetle - Paracorymbia fulvaPied Shieldbug Final Instar NymphFour-banded Longhorn Beetle - Leptura quadrifasciataButterfly - RingletHoverfly - Chrysotoxum bicinctumButterfly - Marbled WhiteEast Midlands Trains 43480 (with 43044)  1D24 1005 St Pancras  - Nottingham.  Beeston.  6th June 2018Cross Country Trains 170108.  1M01 0845 Cardiff Central - Nottingham.  Beeston.  6th June 2018Cross Country Trains 170108.  1M01 0845 Cardiff Central - Nottingham.  Beeston.  6th June 2018East Midlands Trains 43064 (with 43043) 1D22 1034 St Pancras - Nottingham.  Beeston.  6th June 2018Cross Country Trains 170638.  1V09 1207 Nottingham - Cardiff. Beeston.  6th June 2018P1012658_DxO♀ Emperor ovipositingPerchingUp ThereLooking UpPosingThe HerdWalking ByWaiting For ScrapsBalancing ActEroica Britannia 20182018-06-16 12.20.372018-06-16 12.20.432018-06-16 12.20.592018-06-16 12.21.082018-06-16 12.21.162018-06-16 12.21.212018-06-16 12.21.362018-06-16 12.23.322018-06-16 12.23.392018-06-16 12.23.442018-06-16 12.24.032018-06-16 12.24.082018-06-16 16.01.232018-06-16 11.11.55-12018-06-16 11.12.082018-06-16 11.12.322018-06-16 11.12.442018-06-16 11.13.502018-06-16 11.13.562018-06-16 12.20.152018-06-16 12.20.202018-06-16 12.20.27